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The best 6 healthy Chinese food recipes

healthy Chinese food recipes

health is directly related to food, so good nutrition is the basis of sound health. we always hear about healthy Chinese food recipes and their useful effect on the body. it becomes a lifestyle for many people. Chinese kitchen has a great history. Throughout the ages, Chinese food spread in many countries in South Asia, Europa, and Africa.

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healthy Chinese food recipes

What are the popular Chinese food ingredients?

The most popular vegetables we use in our countries are used in Chinese kitchens like cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and green onions. the most famous Chinese ingredient which is used in Chinese cooking is soy sauce. it is composed of soybeans, wheat, salt, water, and aspergillus. Chinese people favor eating any meal with soya sauce. the basic Chinese ingredients are dark soya sauce, Chinkiang vinegar, peanut oil, green onion.

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Healthy Chinese Food Recipes

A lot of people ask about healthy Chinese food recipes . I will recommend the best healthy Chinese food recipes which are rich in fiber and nutrient :

1- Chinese chicken breasts with coconut soup


  • 200 grams breasts of chicken.
    1 Galangal.
    A few kaffir lime leaves.
    200 ml of coconut milk or coconut cream.
    1 Tbsp fish sauce.
    1 Tbsp lime juice.
    150 grams of mushrooms.
    1 spring onion.
    pinch of salt.
    pinch of brown sugar.
    One coriander.
    Some lemongrass.
    chili if you prefer.


  1. Add 500ml water in a pan over medium heat.
    Add salt and sugar.
    Add galangal, chopped lemongrass, and the kaffir lime leaves.
    after 10 minutes, add only 60 grams of coconut milk, let it boil.
    add the fish sauce.
    add the chicken but don’t stir.
    add the remaining coconut cream and the mushrooms.
    add the remaining of all ingredients, you can add some chopped one carrot and one garlic if you want to raise the benefits of the recipe and for extra flavors.

serve these a recipe with rice or noodles or spaghetti. In fact, these meal is low in calories as it contains little grams of fat and it has high nutritional worth.

Note : The recipe from Taiwan .

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2- Chinese sweet and sour orange fried chicken


  • a cup of chopped breasts of the chicken and turkey.
    2 Tbsp of sesame oil.
    2 tbsp of low sodium soy sauce ( choose light sauce ).
    some of the drizzle of sesame seeds and sour pork and sour soup.
    a beaten egg.
    .5 teaspoon ginger.
    0.5 cup of brown sugar.
    3 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar.
    2 Tbsp chicken stock.
    3 medium chopped red bell pepper.
    some of the spring onions.
    much amount of cornflour.
    2 Tbsp Karri.


Add coconut sugar, vinegar, ginger, karri, sugar, and chicken stock in the pan over low heat.
Add the breasts of the chicken into a beaten egg then coat the chicken with cornstarch ( make sure that all pieces are good shake in the flour or cornstarch ).
fry the chicken over low heat in a bit of oil ” try coconut oil ” for 20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked.
serve hot fried chicken with sauce and top with pepper and spring onions .these recipe is high in protein. it’s very easy and quick to prepare.

try it with some beef and broccoli on the side of the dish if you want to achieve the demands of pyramid food. Also, you can serve it with the cooked pasta.

In fact, I prefer serving with classic noodles or with brown rice. For vegans and vegetarians, they can use mushrooms instead of chicken or turkey.

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3- Chinese fried rice recipe


  • White rice or brown or jasmine.
    cups of raw carrot or other sliced vegetables do you prefer.
    some herbs for extra flavor ( use your favorite herbs ).
    .5 cup of fresh peas.
    1 teaspoon black pepper.
    some spring onions.
    2 tbsp coconut oil.


fry the rice into the oil.
add all ingredients
add some water to cover the mixture.
then cook them in a rice cooker to be steamed

steamed brown rice can be served with ground salad and salmon which is loaded with omega-3 or grilled meat. Also, try it with yogurt salad.

This recipe is very tasty and delicious for dinner or any time during the day. and you can serve it with your favorite sauces.

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4-Avocado with egg drop soup

This recipe made with eggs and slices of avocado, it has 324 calories in two egg roll, it contains balanced amounts of fats, carbs, fibers, and proteins so we can eat it in many types of diet.

5- Chinese sticky honey spare ribs

it is one of the best healthy foods in china which is a major meal on any menu, it has about 30 g protein per 1 cup, 22 g fat, and 7 sugar totally of 353 calories.

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6- Chinese gluten free wonton soup

in one cup 278 calories a which containing 4 g saturated fat and 12 g protein

gluten is a protein which useful for people who suffer from weight changes, rashes, and gastrointestinal problems.

all the previous meals are very easy to cook also anyone can make healthy Chinese food recipes and change his routine in making food. the healthier version made without breading has fewer calories but tastes as delicious. So, it is easy to cook but healthy to eat Chinese food. losing weight is faster with Chinese traditions in eating.

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