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Weight Loss Strategies for Overweight Kids

Weight loss for kids

Weight loss for kids, When it comes to losing weight, a more careful approach should be taken with children compared to adults, as children are still in the growth stage, so they need proper nutrition in order to develop and complete their growth properly. Teaching children healthy habits from a young age provides them with comfort. forever.

Therefore, the misconception among some that giving children healthy eating exposes them to weakness has no basis in health, on the contrary, obesity and weight gain cause many diseases and problems in the child, as well as affect his psychological state, it is not something that calls for joy and pride on the part of His family at all.

We must not leave the issue of determining whether your child suffers from this problem or not to non-specialists, so if you notice the child’s weight gain more than usual, you must go to the specialist doctor who will determine what is the ideal weight for your child and if it increases by 20% or more.

Here you should start to worry because here you have an obese child, and of course the higher this percentage, the greater the risk to the child’s health, and then the child must be followed up medically with the child continues to lose this extra weight dangerous to his health, and perhaps here you are wondering about the causes of this obesity in order to avoid it from the beginning, the prevention is always And never is it better than cure.

What are the causes of obesity in children?

There are many reasons that cause child obesity, and I will try to mention the most important ones

here, including:

• The child’s infection with hormonal disorders in the thyroid gland, endocrine glands, or adrenal

glands, which in turn cause the child to gain weight.

• The child’s infection with genetic diseases makes him ready to gain weight.

• If the child has diseases that necessitate taking medicines that contain cortisone, which causes

him to gain weight.
• The child eats fast food or ready meals in the apparent negligence of his family which mistakenly

believes that some of these foods nourish the child and help him to grow properly in the body.

• The child’s eating sugary foods that affect the child’s blood sugar level, making him feel

hungry most of the time.

• Neglecting the child’s eating breakfast, which is the main meal for the child, which is

important for its role in the metabolism process.

• Insistence on feeding the child solid foods that may be high in calories during the period

of breastfeeding, which negatively affects him during this important period of his growth and formation of his body.

• The family resorted to increasing the period of the child’s sleep, claiming that they are thus

relieving fatigue and stress caused by them while awake, and this, of course, affects the health

of the child whose body gradually gets used to sleeping and laziness.

• Neglecting the child’s exercise of sports, which in turn helps his body to burn the fats that are

stored in his body due to excessive eating.

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Weight loss for kids

The methods of treating obesity differ from one child to another, especially if he has any disease, so we recommend that you consult a specialist to treat the child’s weight loss properly and healthily But in general, there are some tips that you can follow to treat your child, the most important of which are

1. Commitment to the child’s eating of healthy foods

food that contains few sugars and fats and also

contains minerals and vitamins important for the child’s body and growth, for example, to obtain

iron vitamin you will find it in legumes, meat, and poultry, and to obtain vitamin B, you will find

it in fish and eggs, and to obtain calcium, you will find it in dairy products and on the other side.

You should keep your child away from harmful foods, especially sweets, and if the child sticks to

eating them, you must commit him to eat only one piece of it per day.

2. Specify the time for your child to spend in front of the television or the computer, and do not let

him spend his entire day in front of her. You are required here to activate your child in any way

possible, whether by playing with him for any sport or even walking with him.

3. Select a menu for your child and write in it the healthy foods that the child prefers to eat

during his day. Never force him to eat food that he does not like just because it is healthy. He

finds it in front of him when he feels hungry, so he does not find an alternative to it, and at the

same time you and the whole family be a role model for him in this, so do not eat different foods

from him, and then he feels different and withdraws from eating healthy foods that are beneficial to him.


4. Stay away completely and completely from talking about the child’s excess weight in front of

him, like this, will frustrate him but try to make your treatment for him in the form of a healthy

a habit that helps him grow healthy and strong and thus do not rush and measure his weight on

the scale repeatedly in a short period, this will make him feel that he has a problem. Rest assured

that the child’s weight is low, you can notice this in the difference in the size of the clothes he wears,

which will necessarily differ in the event of low weight.


5. Ensure that the child gets enough sleep hours and avoid sleeping on his stomach so that he

takes the freedom to move his arms and legs, and to stay away from heavy blankets because they

hinder the child’s movement during his sleep.


6. Make sure to drink a large amount of water throughout the day.

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