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Foods high in copper : All what you need to know

Foods high in copper

Foods high in copper


Foods high in copper are one of the foods that have special importance for human health because copper is directly related to human life.

Copper is present in all cells of the body, but it is more concentrated in:

the brain
the heart
Skeletal muscles

Adjusting the percentage of copper in the body is very necessary, as the imbalance of this ratio, whether by increase or decrease, affects the work of the brain.

Many studies have linked high copper content with Alzheimer’s disease, Minx, and Wilson’s disease.

A decrease in the level of copper in palpation is rare, but if it occurs, it leads to some heart diseases and blood vessel problems.

The importance of eating foods high in copper

Copper and iron are involved in the synthesis of red blood cells.

Therefore, eating foods high in copper, which maintains the proportion of copper in the body, contributes to maintaining the prevention of osteoporosis, helps maintain nerve health and immunity, and enhances the body’s ability to absorb iron.

Cardiovascular health

Several studies have revealed an association between low levels of copper and high cholesterol and vascular hypertension.

nervous cells

In 2016, Professor Chris Chang created a probe aimed at detecting the effect of copper on neurons.

Experiments using the probe revealed that nerve cell signals fade when a large amount of copper enters the cell, but the signals regain their strength when copper levels drop.

Immune capacity 

Too little copper can prompt neutropenia. This is an inadequacy of white platelets, or neutrophils, which fend off contamination.

An individual with a low degree of neutrophils is bound to get an irresistible infection.


Extreme copper insufficiency is related to lower bone mineral thickness and a higher danger of osteoporosis.

What is the appropriate amount of copper that the body needs?

In teens, the recommended intake is 900 mcg daily.

In adults over the age of 19, 10 milligrams of copper is the maximum per day.

What are foods high in copper?

Since your body can’t make copper, you should get copper through the food you eat. Knowing the wellsprings of copper in your diet can help keep up ideal degrees of copper. Here are 28 of the best food wellsprings of copper. Check your diet to check whether you’re getting enough copper consistently.

Foods high in copper: Shellfish, Crab, Lobster, and Fish 

Copper is plentiful in numerous kinds of seafood, including clams. Appreciating a medium-sized clam will give you 670mcg of copper.

There are various kinds of clams you can add to your feast.

As indicated by the USDA National Nutrient information base, you can locate the most noteworthy common grouping of copper in the Eastern clam.

Devouring a 3-ounce serving of cooked Eastern shellfish can give you an incredible 4,851mcg of copper! Simply ensure your clams have not been breaded or singed, as this can influence the wholesome substance of the shellfish and abatement copper retention.

Crabs are likewise an extraordinary wellspring of copper. A 3-ounce serving of crab will give you 585mcg of copper. Crab is low in fat, high in protein, and furthermore an amazing wellspring of copper.

You can serve only them or as an expansion to a soup or bisque.

Organ Meat 

The most extravagant known dietary wellspring of copper is beef liver. Beef liver contains 4,000mcg of copper in every ounce. Beef heart and kidneys are likewise high in copper. Liver from various creatures shifts regarding copper content. Calf liver contains twice as much as beef liver while the last has multiple times more copper than hoard liver. Other organ meat pressed with nutrients including copper are the tongue, garbage, kidneys, and heart.

Seeds and Nuts 

In case you’re a vegan, you can get your copper through nuts and seeds. For each 1-ounce serving, you can get 519mcg of copper from sunflower seeds and 629mcg from cashews. Appreciate a nutty spread sandwich and get up to 185mcg of copper for every two tablespoons of thick nutty spread.

Likewise consider bringing almonds and hazelnuts as a nibble in a hurry to additional expansion copper content in your diet.

Entire almonds can give you 1,000mcg of copper for each 100-gram serving. What’s more, a 100-gram pack of poppy seeds can likewise furnish you with 1,700mcg of copper.


Besides seeds and nuts, beans are another incredible vegan wellspring of copper. There is likewise a wide range of alternatives to remember for your suppers.

Chickpeas, otherwise called garbanzo beans, are not just an incredible wellspring of fiber and protein however can likewise give 305mcg of copper to every 100 grams when cooked.

Lentils are regularly utilized for soup and stews. Go for grew lentils as opposed to dried lentils as they give more copper per serving.

Grown lentils can give 271mcg of copper per 100-gram serving contrasted with its dried partner which has just 125mcg per 100-gram serving.

Different beans with high copper content are pinto beans and white beans which both can give 1,000mcg of copper to each 100-gram serving.

Kale, Swiss Chard, and Spinach 

There are additionally vegetables with high copper content. Crude kale contains 1,409mcg of copper for every 100 grams.

Crude is desirable over frozen kale which just contains 46mcg of copper per 100 grams.

Likewise, Swiss chard, when cooked, gives more than 33% of your day by day dietary admission of copper.

For some assortment, likewise attempt to remember some spinach for your diet, which can either be new or cooked. Spinach is high in fiber and has nutrients like nutrient K, calcium, magnesium, and folate while bragging an insignificant number of calories.

With regards to copper, one cup of cooked spinach gives more than 300mcg of copper.

Different vegetables wealthy in copper incorporate cooked asparagus and new parsley.

Potato Skins 

Other high-copper vegetables incorporate potatoes. In any case, ensure you cook your potatoes with their skins still on, as a large portion of the copper in potatoes is found in the potato skins. You can get 900mcg of copper for every 100 grams of potato – 300mcg of which is in the skin alone! Similar remains constant for yam.


Is anyone shocked that avocados are likewise high in copper? This marvel food has everything! Eating a solitary avocado will give you roughly 400mcg of copper.


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