Is Mexican food healthy? discussion and 3 healthy dishes

is mexican food healthy?

Is Mexican food healthy?-The roots of Mexican cuisine go back to the Aztec, Mayan, and Zapotec civilizations. The ancestors of the present inhabitants used to grow corn, which is the main ingredient for making a tortilla, which is a very thin bread made of sourdough that they bake, or they …

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Is smoked food healthy? Useful facts and 4 steps to avoid its drawbacks

Is smoked food healthy

Is smoked food healthy? It’s a popular question, but the answer to yes or no may not be that simple. It is always assumed that grilled or smoked food is healthier than other methods of cooking food, and smoked food is considered healthier than grilled food, because smoked food is …

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Healthy Korean food – 6 of most famous dishes

Healthy Korean food

Healthy Korean food is the common denominator in most weight-loss diets of all kinds, due to its great variety and richness of its ingredients. Korean cuisine is one of the important kitchens in Asia, and Korean cuisine, in general, is a healthy one that relies a lot on fresh materials, …

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The best 6 healthy Chinese food recipes

healthy Chinese food recipes

health is directly related to food, so good nutrition is the basis of sound health. we always hear about healthy Chinese food recipes and their useful effect on the body. it becomes a lifestyle for many people. Chinese kitchen has a great history. Throughout the ages, Chinese food spread in …

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Amazing facts about healthy Asian food

healthy Asian food

Healthy Asian food is widely accepted all over the world due to its great variety as well as its delicious taste. The main problem for all those who want to eat healthy may be their fear of being bored with limited options, as well as the unpalatability of healthy food. …

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Secrets of Healthy Japanese food

Healthy Japanese food

Healthy Japanese food is the most important factor for Japanese people to maintain their health and increase their life expectancy. Over the past 25 years, Japanese women have held the title with the longest lifespan compared to the world’s women, with an average of 86.4 years. Also, Japanese men live …

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Indian Food – Is It Healthy?

Indian food

Indian food is world-famous for its many spices, and the use of oil in large quantities, which gives it a distinctive and delicious taste. Side effects of traditional Indian food Many Gastroenterology believes that the main feature of Indian food is the use of a lot of spices in its …

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the best 15 healthy Chinese food

healthy Chinese food

Chinese food is infamous in the nutritional world for its increasing sodium count, which leaves us thirsty, bloated, and the opposite of safe. According to dietary recommendations, we should take 2,300 milligrams of salt a day (after all, it is an essential mineral and vital for bodily functions). However, certain …

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Christmas desserts traditions around the world

Christmas desserts

Christmas desserts are one of the most important aspects of the Christmas celebration. As the table can not be without desserts after lunch, which adults and children will be happy with. A few days separate us, and the world celebrates “Christmas”, with many wishes and dreams that they want to …

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