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IU diet and workout AND What you need to know now

IU diet and workout

IU diet and workout: Here’s how the ‘LILAC’ Singer Keeps Her Slim Figure in 2021, according to it.

Iu diet, dubbed “Nation’s Little Sister,” is one of the most gifted singers, songwriters, and actresses of her time. She is well-liked in the entertainment world as a result of this.

IU diet and workout

Many fans admire the IU diet, tiny workout body, and musical and acting abilities. So, how does IU keep her figure in check? Here’s everything we know about Indiana University’s workout program!

The Workout Routine of IU has been revealed.

When IU first debuted, she was frequently chastised for her figure failing to match South Korean beauty standards, and she even received hate for it. Iu diet and workout, on the other hand, worked hard and was able to achieve the outcomes she desired, making her feel at ease.

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What is the IU Diet, and how does it work?

IU diet and workout
IU diet and workout

Breakfast consists of one apple, lunch consists of sweet potato, and dinner consists of a protein drink. It’s a simple diet, and I appreciate that you don’t have to weigh everything you eat. You may find out more about it by going to this link. Let’s see how long I can maintain this level of commitment!

Day 1: Apple For Breakfast

  1. Sweet potato for lunch
  2. Supper: (Vegan) Non-vegan milk protein shake (0,3 percent fat)
  3. Calories: approx. 569 kcal

I’m hungry, but not hungry to the point of starvation. Thankfully, I had to work quite late, so I wasn’t tempted to quit before starting iu diet and workout.

My vegan protein smoothie, on the other hand, was revolting. I couldn’t complete it, so I’ll have to buy it.

Day 2: Apple for Breakfast

  1. Sweet potato for lunch
  2. Dinner: Protein smoothie with non-vegan milk (non-vegan) (0,3 percent fat)
  3. Calories per serving: 573 kcal

It wasn’t ideal to have only an apple for breakfast. I am a breakfast person, so this was a disappointing lunch compared to what I usually eat in the morning. My stomach was empty, so I drank sparkling water and bought diet coke (it doesn’t have any calories, so it’s not considered cheating…). But please congratulate me for not buying chocolate or anything else to munch on while I went grocery shopping!

Lunch was fine with the sweet potato. I prefer ordinary potatoes over sweet potatoes, but I guess I’ll have to put up with it.

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