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Healthiest Asian food in 2020

Healthiest Asian food

Healthiest Asian food: healthy, balanced food means the diet that improves the health of the individual, as public health experts believe that health and beauty are mainly based on the rules of proper nutrition, as the work and harmony of the body’s organs depend on the balance of the basic elements received by the food eaten.

Just because you start Healthiest Asian food, you won’t have to give up eating at your favorite ethnic restaurant. In fact, according to Dr.

Agatston, the creator of the Healthiest Asian food, many Chinese, Indian, and Japanese foods are ideal for healthy eating on a weight loss plan.

You just have to know which Healthiest Asian food to choose and decide which menu picks you to have to skip when dining out.

He found that the reason for the Japanese enjoying good health, as an example, is due to the traditional Asian diet, which nutritionists have called the healthiest diet in the world, by comparing two generations, the first generation that relies on Asian food and has good health, and the new generation of Their children who adopted American eating habits developed obesity and modern diseases.

Healthiest Asian food

Soybeans The Asian food is simple, in addition to that it is acceptable to those who eat it, and it is based on bread, grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as beans, nuts, and a little fish and chicken.

Healthiest Asian food

Asian food refers to Chinese and Japanese foods and special food items in countries such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea. The societies of these countries have different types of food, but their origin or basis remains the same.

On the other hand, Asians have replaced red meat (almost) with soy products, as people in Asia eat foods made from soybeans and tofu, and soy dough is considered fat-free, and more than that there are many reasons why foods made from soybeans Good for health.

Dr. Christopher Gardner, a researcher at the Center for Disease Prevention Research at Stanford University in California, confirms that these foods are rich in a group of natural compounds called estrogens, which are important for women before menopause, and they also reduce the risk of breast cancer.

The phytoestrogen relieves menopausal symptoms such as redness and hot spells, by compensating for the loss of estrogen at this stage, and it also reduces the risk of heart disease in women in the United States as a result of the protective effect of phytoestrogen.

Best healthiest Asian food

Food made from soybeans is considered a major source of protein in Asian countries. In China, for example, a person gets only 11% of the protein from meat, while in the United States and Europe a person gets 70% of the protein from meat.

Healthiest Asian food

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Nutritionists say that the more protein the body gets from animal sources, the greater the excretion of calcium from the body, and this may pose a risk for women especially, Healthiest Asian food because they are more likely to have osteoporosis than for men, and the use of soy and its products should not be limited. Asians only, but everyone should include it in his diet and reduce red meat.

The importance of fiber in healthy Asian food

Nutritionists advise eating a daily amount of 25 grams of fiber, instead of the small amount that non-Asians get, which is between 11 to 12 grams per day, and the National Cancer Institute in the United States has been advising people to eat five types of fruits and vegetables per day, And given that the Asian diet is rich in vegetables, fresh fruits and other foods rich in fiber.

It is one of the best diets ever. People in China, for example, get 33 grams of fiber every day,
and this percentage protects the heart from many diseases, according to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health.

In a six-year study of 41,000 men, they found that people who increased their daily fiber intake by 10 grams had a 30%
lower risk of heart disease.

It is known that fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins, especially vitamin C, carotene,
beta-carotene, and other antioxidant compounds that help the body prevent disease,
and studies have shown that people who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits are the least likely to have heart disease and cancer.

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Is green tea good for your health?

Asians also drink a lot of green tea and are not satisfied with one cup of tea, and green tea is preferred in eastern
countries because it contains antioxidants stronger than its counterpart black tea, and in this regard,
research confirms that drinking four cups of tea a day can reduce the risk. Heart disease, cerebral or cerebral stroke.

Asian Healthy Food Pyramid

The Healthiest Asian food pyramid is one of the healthiest food systems in the world,
unlike the American pyramid, which includes dairy and meat products as a way to get enough protein every day,
the Asian pyramid replaces these foods with beans, nuts, and fish.

How to Choose Healthiest Asian Food.

If you want to eat less at any restaurant, it’s always a good idea to check the menu online before you go.

Whether you are into Healthiest Asian food or any weight loss program, you will be more likely to make
a healthy choice if you decide what to eat before you get hungry. Then, when you visit the restaurant,
you don’t even look at the menu. Simply order your food, distraction-free, and high-calorie food and drink options.

How to choose Chinese food

The biggest problem with Chinese food is that many of the Chinese dishes served in restaurants were “American”.
Portions are often very large and include rich sauces. They do not include many vegetables.

To stick to the South Beach program when dining out, white rice should be avoided. Noodles are not. However,
you can order brown rice with your meal if you are in Stage 2 or Stage 3.

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