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Vegetarian eggs: Valuable facts and 7 benefits

Vegetarian eggs

Vegetarian eggs invade the market soon, what do we know about this egg, and is it a substitute for eggs with similar benefits, and the same nutritional value? What distinguishes vegetarian eggs from regular eggs, and will vegetarian eggs achieve the success previously achieved by vegetarian meat?

This is what we will find out in our article, and more. So read on.

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 What is a vegetarian egg?

After scientists succeeded in making vegetarian meat and it met with great success with the consumer, scientists decided to enter another challenge, which is making vegetarian egg.

Indeed, scientists were able to make vegetarian egg that are a liquid yellow substance, similar to the yolk of an egg, but you can even whisk and fry or boil them, this material contains the golden cowpea protein.

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The start of a vegetarian eggs

Eggs are one of the most common foods around the world, and they are included in many foods, according to global statistics of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), that a person consumes annually no less than 150 eggs.

Therefore, the search for an alternative to eggs began to have the same nutritional value and perhaps better, and after the success of vegetarian meat, scientists decided to take up this challenge, and in fact, Flaine Soler and Shailene Tavistock, two French engineers in industrial biology, were able to come up with a protein-rich liquid egg. Vegetable, which is no less nutritional value than regular eggs, but the proportion of protein in it is more and rich in carbohydrates and fats as it contains more fiber than regular eggs, and it is similar to regular eggs, but inside it is completely different from chicken eggs, despite the secret of the formula in which vegetarian eggs are made, However, it relies entirely on plant and mineral products, according to Madness.

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What the inventors said about vegan eggs

In an interview with the French engineers, they confirmed that vegetarian eggs can be cooked in the same way as chicken eggs, and this for them was a challenge and that the consumer, especially the group suffering from an egg allergy, can now eat this type of eggs, especially since more than 9.5 percent of children in France suffers from an egg allergy.

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Vegetarian eggs in India soon

Vegetarian eggs

After the success of the idea of vegetarian eggs, an Indian company began producing them,
and this is what the health magazine Doctissimo reported, about the news of the development of the company EVO Foods
to recipe vegetarian egg, and said that the recipe is based on plant proteins, and is free from animal protein,
and the company has presented their product in liquid form Where EVO Foods extract proteins from plants,
and then ferment them and inject them with special materials.

The company explained that vegetarian eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for a period of no less than 6 months,
and this is what was reported by the French newspaper Ladinisch.

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US vegetarian eggs

Vegetarian eggs

The release date for US vegetarian eggs has been announced in April 2021, as Josh Tetrick, CEO of US startup EatJust,
has produced and sold an alternative to chicken eggs, which is a liquid substance that can be whisked and used like regular eggs.

The company relies on making vegetarian eggs on a protein extracted from golden beans,
and in an interview with Josh Tetrick, he explained that he had encountered difficulties in creating vegetarian eggs,
as he needed large financial funding of up to $ 100 million, and that he had resorted to many investors and was
unable to obtain financing. Except after he turned to founders of technology companies such as Founders
Fund founder Peter Thiel, Vinod Khosla, founder of Sun Microsystems Technology, and also from a team of
biologists and plant experts.

Josh added that the search for a protein source was arduous, and it took more than 4 years to search for a suitable source,
and a source of protein was searched among more than 390 species of plants, and Tetrick added that
the dilemma in making eggs and the most difficult is how to obtain a viable vegetable source.
For whipping and has the properties of regular eggs, and after many experiments with many plants,
the golden cowpea plant was chosen because this plant has a semi gelatinous texture, and when cooking it does not blacken,
does not evaporate, and does not have a bad smell, all these properties of the plant helped to choose from among many other options, in addition to that, when exposed to heat, the product is similar in taste and shape to chicken eggs.

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Are vegetarian eggs popular with the consumer?

After vegetarian meat has met with great demand among consumers, especially vegetarians,
and the spread of restaurants and places that sell this product, all these factors helped the rapid spread of vegetarian eggs, especially since the vegetarian egg market is developing rapidly, and this is what GFI confirmed,
It is an international organization not aiming for profit, but its primary goal is to promote alternatives to meat,
dairy, and others.

This organization explained that vegetarian eggs are developing rapidly and that the growth rate has reached
105%. Josh Tetrick also explained that the financial accounts have good results so far.

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The cost of vegetarian eggs

In a study that showed that the difference between the cost of chicken eggs and the vegetarian eggs is about 7 cents,
as the cost of producing a hen egg is 8 cents while the cost of producing a vegetable egg is 15 cents,
and Tetrick said that he aims to reduce the price of the production cost to become only 4.7 cents.

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How are vegetarian eggs made?

The protein is separated from the golden cowpea plant, this plant that is found in Mongolia and Tanzania,
then its chemical properties are changed in the laboratory, and canola and turmeric are added to change its color,
salt, soy, sugar, and niacin are added to prevent fats from oxidation as it works to maintain the product.

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Benefits of vegetarian eggs

  1. Vegetarian eggs are free of cholesterol
  2. Provides the body with vegetable protein
  3. Eating vegetarian eggs reduces the risk of high blood pressure
  4. It reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease
  5. It is included in vegetarian systems because it is a substitute for protein
  6. Helps in the process of losing weight
  7. It provides the body with many nutrients, such as iron and vitamin B12

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