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Weight Loss for Kids plans easy in month

Weight Loss for Kids plans

Weight Loss for Kids plans, following a diet for children, is one of the most difficult types of diet that can be applied, due to the nature of the age stage that your child is going through and the lack of awareness of the harmful foods that cause weight gain, so children’s diet requires following a set of steps that differ from any other type of diet.

Children go through different age stages, each stage differs from the other, it is possible that the age stage at the age of twelve is the least difficult stage of childhood when following a diet for children, Weight Loss for Kids plans, but the other states require you to deal with a set of steps that help you rid your child From extra weight.

Diet tips for children

• Avoid junk food, and set aside only one day every two weeks if necessary. Substitute soft drinks for low-fat dairy and natural juices sweetened with natural honey.
• Weight Loss for Kids plans Limit the purchase of biscuits and chips and replace them with healthy snacks such as popcorn, nuts, and unsalted peanuts for your child.
• Love your baby in vegetables and fruits.
• Get your child back to exercise and get him involved in the activities he likes.
• Keep the timing of meals so that he eats breakfast from seven to eleven o’clock and does not eat dinner after nine at the latest.
• Avoid fried foods.
• Drink water throughout the day with at least 8 glasses a day.
• Do not offer your child dinner right before bed and serve it at least two hours before bed.

Weight Loss for Kids plans easy in month

Weight Loss for Kids plans

the breakfast

• You can substitute between the following three breakfast meals:
• Half a loaf of brown flour, a boiled egg, cucumber, and 1 fruit (other than mangoes, figs, and grapes).
• Half of my loaf, a piece of cottage cheese or skim cheese, and tomato with a fruit, “but do not increase tomatoes because they are citrus.”
• A cup of natural juice, a plain biscuit, and a box of skimmed yogurt or an apple.

the lunch

• A large green salad plate.
• Boiled mixed vegetable plate (put your child’s favorite types “without salt. Lemon can be put after cooking and when eating.
• A quarter of a grilled or boiled chicken, a large grilled fish, grilled or boiled meat, or grilled liver.
• 3 tablespoons of rice or a quarter of my loaf “according to your child’s preferences.”

the Dinner

You can change the following three types:
A box of skimmed yogurt with fruit.

Weight Loss for Kids plans from 3 to 12 years old

Many parents suffer from excess weight and obesity in their children, and the problem lies in the fear that they follow a diet that is poor in its content of necessary nutrients, especially during this period of their lives, which requires them to eat healthy food complete in its content of all the nutrients necessary for healthy and safe growth.

Breakfast is fixed on all days

• Boiled egg + half a loaf of brown bread + cheddar cheese + cucumber.
• Or 3 tablespoons of fava beans with olive oil + half a loaf of tooth + a cup of semi-skimmed milk.
• Or 5 tablespoons of corn flakes + a cup of semi-skimmed milk + an apple.

Two hours after breakfast

A cup of juice without sugar or a fixed fruit during the week.

First-day food

5 tablespoons of boiled noodles + a slice of grilled or boiled meat + a salad plate + 3 strawberries.

Second-day food

4 tablespoons of basmati rice topped with special spices + a boiled vegetable plate.

Third-day food

Tuna drained from oil + salad plate + half a loaf of the tooth.

Fourth-day food

1/4 grilled chicken + boiled vegetables + salad plate + 3 tablespoons of rice.

Fifth-day food

Boiled and mashed potatoes + stuffed grilled chicken breasts + 3 spoons of pasta.

Sixth-day food

Hamburger + tooth loaf + lettuce and cucumber.

Between lunch and dinner

4 almonds, pistachios, or hazelnuts, and in case the nuts are not available, he should have any fresh fruit or juice.

Dinner is fixed during the week with one of these choices
• A cup of milk + 2 orange fruits.
• Or a fruit salad or date with milk.

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Weight Loss for Kids plans

Weight Loss for Kids plans Many children suffer from obesity and overweight, which causes many physical, health, and psychological problems, which include, but are not limited to: heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, depression, lack of self-confidence, aggression, and more … What are the causes of obesity and weight gain?

The main cause of obesity in children and the desire to do a diet for children is excessive eating without control, whether foods rich in fiber and sugars.

Therefore, due to the scarcity of sources of the wrong diets, we are pleased to offer every mother or father of a child suffering from obesity a healthy diet for children that can help your child to lose a lot of weight, Weight Loss for Kids plans especially in light of urging him to increase movement and practice any activities or exercises he desires, but without reducing the components Dieting because he is still a child and needs to build his body, but with the least possible amount of fats, sugars and unwanted calories.

Weight Loss for Kids plans


A cup of skimmed milk with a teaspoon of bee honey added to it for sweetening instead of sugar + a plate of whole corn flakes + a small cluster of grapes.

School meal:

A cup of natural orange juice + a sandwich made of tomato slices, cucumber, lettuce, a slice of cheese or chicken from the chest, skin removed, boiled, grilled, or turkey.


Tabbouleh salad dish + grilled potatoes without salt + a piece of grilled chicken breast skin.

Wheat biscuits + a cup of low-fat milk and banana + a cup of natural and fresh strawberry juice.


A plate of ground meat noodles and tomato sauce added to it + a cup of low-fat milk sweetened with honey.

Causes of childhood obesity

1- Excessive intake of foods, especially fatty and sugary foods, fried foods, fast food, soft drinks, fresh juices, etc.
2- Lack of movement and no sporting activity.
3 – Infection with some diseases such as increased secretion of the adrenal gland or severe deficiency of thyroid hormone or endocrine disorders.
4- Infection with some hereditary diseases or the presence of a genetic predisposition to obesity.
5- Taking some medicines and drugs, such as cortisone therapy, in asthma, for example.

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