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Balanced meal | what the meaning of Balanced meal ?

Balanced meal
Balanced meal
Balanced meal

Balanced meal

Balanced meals and exercise are important for good health, eating a balanced meal help you staying healthy and not getting fat, It’s very important to keep us away from diseases, In fact, we are what we eat. Also, a balanced meal provides us with all the essential nutrients that our bodies need.

What does a balanced meal mean?

A balanced meal means that the all healthy food we eat, also it can be defined as it’s the macronutrients that we need to eat. As the nutrients which we need should contain the five main food groups. and we should eat the right amount that we need, from all the types of food groups, according to our age, gender, and physical activity. especially, fat person.

The five main food groups

we need a good source of protein to achieve a balanced meal. Protein is very important for building body cells as well as body tissues. It also helps to grow and producing enzymes.
We can find protein in (meat, fish, soya, dairy products).

We need whole-grain carbohydrates in our meal as it’s a good source of fiber and energy .also it’s very important for us, as it prevents a protein to convert into fat.
We can find the carbohydrates in (brown rice, potato, bread)

Fruits and vegetables:
we need to eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables as they are considered a good source of minerals and vitamins.

we should only eat unsaturated fats, omega-3, and omega-6 fats. Fats are very important to us because they provide us with energy and warm our bodies.
We can find them in (nuts, seeds, olive oil).

Dairy is a good source of protein and calcium.
You can find it in (butter, cheese, cream).
Yogurt is a good dinner for people who need to lose weight, especially by adding lemon to it. It burns fat overnight and boosts metabolism.

How much should we eat in each meal?

You can make up a plate containing:
25% protein from animal sources.
25% carbohydrates.
50% of vegetables.
Some dairy and fats.

In fact, males need more calories than females.
Males between 9-13 years need 1600-2600 calories but females the same age need 1400-2200 only.
Males between 14-30 years need 2800-3200 calories, but females of the same age need 2400 only.

Why a balanced meal is important for children?

A balanced meal is very important for children to grow healthy. Without eating a balanced meal, they will face a lot of problems in development. Also, a balanced meal is important for children to achieve good academic performance.

Sedentary children between 2-8 years need 1000-1400 calories.
Active children between 2-8 years need 1000-2000 calories.
5 days balanced meal example
We would like to provide you with a healthy diet, that consists of 6 small balanced meals for every day, the number of calories per day will be 2,225 calories.


Breakfast: (one grapefruit, two poached eggs, one cup of milk, two slices of whole-grain toast, one cup of black coffee).
Snack: (one glass of lemon juice, one banana, a cup of yogurt).
Launch: (100 grams of chicken prepared by baking, a large plate of garden salad, a glass of water).
Snack: (a cup of herbal tea, one melon).
Dinner: (200 grams steamed broccoli, one cup of brown rice, a small amount of garden salad, one glass of sparkling water with lemon and mint)
Snack: one glass of strawberry juice.


In the morning: (one whole-wheat toast with two tablespoons cheese, a glass of orange juice, one egg ).
Snack: (two pieces of cookies and a cup of tea).
Launch: (100 grams of a turkey slice, cup of brown rice, garden salad, and a cup of water).
Snack: (one apricot, cup of green tea with no sugar).
Dinner: (one cup of beans, one cucumber, one tomato, two slices of brown toast).
Snack: (one orange, some the milk).


In the morning: (one piece of smoked salmon about 100 grams, two slices of brown toast, a glass of orange juice).
Snack: (one kiwi, yogurt, a glass of water).
Launch: (slice of grilled meat about 100 grams, two tablespoons of pasta, one tomato, one cucumber).
Snack: (one guava, cup of milk).
Dinner: (one egg, one carrot, one tomato).
Snack: (50 grams from popcorn or any other grains, a glass of orange juice).


In the morning: (a cup of baked beans about 50 grams, two slices of brown toast, a cup of green tea).
Snack: (one pear, glass of fresh juice).
Launch: (one slice of turkey, a big plate of a garden salad, a cup of pasta).
Snack: (one carrot, one peach).
Dinner: (frozen yogurt, one green apple).
Snack: (glass of lemon juice).


Breakfast: (one poached egg, one piece of French toast with one tablespoon honey, one kiwi).
Snack: (hot coffee, two dates).
Launch: (a piece of poached chicken about 100 grams, a cup of brown rice, yogurt salad, one cucumber).
Snack: (small cup of grapes about 50 grams).
Dinner: (one piece of lemon cake about 70 grams, a glass of lemon juice).
Snack: (a cup of mint, yogurt).

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Here is some advice about how to live healthily:

Eating breakfast every morning: you should eat your breakfast every day in the morning, to provide you with the energy that you need.

A mid-morning snack is required: snacks will help you to feel full, and you can eat some nuts and fruits.

Make your lunch with all the food groups: you should eat a suitable amount of food. make sure that The foods you will prepare, will cover all the food groups.

A mid-afternoon snack is also required for a Balanced meal: because snacks help you to feel full, without eating a huge amount of food at the main meals. You can depend on grains for snacks.

Eat a small meal for the dinner: you should avoid heavy meals at night, you can eat a small meal consists of yogurt with a little amount of white honey at night, as it helps you sleep easily.

Do some exercise every day.

Drink 8 cups of water every day.

Finally, by eating healthy food and practicing more exercises even at home, you can easily stay fit and healthy all the time.

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