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lasagna . How to prepare in just few minutes


Housewives are always looking for different foods to offer to their family members so that they do not feel bored, and they are interested in searching for easy and simple foods that do not require much effort from them and impress all their family members, because we, on “The Seventh …

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curry. Benefits, uses and how to prepare ?


It is a type of spice that India is famous for, and its taste is pungent and gives food a distinctive flavor and delicious aroma. The origin of the word curry is from the Tamil language which means sauce, and curry is usually mixed with a group of other spices …

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Healthy foods for weight loss and muscle gain

Healthy foods For weight loss

In case you’re hoping to have healthy foods For weight loss, I’d likewise urge you to be aware of the nourishments you eat that you don’t decide for yourself. Think healthy foods pushers at work or your children’s extras. Seeing where your additional calories really originate from is another progression …

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