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Healthy Korean food – 6 of most famous dishes

Healthy Korean food

Healthy Korean food is the common denominator in most weight-loss diets of all kinds, due to its great variety and richness of its ingredients.

Korean cuisine is one of the important kitchens in Asia, and Korean cuisine, in general, is a healthy one that relies a lot on fresh materials, specifically rice, beans, and various kinds of vegetables and soups; This cuisine originates from the ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions of southern Manchuria and the Korean peninsula.

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About Korean cuisine and healthy Korean food

Although Korean cuisine contains dishes that differ from one region to another, Korean cuisine mainly relies on steamed rice, vegetables, and meats. Specifically, sesame oil, “Duingang” fermented bean paste, soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, fermented red pepper, “gochujang” paste, herbs, lettuce, cinnamon, quince, pomegranate, lemon, “a kind of citrus”, fruits, ginseng, and legumes. generally.

Usually, appetizers, main dishes, and desserts are served on the table in one go, not gradually, and this kitchen has many appetizers, mezze or side dishes called “Albanchan”; Among them is the well-known dish of kimchi, “fermented and spicy cabbage.”

And the royal kitchen had a great role in developing Korean cuisine in past centuries. He brought to the royal palaces the finest dishes from all regions and regions, laid the foundation for cooking traditions, and spread their best experiences, recipes, and dishes through cooks who became monks in Buddhist temples scattered all over the country, and for this reason, experts consider that the pillars of Korean cuisine belong to the local kitchens; Royal and Buddhist cuisine.

Hundreds of vegetarian restaurants in the country are hundreds of vegetarian restaurants in the country that are far from the eyes of tourists, and these restaurants include a lot of buffets, cold dishes, tofu dishes and kimchi dishes “3 types, pickled cabbage with hot pepper, with pickled and spicy radish, white not hot”, and on this, it is eaten All kinds of food are stainless steel chopsticks and long-processed shallow spoon called “soju soju”.

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Examples of healthy Korean food

healthy Korean food

Kimchi “fermented vegetable”

It is one of the oldest dishes in Korean cuisine, and it is at the top of the list of healthy Korean food at all.

This dish is very popular on the Korean table, and for Koreans, a meal is not complete without kimchi.

This dish is a mixture of fermented vegetables, which gives it a hot and sour taste, and it is prepared using different types of ingredients, but the main ingredient for this dish is cabbage.

And because this dish contains a unique mixture of flavors, which many European dishes lack, as well as its high nutritional value because it is high in fiber, it has also been popular with foreigners.

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Bibimbap “Mixed Rice”

This dish is universally accepted in the health community, and it is recommended by a large team of dieticians around the world.

This dish also received viewers’ preference as the most important dish in healthy Korean food, in a poll conducted by CNN in 2011.

This dish contains a mixture of highly nutritious ingredients including rice and seasonal vegetables, all fried in a small amount of oil, as well as mushrooms, beef, soy sauce, chili paste, and fried eggs. And several other additives are added to it that differ according to the region in which it is made.

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Bulgogi “Marinated Roast Meat”

If we mention healthy Korean food, we must mention Bulgogi, which is one of the most popular dishes that contain meat in Korean cuisine.

The dish is prepared by placing the pieces of meat on the grill, with slices of garlic and onions next to them to add more flavor. This dish is often served with a thick paste of hot red pepper, known in Korea as ssamjang, as well as slices of lettuce that are wrapped around the meat.

Japchae “fried noodles with vegetables and meat”

It is a healthy Korean food, especially in South Korea, and is often served as a side dish for lunch or dinner, and sometimes as a main dish.

This dish consists of fried noodles made with sweet potato flour, thin slices of vegetables and chunks of beef with a hint of soy sauce and sugar.

Some other ingredients such as mushrooms are also added to this dish.

This dish is considered one of the most distinctive dishes because it contains delicious and varied flavors due to the meat, vegetables, soy, and added sugar.

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Hoeddeok “Korean Pancakes.”

Hoeddeok can be thought of as the Korean version of Western Pancakes, which is a tablet-shaped dough, stuffed with a mixture of honey, cinnamon, and brown sugar with small pieces of peanuts, and cooked on a grill and then served.

Soondubu Jiggae “spicy tofu soup.”

It is one of the most prominent Korean healthy food dishes, and it is made of tofu (called Dubu in Korean) plus mushrooms and vegetables, and is prepared using fish or beef with chili paste, along with a number of other additions, according to the desired horror and taste.

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Healthy Korean food to lower cholesterol

As we already mentioned, Korean foods are delicious, spicy and full of healthy ingredients in general, making them a good food to follow if you are trying to lower your cholesterol levels. These dishes usually contain a wide use of vegetables, fruits, and other active ingredients garlic, green onions, chili peppers, and ginger.

The fact of the matter is that some dishes contain a high cholesterol cyst, so you should stick to low-cholesterol healthy Korean food.


Salads are usually healthy, however, some ingredients may add more fat to your plate.

Koreans use vegetables, whole grains, fish and fruits in their kitchen. But they sometimes use refined sugar and yogurt as a base for decoration. To avoid introducing excess fats and refined sugars into your diet, you can substitute regular, low-fat yogurt.

Soups and stews

Korean soups and stews are also healthy, containing many types of cholesterol-friendly vegetables and spices.

Many of the soups are garnished with garlic and onions. Some soups may contain pork or red meat, which can add fat to your other ingredients, so you can do without it.

Rice and noodles are also used in many soups and stews. If you are looking to increase your fiber intake, use whole wheat or wheat and rice pasta.

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