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IU diet 3 days To get the weight you want

IU diet 3 days

Read and learn from someone’s experience with the IU diet for 3 days.

Here are some questions he’s asking and answering after the IU diet three days trial; follow to know more.

IU diet 3 days

I could go a little longer. But I don’t want to find out how much it will cost me in terms of my mind and body. I can’t picture the kind of mood swings, discomfort, weariness, and hunger that will come with sticking to the diet for longer than I have.

Is this something I’d do again?

About IU diet 3 days: Three days of this was more than enough for me. I mean, I wouldn’t say I liked how I looked. Yes, I was shedding weight and fat in areas where I struggled, but I felt ill, and starving myself to attain a goal seemed foolish.

Now that I’m able to eat again, I regret it, which I don’t believe is the definitive conclusion of this so-called diet. Suppose I were “dieting” by eating healthy and nutritious meals (which is just a healthy lifestyle).

That’s a whole other story about eating guilt, which I prefer. Now I’m afraid that I’ll regain the weight I’ve lost no matter what I eat.

IU diet 3 days: Conclusion

I’m relieved it’s finished… However, I’ll have to mentally prepare myself to eat meals rather than a single bite of food. I had to persuade myself all day that the diet was finished and it was alright to eat now.

I mean, it’s not like I’ve been on this diet for weeks… it’s only been three days. I don’t regret doing the diet, though; I learned a lot, and I’m planning to change my eating habits.

Waist: used to be 26; now it’s 25.

Thighs: they used to be 22; now they’re 21.

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IU diet 3 days

An experience from someone who tried this IU diet for 3 days, and explained:

IU diet 3 days
IU diet 3 days

Day 1 of the IU Diet

About IU diet 3 days: On Friday, I went shopping for everything I’d need for this diet. And by “everything,” I mean three apples a day, one for each morning I’m on a diet, three Japanese sweet potatoes for lunch, and whey protein powder for dinner.

I’ll be drinking water, and I’ll ordinarily be exercising, but instead, I’ll be dieting for three days to see how much I can achieve and at what cost. I take multivitamins every day, so I’ll keep taking them for the next three days.

An apple for breakfast.

One Japanese sweet potato for lunch

What She’s thinking:

She said, Okay, I’m still fine; I was getting hungry, and waiting for the potato to complete cooking on the grill seemed to take forever. But it wasn’t excruciating or horrible. The rest of the day will be interesting to witness.

Whey Protein Shake for Dinner

What she’s thinking

“I’m okay. I finished my protein smoothie, but I’m still hungry for a full meal.”

Overall, now that I’ve made it through all three “meals,” I’m feeling a little grumpy, and I’m hungry from not having had a substantial meal all day. Now that it’s getting close to the end of the day, I feel a little out of sorts, and everything is catching up with me.

And so on I repeated for three days.

This is all you want to know about someone’s experience with the IU diet three days trial.

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