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Indian Food – Is It Healthy?

Indian food

Indian food is world-famous for its many spices, and the use of oil in large quantities, which gives it a distinctive and delicious taste.

Indian Food

Side effects of traditional Indian food

Many Gastroenterology believes that the main feature of Indian food is the use of a lot of spices in its preparation, which makes it not suitable for some peoples such as the Middle East.

Middle Eastern countries also use spices, but not very often, they only use one to three types at most.

Eating spicy Indian food causes more heartburn, stomach pain, and difficulty digesting food,
with a feeling of bloating due to the formation of gases in the abdomen.

Also, continuing to eat Indian food makes it difficult to defecate except with pain or bleeding
and gradually developing hemorrhoids.

Experts advise that Indian food can be eaten provided that it is cooked in a new way,
by reducing the amounts of spices added to it.

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Indian food raises the slogan “health first”

The healthy food trend emerged within India with the growing interest in health globally,
when people were able to achieve many health benefits by snacking on cereal sprouts,
sipping wheat juice, and replacing recipes with two teaspoons of oil.

At a time when the demand for healthy food increased – which was stimulated by the medical development
that emphasized that wrong food habits are the cause of poor health, and on the other hand
the great concern for the health of the body – kitchens have turned into what are like laboratories,
in which chefs conduct experiments on food recipes that are prepared Healthy, and great all at the same time.

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Restaurants compete in serving healthy food

This growing desire for fresh, organic food has led to a new development related to food and drink,
with many high-end restaurants adding healthy, low-calorie specials to their Indian menus.

Restaurants are no longer interested only in providing a salad corner rich with fresh vegetables,
but also to prepare a healthy food and drink menu. Less oil, fewer calories.

Even drinks, brown sugar is added in place of refined white sugar.

The trend of healthy Indian food has created fierce competition between restaurants in this regard,
and while one restaurant promotes dishes with low protein and high fiber content,
another restaurant is proud to grow vegetables on its own small plot of land to ensure Provide fresh food.

According to a comment from an official at The Park Hotel in Mumbai, the hotel is particularly interested
in providing a special buffet of salads and various soups as one of the healthy Indian dishes,
which many Bollywood stars prefer when they are holding their parties at the hotel.

The “Bloom” cafeteria chain was at the forefront of benefiting from this trend,
as it provided its customers with healthy food and drinks. Fresh juices and healthy snacks like
cereal sprouts and fresh fruit salads are her attractions.

“Taking care of health has become important, obesity has become a big problem,
and there are many problems related to the strength of immunity,” said Vivek Doomer,
CEO of Bloom Juice in India. We are always thinking about how we can address these problems,
and how we can help people experiment and develop this. And so, we decided five years ago
that we have to find a solution in which people do not have to undergo medical treatment.
They just have to try something that preserves their health and does not cause them any of these problems”.

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How is healthy food prepared in India?

The Park Hotel offers a special menu containing healthy and organic food. The menu includes organic and
low-calorie dishes. Most of the food served is cooked with organic mustard oil,
which contains very little saturated fat, even less than any type of olive oil.

This list has been carefully prepared, as it contains foods from several regions of India. The first items on this list are green bean curd soup.

Non-vegetarians can order high-protein chicken soup with herbs, which is prepared by boiling chicken bones over low heat, as this leads to the exit of marrow in the water used in the boiling process as well as the oils in these bones, and the bones are removed from the soup before serving, which makes it The low-fat dish contains only 30 calories.

The menu also contains appetizers such as banana stalks salad with banana slices, which are in high demand. Banana slices are roasted with very little oil and are thus easy to digest.

The main course contains a mixture of North and South Indian food with various methods of preparation.

Healthy food chefs take good care of sourcing fresh organic ingredients, lean meats, and fish while rejecting unwanted improvers like MSG, industrial flavorings, and microwaves. 

In healthy food kitchens, herbs and spices are selected not only based on their flavor, but also for their medicinal properties. For example, ginger aids digestion, lemongrass helps clear the airways in the body, and turmeric is a good cleanser.

The emphasis is on baking, grilling, steaming, and boiling, aided by alternatives to unwanted ingredients. For example, olive oil is used instead of fats, apple juice instead of sugar, and sea salt instead of other types of salt.

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Healthy Indian food is in fast food too

Fast-paced lifestyles and busy business programs are all part of the modern Indian experience. The growing middle class of office workers is interested in healthy food, but they don’t have the time in the day to do so. Many popular restaurants in India offer several healthy, low-cost Indian meals that contain healthy salad, great-tasting bread, sandwiches, and delicious pastries.

It is possible to eat this meal, which was prepared to be eaten immediately, three hours after it was prepared. One can choose between a vegetarian lunch at 325 rupees and a non-vegetarian lunch at 395 rupees.

These meals are ideal for busy individuals who want a meal that is nutritious and filling and is also quick.

For students who do not have enough money to get expensive healthy food, the menu at Cafe Energy, located in front of Delhi University, offers a surprise by offering an alternative that contains nutrients.

After consulting with nutritionists, the restaurant’s low-fat menu includes a range of fruit-based drinks, along with salads, soups, and sandwiches.

You can choose a vegetarian sandwich free of fat if you want to lose weight, or sandwiches full of energy, whether it is cheese or chicken if you are keen to build your body and increase your weight.

The chicken is prepared by smoking or grilling, and the sandwiches contain low-fat mayonnaise. And brown bread is used only.

The restaurant also serves wheat flour pastries. And salads contain a low-fat syrup made of vinegar and olive oil.

For example, the Greek feta cheese salad is served in this restaurant, and this salad often contains 300 calories, but it is prepared in this restaurant using vinegar syrup and contains half of these calories.

The green salad, which consists of white cheese, olives, tomatoes, and a syrup of olive oil, contains 125 calories. All drinks at this restaurant are made with low-fat ice cream and yogurt, and it contains honey instead of sugar.

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