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Apple Cider Sangria is a quick and delicious cocktail

Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider Sangria is a perfectly balanced, sweet, and tart cocktail made with fresh apple cider, apple brandy, triple sec, dry white wine, a dash of cinnamon, and chopped seasonal fruit. Just blend, let it chill, and then serve. Don’t tamper with the cocktail shakers.

There are no last-minute embellishments required (although a rim of cinnamon sugar and a cinnamon stick might make it fancy). Just a quick, delicious autumn cocktail that just takes ten minutes to prepare.

The best white wine sangria recipe for fall is this apple cider version, and it’s also quite simple to create. Even though it’s still summer, it has a crisp taste of fall thanks to the fresh apples, sharp white wine, and cinnamon.

Apple Cider Sangria

One of my favorite cocktails to create (and consume) is apple cider sangria since there are countless variations you can try with various fruits, juices, wines, and liquors. It’s also one of my favorite cocktails to serve at a party.

However, people typically associate sangria with warmer weather and nearly invariably with wine.

The Apple Cider Sangria we’re creating this time will alter the way you think about making your next pitcher, so let’s switch it up.

Surprisingly, additional sugars can be found in some cocktails.

Not only do they consume calories quickly and easily, but your belly-brain link frequently does not distinguish between the calories from beverages and those from food. Because of this, it’s important to consider how the beverages you choose affect the amount of added sugar in your diet.

To prepare The Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider Sangria
Apple Cider Sangria

We’re starting with three of my favorite components for apple cider sangria: brandy, cider, and Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky. Because it adds whisky flavor without being at all overwhelming, Apple Cider Sangrias is one of my favorite ingredients to use when blending beverages.

Our Apple Cider recipe is significantly lower in sugar and alcohol than most sangria recipes, but it still has the classic fruity-wine flavor of sangria. It is made from lower-sugar kombucha and contains no additional simple syrup or sweeteners.

In keeping with the cider theme, I next purchased some sparkling apple cider, but you could also pick up a bottle of Prosecco or sparkling wine if you want to raise the alcohol content in this sangria; it wouldn’t be necessary, but it would be delicious.

The preparation of this sangria simply takes a few minutes.

The sequence in which the components are added doesn’t matter, so fetch a pitcher and fill it with them.  So add some cinnamon sticks, star anise, and pomegranate seeds along with your sliced fruit. Pomegranates can be messy to handle, so be very wise and purchase the seeds in a jar from your local food area!

Comparison Between Apple Cider Sangria and Apple Juice

It seems like there is some misunderstanding about apple-based beverages every autumn, so now would be a good opportunity to put the matter to rest.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered what the distinction between apple juice and cider is while you’re in the grocery store. Generations of thirsty Americans have been troubled by this question.

It turns out that the quantity of processing the liquid goes through is the only major difference.

Apple cider is typically unpasteurized, unfiltered, and fresh. It’s also regarded as a seasonal beverage, making it challenging to locate outside of the autumn.

The components of apple cider sangria

Seasonal fall fruits and other simple, readily available items are used to make this simple fall sangria recipe. What you’ll need is as follows:

Apple cider: make careful to get freshly prepared, sugar-free apple cider.

Pick your preferred dry white wine, such as a Pinot Grigio, Pinot Gris, or Sauvignon Blanc.

To add probiotics and carbonation to this sangria recipe without significantly increasing the amount of alcohol or added sugar, we love to use ginger-flavored kombucha; you can also use ginger beer in its place.

Apple: You can use any fresh apple variety, including Honeycrisp, Gala, or Pink Lady.

Pear: You can use any type of fresh pear.

Whole star anise, cinnamon sticks, and fresh thyme sprigs are optional garnishes and seasonings.

How To Make Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider Sangria
Apple Cider Sangria

Every sangria recipe begins by soaking fresh fruits, and our apple cider sangria recipe is no different. The steps to making a batch are as follows:

Fresh apple and pear slices, cinnamon sticks, and star anise should all be added to a big pitcher.

The fruits should be covered with wine, apple cider, and kombucha; gently swirl and chill for at least one hour or up to 24 hours.

Divide the sangria among 8 glasses and put some fruit into each one before serving. If desired, add a small amount of sparkling water to the top of each glass to add some additional bubbles.

Add more cinnamon sticks, star anise, or fresh thyme sprigs to the garnishes for the glasses. Enjoy it cold!

Apple Cider Sangria’s Ideal Toppings

Because it always contains bits of fresh fruit or berries, sangria is a lot of fun to serve.

We like to top glasses of apple cider sangria with a dash of sparkling water (this adds fresh bubbles),
a cinnamon stick, a whole star anise, and a sprig of fresh thyme to give them that extra finishing touch and flavor. Your guests will feel incredibly special, cozy, and loved when you offer them a drink of homemade apple cider, whether or not you add garnishes.

Can Apple Cider Be Prepared Ahead Of Time?

Making sangria the day, evening, or morning before you intend to serve it is the ideal strategy.
This dish benefits from the extra time, enabling the fruit to soften and absorb the liquid,
as well as letting all the delectable fall flavors meld together.

Not only can you complete this recipe and get it out of the way when entertaining, but it also benefits from the extra time.

This sangria recipe can be prepared up to a full day (24 hours) before you intend to serve it because it uses firm fruit.

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