IU Diet is your way to lose 4.5 Kgm in a week

IU Diet
IU Diet

IU Diet is a simple and effective diet that aims to lose 4.5 kg of weight in just 7 days.

To know the full details of this system, just read on.

What is the story behind IU Diet?

It is a diet that takes its name from a South Korean actress and songwriter.

IU was one of the girls of K-Pop, but she was bullied by the audience because of her chubby body.

After a while, IU appeared again on stage but was much thinner than last time.

Her sudden thinness was not the only reason to draw attention to her, but her attractiveness and charming appearance had a great impact on the audience.

In a TV interview, the presenter asked IU about the secret of her apparent change in appearance in a few days, and the adequate answer was a very simple diet.

IU diet in brief

The IU diet boils down to an apple for breakfast, one sweet potato for lunch, and a protein shake for dinner.

Despite the simplicity of this diet, its difficulty lies in continuing with it.

IU Diary with Her Diet

In the TV interview with singer IU, she showed what we might call, IU Diary with Diet, which lasted for 6 days, and it was as follows:

Day 1:

  • Breakfast: an apple
  • Lunch: 1 sweet potato
  • Dinner: Protein shake with low-fat milk (0.3% fat)
  • Calories: about 569 kcal

A feeling of hunger, which can be countered by indulging in work.

The protein shake I try for the first time. It tastes unacceptable and has to change it tomorrow.

Most of the time I chew gum, and surprisingly, this behavior makes me feel good, it seems like the gum is keeping my mouth busy.

The question that occupies my mind: Can I stick to this diet for other days to come?

Day 2:

  • Breakfast: an apple
  • Lunch: 1 sweet potato
  • Dinner: Protein shake with low-fat milk (0.3% fat)
  • Calories: about 573kcal

After eating an apple for breakfast, for the first time, he felt the difference, and that something had changed, and it did not look so good.

I am someone who considers breakfast a basic meal that is worth it. Just one apple for breakfast is nothing compared to what you used to eat in the past.

I feel that my stomach is empty, and the best solution to fill it is to drink plenty of water. I head to the grocery store to buy a bottle of sparkling water, and a can of Diet Coke.

I don’t think I’ve ever bucked the diet, Diet Coke is calorie-free.

At lunch, I ate sweet potatoes, and it really filled my stomach, and I didn’t feel hungry, at least, not like I did at breakfast.

It’s dinner time, and it’s time to try your new protein powder. Luckily it tastes good, and it was delicious after eating it.

So far I’m fine. I discovered how easy this diet is.

Day 3:

This is my third day on the IU diet, and I consider it my worst day yet.

A strong sense of hunger.

I had an apple for breakfast and a sweet potato for lunch, still feeling hungry.

I drank an enormous amount of water, perhaps it filled me up, and it demonized me to eat a protein shake at four o’clock instead of six.

At the end of the day, I was overjoyed at not feeling vulnerable despite the hunger I was in today.

Day 4:

This is the fourth day. I feel a desire to change.

After eating an apple for breakfast, lunch consisted of a small sweet potato, plus half a cup of cappuccino.

Although I feel very hungry, I am very active.

How boring it is to eat sweet potatoes daily, if I decide to repeat the IU Diet in the future, I can substitute the sweet potato with oatmeal.

The only thing keeping me going is having a protein shake with low-fat milk for dinner.

In the evening I had your usual protein shake and 1 cashew.

Because the potato was so small, I guess eating cashews wouldn’t make much difference.

Total calories for the day 600 kcal

Day 5:

I was working almost all day, and now I am eating my sweet potato. I was feeling hungry during the day, and I continued considering needing to break this diet.

Frankly. I was seeing food a great deal so that wasn’t generally making a difference. Other than that today was genuinely simple.

Day 6: 

I am nearly toward the finish of my IU Diet Journey, I woke up today with a cold so now I am drinking a ton of tea trusting that it’ll disappear rapidly. I most likely didn’t get enough nutrients from my “suppers” (who are we joking… those are not dinners but rather side dishes). Nonetheless, I am resolved to make it to the end! 

DAY 7:

At last! It’s the latest day!!! I can hardly wait to eat something different than sweet potatoes, you all. Today I was unable to try and complete my lunch since I’m so tired of it. I wound up adding more milk to my protein shake, however, to compensate for it. 

I was eager today since I’m extremely tired from all that has been occurring to me and honestly I was near surrendering. My virus has deteriorated, as well, and I very hunger for something satisfying to eat. 

The outcome of the following IU Diet

is pretty noteworthy, right? I am unquestionably going to attempt to shed the last couple of kilos as well so that I’m once again at a sound load for my tallness. 

If you are accustomed to dieting, you can easily follow. Not at all like numerous others said in their surveys, the IU Diet didn’t deplete my of my energy. Of course, I didn’t work out notwithstanding it, so perhaps that is the reason.

I actually feel truly empowered and it seems like my body is adjusting. I am somewhat frightened to gauge myself on Tuesday. If I just lost 1kg, at that point IU diet is canceled.

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