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Mexican tortilla bread: what are its types?

Mexican tortilla bread

Mexican tortilla bread: what are its types? Its benefits? Can it be taken during the diet?

Mexican tortilla bread is one of the most famous meals of Mexican cuisine,

Where the origins of modern Mexican food go back to the Indians and the inhabitants of ancient Mayan civilization more than a thousand years ago,

So this kitchen is a mixture of multiple European civilizations,

Where the reasons for its spread and its appearance are due to many factors, which made it stand out from most other kitchens, and thus it became very popular around the world.

Mexican tortilla bread

 What is tortilla bread?

Mexican bread, or what is known as tortilla bread, is one of the most famous Mexican meals or foods, which recently spread in all countries of the world due to the high popularity of Mexican cuisine globally, as this bread is included in the manufacture of most Mexican meals in general.

What are the reasons for calling it this name?

The reason the tortilla bread is named by this name is due to historical reasons.

Whereas, when the Spaniards discovered Mexico as a country, they were the indigenous people of Mexico making this bread, which was similar to the Spanish cake, “Torta”, so it was called a tortilla, which is an abbreviation of the word torta or cakes.

This original Mexican bread is similar to the Arabic Saj bread, which has been used extensively in restaurants and shops.

Where it is used in the preparation of fahina sandwiches and charoma and other fast food.

Can the news of the Mexican tortilla be used during the dieting period?

One of the reasons that contributed to the widespread Mexican tortilla bread is that it can be relied upon for slimming and losing weight.

Therefore, it is used and used in preparing food diets and weight loss programs significantly by specialists in this regard.

Mexican tortilla bread

Calories in tortilla bread

The number of calories in a 42g tortilla bread is about 129 calories.

Contains 3 grams of fat, 21 grams of carbohydrates.

Contains up to 2 grams of dietary fiber.

One gram of sugar.

It does not contain a large number of calories and fat,

So it is a suitable option for those who want to do diets to lose weight or for those who want to keep their body fit,

It is considered one of the cheapest types of bread calories compared to other types of bread.

Types of Mexican tortilla bread

 Wheat tortilla:

Where it is extracted from wheat flour, and it is often used in a Mexican burrito meal, the wheat tortilla bread is usually smooth and soft.

Corn tortilla:

Where it is extracted from corn flour, and it is often used in a Mexican taco meal, while corn tortilla bread is unlike wheat tortilla bread with a rough feel.

Uses of the news of the Mexican tortilla

As is well known in the kitchens of the Arab and foreign worlds, the tortilla bread is a circular, thin, non-thick Mexican bread.

Add the fillings and meals that one wants to eat, such as salads, meat and chicken pieces, and other meals.

And it is widely used in restaurants and shops in the Arab world, where it is used in preparing all kinds of sandwiches and adding various fillings to it.

Is it possible to prepare Mexican tortilla bread at home or not?

One of the most important features of the Mexican tortilla bread is the ease of steps to prepare it at home and the small number of ingredients used in preparing it, so there is an ease in preparing and cooking at home, and also can be used in preparing sandwiches for children, whether in school or the club and others, it will help them to Build their body properly and protect them from diseases

The reason for this is that wheat flour and cornmeal are the bread that contains many elements and nutritional values ​​important to their health and to build their body properly and soundly.

Advantages of the ease of preparing Mexican tortilla bread at home

One of the advantages of the ease of preparing this bread at home is the possibility to give up eating it in cafes and restaurants

This is because most cafes and fast food outlets suffer from a lack of food quality and neglecting the personal hygiene aspect of the person who prepared and prepared food. The possibility of eating it at home will make the person confident of the cleanliness and quality of the meals he eats.

Ingredients for preparing a Mexican tortilla bread

  • Two cups of white flour all-purpose.
  • Half a teaspoon of salt.
  • * A cup has only a quarter of water.
  • Three tablespoons of olive oil.

The benefits of corn tortilla bread

1- Low calories in corn:

The corn made from the tortilla bread is characterized by being low in calories and fats.

And therefore it can be used or used when preparing or doing food diets to lose weight.

2- It contains multiple nutritional elements:

Contains a proportion of the material Fulassin and Vitamin C, which helps in building and strengthening the human body properly.

3- An important source of nutritional elements and values:

This is because it is rich in vitamins that a person needs, such as vitamin B and vitamin E, folic acid, and other nutritional values ​​that each body needs.

4- It can be relied upon in diet and slimming operations:

This is because it is slowly digested and thus gives a feeling of satiety for long periods

Thus, the amount of food that an individual will eat will decrease, and thus he will be able to lose weight.

5- Treating depression and stress:

Eating wheat tortilla news helps relieve depression, stress, and stress.

This is due to its ability to boost the production of serononin in the brain.

6- Prevention of asthma and osteoporosis:

Eating wheat tortilla bread helps protect the body from diseases such as asthma, especially in children, and the prevention of osteoporosis, because it is rich in iron, potassium, and other nutrients that help to strengthen bones.

Mexico is famous for its unique cuisine, as it offers meals in different flavors and varieties. One of the most famous Mexican meals is the Mexican bread, which is known as the tortilla, whose reasons for this name go back more than 1000 years.

What are the types of tortilla bread Mexican?

Where there are two types:

  • The first type is cooked with corn.
  • And the second type is cooked with wheat.

As the tortilla bread is small in size and different fillings are added to it that the individual wants to eat,

Advantages of corn tortilla bread, corn

It is preferable to eat corn tortillas, especially for people who are allergic to wheat, as the corn does not cause an allergy.

This is because it is gluten-free unlike wheat, which has a high content of it.

The Mexican tortilla bread is a great choice for diet and weight loss

It is preferable to eat tortilla bread, whether made from wheat or corn, for people who are on a diet.

This is because each of them gives a feeling of satiety for long times and then the amount of food that an individual consumes decreases, and thus he can lose weight quickly in case of regular eating of this bread.

One of its main advantages is the ease of preparing it at home

Tortilla bread, whether made from wheat or made with corn, is easy to make and prepare and can be made at home

As it does not need a lot of ingredients to prepare it, nor does it take long to make it.

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