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All you need to know about the “keto diet”

All you need to know about the "keto diet"

All you need to know about the “keto diet”: Several recent studies indicate that the keto diet is not just a diet. Rather, many describe the keto diet as an integrated lifestyle.

This is due to the general health benefits of the keto diet.

Did you know that the keto diet is used to treat many diseases other than using the keto diet to lose weight?

The keto diet is called the Keto Diet

It is a low-carbohydrate diet, high in fat, and medium in “protein” meat. Which makes the body a fat-burning factory.

What distinguishes the ketogenic diet is the lack of hunger, without counting the calories when starting the application of the keto diet, and this is perhaps the most prominent feature of the ketogenic diet.

All you need to know about the "keto diet"
keto diet

What is the keto diet?


The keto diet is a way to regulate food intake, and keto was applied to treat childhood epilepsy. Nutritionists and scientists discover the effectiveness of the ketone diet in losing weight quickly.

The ketogenic diet is named after ketones or ketones, which are small parts of fuel in the human body, or small fuel particles.

the keto diet
the keto diet



And it is stored in the liver as an alternative source of energy, as it is burned and relied upon as a source of energy, in the absence of the main source, which is insulin or glucose.

Ketones are produced when the body gets small amounts of carbohydrates, then ketones are distributed throughout the body and in blood sugar, and they are analyzed. The excess protein in the body turns into blood sugar.

These particles are also stored in the liver from various sources of fats, provided that they are used as a source of fuel, including the brain. Those who consume a lot of energy daily, without working on fats directly, are fed ketones or glucose.

In short, keto is a diet that supplies the body with energy based on fats instead of carbohydrates.

So that the nutritional proportions are as follows

So that the nutritional proportions are as follows:

  • Fat: 70: 80%
  • Protein: 20: 30%
  • Carbohydrates: 5: 10%

On the keto diet, the body mainly needs fats rather than carbohydrates.

How does the keto diet system work in the body?

When the body relies on fats as the main source in ketogenic nutrition as an alternative to the main source that the body relies on the natural state, which is glucose, the body enters the state of ketosis, or what is called the body’s entry into the stage of ketosis. Thus, the body begins to act as a factory to burn fats stored in the body.

Thus, the body relies on energy consumption from fats instead of insulin and glucose extracted from sugars and carbohydrates. During ketosis, the body burns fats around the clock, but how?

The body needs energy for every little or big movement it makes, and for every mental activity. Even when sleeping, the body needs energy!

So that the level of insulin becomes very low, and thus it is easy to lose weight for those who have excess fat stored in the body.

The body also becomes in a state of constant focus and mental activity, because the brain has an adequate supply of energy.

It is worth noting that recent studies indicate that the benefits of the ketogenic diet in stimulating the brain, increasing focus, and raising the rate of mental activity. Also, following the keto diet prevents a person from feeling hungry! In contrast to cases of low-calorie, low-fat diets.

When does the body enter the state of ketosis or the keto diet stage?

The body enters the stage of ketosis or the state of ketosis when the level of glucose and insulin in the body decreases, and this happens in two cases:

  • Fasting: When a person fasts from eating, the rate of carbohydrates naturally decreases.
  • Low-carbohydrate diet: The body burns stored fats through ketones in the liver.
  • Therefore, the ketogenic system is an effective way to enter the ketosis stage, so that the body will remain in it for life.
  • Keto is a way of life, not just a diet or a way to lose weight.
  • Cases where a low-carb diet or a ketogenic diet is prohibited
  • There are many misconceptions about the Keto Diet as an unsafe diet. This is due to a lack of understanding of the conditions that prevent keto, and these cases are:
  • Cases with type 1 diabetes who take insulin.
  • The patient with blood pressure and those who take blood pressure medication.
  • Cases of pregnant and lactating women.

Allowed foods on the keto diet

So that the nutritional proportions are as follows:

When the body gets large amounts of fat with moderate protein intake, it enters the stage of ketosis or ketosis. This is when the value and number of carbohydrates are lower.

What do you keto drinks?

What do you drink keto drinks?

Keto drinks are water, coffee, and tea. Water is the ideal beverage. Coffee or tea is also good. Ideally, do not use sweeteners, especially sugar.

It’s fine to sprinkle milk or cream in your coffee or tea, but beware that carbs can increase if you drink several cups a day (and definitely avoid a coffee latte).

7 symptoms that warn you of the necessity to stop the keto diet


When the body stops getting the proportion of carbohydrates it needs, the symptom of constipation appears because healthy carbohydrates such as wheat contain fiber that promotes digestion.

Chronic headache:

When you follow the keto diet, the number of times you urinate gradually increases and thus insulin levels in the body decrease and this causes you to feel dehydrated and headache all the time.


Eating a lot of fat impedes the digestion process, so the body expels the food simply to rid the body of it, and thus the body suffers from diarrhea and this symptom continues with those who continue to follow that diet.

Nausea and vomiting:

After a period of following the ketogenic diet, you develop symptoms that resemble the common cold, in addition to the constant feeling of vomiting and nausea, and the period of feeling these symptoms may extend from several days to two weeks, so if you do not feel better after this period, stop the diet immediately.

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Irregular menstruation:

The ketogenic diet for weight loss affects the body’s hormones, which causes you to miss a period for a long time without you being pregnant.


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