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Amazing facts about healthy Asian food

healthy Asian food

Healthy Asian food is widely accepted all over the world due to its great variety as well as its delicious taste.

The main problem for all those who want to eat healthy may be their fear of being bored with limited options,
as well as the unpalatability of healthy food.

But Asian healthy food completely erases these concerns, as Asian healthy food includes a long
list of healthy meals that are easy to prepare, and great at the same time, in addition to their great
diversity because they include dishes from different countries, each of which has its own unique
culture and distinctive personality.

In this article, we have compiled a selection of healthy Asian food whose selection takes into account the diversity, simplicity of ingredients, and ease of preparation at the same time.

Beef healthy Asian food

Thai Holy Basil Beef

This dish relies on the presence of the distinctive Thai basil as one of the main ingredients.
But Thai basil may not be available in your country, and it can be substituted for regular basil.

The good news here is that this dish, like all healthy Asian food, is flexible,
and its ingredients can be controlled and replaced with what is available to you,
without that being at the expense of taste.

This dish mainly consists of Thai basil, Thai chili, meat (or chicken), garlic, and soy sauce.

You can also add some varieties of fast-cooking vegetables such as peas, Chinese broccoli,
or cabbage.

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Crockpot Korean Beef Tacos

It is a complete Korean meal, but it is inspired by Mexican cuisine.

It can be made from cooked beef that has the distinct flavors of Korea that are spicy and sweet at the same time.
And it’s all wrapped in a warm tortilla.

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Although this dish is unhealthy when you get it from Korean tacos, due to the amount of grease in it.

But this meal can be one of the healthiest Asian foods low in the number of harmful fats
when you use small pieces of meat, with the small ribs replaced by circular roasting on low heat.

To add the distinct Korean flavor, soy sauce, sliced ​​red onions, and jalapeno are used with lots of fully
cooked garlic cloves.

 Crockpot Korean Beef Tacos is an incredible meal your family will love, and you’ll want to eat it again and again, especially since it takes less than 30 to prepare.

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Chicken Healthy Asian food

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Chicken Teriyaki with Vegetables

This dish becomes very healthy when prepared with homemade sauce, and cooked in a clay pot.

They can be served with fried rice or Asian zucchini noodles, and you finally get a meal you’ll be madly in love with.

Teriyaki chicken is an irresistible dish when you are out, but the way to prepare it in the shops
requires adding large amounts of oil to it, which makes it unhealthy.

What makes this dish more unique is that there are many types of vegetables that can be added to this dish.

Broccoli or peas can be added, brown sugar with cauliflower and carrots,

But the best economic option is to use a bag of frozen Asian vegetables from the supermarket,
which will be much cheaper than buying each type of vegetable separately.

This variety of vegetables creates room for innovation, creativity, and preparing your own mix of vegetables.

Teriyaki chicken is one of the most important healthy Asian foods, as it is packed with protein and lean vegetables.

However, there is some reservation about the dish when soy sauce is added to it because it contains a high percentage of sodium.

Soy sauce can be substituted for some coconut acids, which contain 90 mg of sodium versus 280 mg for soy sauce, but that will come at the expense of the flavor, which will not be as strong.

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Healthy Kung Pao Chicken

This dish is a complete example of the classic Chinese taste. The taste is great, and you will feel a lot of satisfaction with it.

The key to this dish is a sweet-spicy sauce. It is prepared using black pepper and sriracha with
a little honey to make the sauce even out.

When it comes to vegetables to use, there are countless options, and almost any type of vegetable will do the trick.

Celery and red pepper can be used, or broccoli, green beans, Chinese cabbage, and plain cabbage,
usually served with brown rice or cauliflower rice or wrapped in large lettuce leaves.

You can completely control the level of spices in this dish, it can be light or hot, and you can control
the amount of black pepper. If it is always advisable to start by adding small amounts.

For lovers of dark meat, skinned chicken thighs are typical of this dish.

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Healthy Asian Seafood Recipes

Healthy Asian Seafood Recipes
Healthy Asian Seafood Recipes

Sesame Soy Grilled Tuna

Asian grilled tuna is a popular dish served in large restaurants, and it is usually very expensive.

But not anymore.

Asian Grilled Tuna is now in your hands, for a minimal cost, and no easier method.

This dish is usually made with marinated tuna slices with a mixture of rice vinegar, garlic, ginger, green onions, and sesame oil, plus a little soy sauce.

This seasoning increases the flavor strength of the fish, without the need to add more unwanted calories in the form of a thick sauce or marinade rich in oil.

Marinated fish can be cooked on an outdoor grill, with a grill pan, or fried.

There is no worry when you prepare this dish at home. All you have to do is properly choose the tuna you want to cook.

The fish is usually of medium size so that it is easy to handle, and here you will enjoy a dish suitable for dinner that you cannot forget.

Spicy Shrimp Sushi Bowls

When we talk about healthy Asian food, we must mention the seafood, the most famous of which is sushi

Shrimp sushi is at the top of the list, especially if the dish is cooked in a healthy way and at home.

This dish consists of enormous amounts of vegetables, brown rice, and broccoli with added spicy mayonnaise made at home.

What distinguishes this dish most is its ease of preparation, in addition to its great nutritional value, as it contains 438 calories, 40 grams of carbohydrates, 38 grams of protein, and only 14 grams of fat.

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