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Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies: The easiest possible recipe!

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

One of my favorite holiday treats to create and eat is Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies. For an exceptional texture and flavor combination, these cookies are constructed with a buttery, crunchy shortbread base and are covered with a sweet raspberry jam.

This recipe for raspberry cookies, which only requires 7 ingredients and is incredibly simple to prepare, will quickly become one of your favorites.

Pick any flavor of jam, or combine several types to create a wide range of flavors quickly!

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

The ingredients for this traditional Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies are quite straightforward, making it a simple recipe to follow! One of my top cookie recipes since it just requires seven ingredients and bakes up fast and attractively.

The cookie has a deliciously sweet raspberry jam filling and is buttery, soft, and melts in your mouth.

Simply combine softened butter and sugar in a mixing bowl, followed by egg yolks, vanilla, salt, and flour. The dough is finished! Simply scoop, add jam, and bake!

These buttery cookies are ideal for gift-giving, participating in cookie exchanges, or simply having them on hand in your cookie jar at home for snacking.

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies and How to make it

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies
Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Prepare to bake the most delectable, melt-in-your-mouth cookies by gathering all your ingredients. Take the quick actions listed below.

  • Add butter and sugars in step 1. If your butter isn’t softened, microwave it for 20 seconds. Then, combine the butter and sugar to make a smooth paste
  • Step 2: Combine the cream. Salt and flour should be added gradually.
  • Step 3: Add the salt and flour to the dry ingredients.
  • Step 4: Form dough balls for cookies. Roll the dough into balls and use a 1-tablespoon cookie scoop to do so
  • Fifth step: sugar the cookie. Toss the balls gently in the excess sugar.
  • Step 6 is to make a hole in the middle. Gently press a hole in the middle using your thumb or another object.
  • Step 7: Add jam and bake after 5 to 10 minutes of freezing in the freezer!

What are Thumbprint Cookies?

One of those timeless treats, thumbprint cookies are frequently offered during the Christmas season but may be found all year round.

In that they are buttery and a little crumbly, these cookies resemble spritz cookies. Additionally, the list of ingredients is relatively short.

However, the dough for these cookies is rolled into balls instead of being forced through a cookie press, and an imprint is then imprinted in them, frequently with your thumb, which is why they are also known as thumbprint cookies!

Although jam is most frequently used to fill the indentation, various versions of these biscuits use everything from buttercream icing to chocolate ganache to lemon curd.

Why this dish is so fantastic:

Simple to prepare – Use a stand mixer with a paddle attachment to complete the task. The only remaining steps are to roll the dough, cut a hole in it, fill it with jam, and bake. If you don’t have a stand mixer, you may alternatively use an electric hand mixer.

Fantastic for sharing These little Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies are perfect for sharing because this recipe yields around 4 1/2 dozen. Especially today when we are unable to be with friends and family but may still provide some delicacies to them

There are so many variants; this recipe is flexible. You may use whatever jam or fruit preserve you choose.

In addition to using flavorings other than vanilla, you can cover the cookies with a glaze rather than granulated sugar and roll them in finely chopped nuts.

Tips you need when making Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Here are some typical issues and successful cookie manufacturing advice.

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies
Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Avoiding cracks:

Use your hands to fully work the dough into a nice, even surface. Immediately after forming the dough into a ball, while it is still somewhat warm from your hands, press the well in the middle of the cookie dough.

I discovered that the balls would fracture if I tried to roll them all first and then indent them all at once. Rerolling the dough and indenting it right away will quickly remedy the problem.

Egg Yolk:

The word “egg yolk.” Most shortbread recipes don’t call for eggs.

I decided to just include the egg yolk in my recipe to assist the cookie dough bond and maintain its form. Additionally, it aids in avoiding cracks.

Keeping your thumbprints from spreading too much:

If your thumbprints spread a lot, either the butter wasn’t cold enough, the oven was too hot, or you placed your cookie dough on a hot or warm pan. Each batch of cookies should be baked on a cooled baking sheet after the formed dough has been chilled until it is hard and cannot be poked with a finger.

Jam escaped:

I suppose it should go without saying that you should only use as much jam as would fit in the well.

I prefer to make my indentations using a measuring spoon because I can then accurately determine how much jam will fit in the well. Before baking, the jam can be somewhat rounded on top; however, avoid packing it in very densely.

Jam was forgotten to be added before baking:

As soon as the cookies are taken out of the oven, re-indent them, and while they are still warm, fill them with jam. Just be aware that even after the cookies have cooled, the jam can still be a little sticky

Questions and Answers about Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Can Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies be frozen?

Yes! Create the dough, then scoop it into 1-inch balls. Place your thumbprint in the middle of each ball, and then place the entire cookie sheet in the freezer.

Remove to a freezer bag once firm. Right before baking, fill with jam filling.

Where should I keep these cookies?

If you use a 1-inch cookie scoop, this raspberry thumbprint cookie recipe yields around 33 biscuits.

What other name would you give thumbprint cookies?

As a child, I used to call them butterballs or jam drop biscuits, but they are also called “halongrotta” in Sweden. It denotes the raspberry cave. Which makes perfect sense, no?

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