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how does a food pyramid help individuals eat a healthy diet?

AThe healthy eating pyramid helps people to regulate what they eat and how many food groups do they need per day. It helps people to meet the vitamins and minerals intake to stay healthy every day. Also, it helps people to meet the calories that they need to operate their bodies.

what is the food pyramid? and how does a food pyramid help individuals eat a healthy diet?

how does a food pyramid help individuals eat a healthy diet?

The food pyramid is a visual guide shaped like a pyramid. It contains five layers of different sizes of food groups to provide you with the nutrients that you require in a daily routine.

In fact, we should eat three meals a day and healthy snacks between meals as well. each meal should have some protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and fats.

You should follow the food pyramid – the ultimate guide to determine the amount of each group of food do you need in your diet.

The new pyramid is shaped like a circle to help you fill your plate with healthy food and nutritious input that you need.

In fact , eating healthy meals will help you to not suffer from toxins .

food pyramid layers

  • the base layer consists of the foods which have starch in them. these groups of food give us energy such as ( bread, pasta, cereals, rice, grains, potatoes ).
  • the second layer or shelf consists of fruits and vegetables such as ( berries, green apples ) that are rich in vitamins to keep us healthy and to avoid diseases. Also, fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium ). Moreover, fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers. and they low in sodium and low in calories.
  • dairy foods are included in the third layer like ( milk, cheese ). Also, you can use a dairy alternative like soy milk. it’s very important for adults and children as well, because they contain calcium which is good for our bones and teeth.
  • the fourth layer is consists of proteins like ( fish, meat, chicken, egg ).
  • finally, the thinner layer is consists of fats and oil like ( olive oil, butter, nuts ).

In fact, food pyramid shelves don’t include water and drinks. but, you should drink a lot of water every day. because seventy percent of our bodies are water. Also, it is essential to drink various juice & herbs every day. If you don’t drink much water, you will feel tired and can’t think well, and you will suffer from dehydration.

Moreover, you should have some sweet cakes, sugar, salt, and herbs in your meals to provide you with interesting and different flavors.

unfortunately, food pyramids don’t tell you how many calories that you need per day for consuming. but you surf the internet and calculate how many calories do you need every day.

You need to practice exercises regularly to feel well. Also, you should sleep for eight hours every day.

How use a food pyramid guide to plan your nutritious diet?

you can choose different types of food from each layer according to the type of food which you prefer. you should choose the types of food which suit your calorie range.

Healthy choices to live a healthy lifestyle

  • be relax, not angry.
  • try not to worry.
  • stay positive.
  • Eggs are very good for breakfast.
  • proteins from animals source are very good for your natural growth.
  • you shouldn’t eat too much sugar.
  • you shouldn’t eat too much salt.
  • reduce intake of saturated fats.
  • avoid eating a lot of cakes, biscuits, and soda as they contain too much sugar.
  • don’t smoke.
  • you should check your blood pressure every week.
  • clean your home daily.

Hummus healthy recipe

you can make many hummus recipes according to food pyramid guided recommendation. as they include a lot of nutrients in their ingredients. here’s one of the most famous recipes including a lot of supplements that our body needs.

Baba Ghanouj with pomegranate seeds recipe


  • 2 grilled medium eggplant ( vegetable ).
  • a cup of chickpeas ( protein )
  • a cup of yogurt (dairy ).
  • .5 cup of water.
  • 1 TBSP lemon juice ( vitamin C ).
  • .25 cup of tahini (sesame seeds ).
  • 2 TBSP olive oil (fats ).
  • 2 cloves garlic.
  • .5 cup of pomegranate (fruit ).
  • a pinch of salt.
  • a pinch of the black pepper.


  • in a food processor add all ingredients without the pomegranate seeds.
  • blend it up till the mixture be creamy.
  • garnish and decorate using pomegranate seeds.
  • you can add your favorite sauce for extra taste.

for breakfast : try these recipe with toast and orange juice .

And for launch: try these recipes with brown rice, some fried potato, and smoked grilled turkey, and lemon juice.

for dinner : try papa ghanouj with sliced grilled salmon and apple juice .

Finally, healthy pyramid food is recommended for you to achieve balanced meals. Moreover, it’s important for a healthy lifestyle including improvement habits to enjoy your life. In addition, it’s designed for fighting cancer, diabetes, and heart disease in the whole world.

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