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Best Whole30 Approved Snacks

Best Whole30 Approved Snacks

Best Whole30 Approved Snacks, When it comes to enhancing your eating style for good and shedding some weight, the key is eliminating some unhealthy food groups from your diet. You have to leave behind your bad eating habits and create a healthy relationship with food. Fortunately, that is what the Whole30 program is all about.

This program eliminates several food groups such as processed junk foods, dairy, legumes, and more that could upset your stomach and trigger inflammation. This means most of your favorite snacks and meals have to go. Fortunately, the Whole30 program is not as boring as many people assume it to be. There is still a wide range of Whole 30 snacks and foods that you can feed on for the 30-day period.

In this article, we will be highlighting some of the best Whole30 snacks, which are not only healthy but highly tasty, nutritious, and sugar-free.

Best Whole 30 Approved Snacks

1. Cashew Butter and Apple Sandwich

The Whole30 program does not allow peanut butter and peanuts, but nut butter and other nuts are allowed. If you are looking for the best Whole 30 snacks ideas, you should start with this. Cashew butter comes with many great nutrients such as manganese, healthy fats, copper, and magnesium. It has a very smooth and sweet taste that pairs very well with apples. Get two slices of apples, spread one tbsp. of cashew butter on them, and put them together. Enjoy.

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2. Chocolate Energy Balls

During the program, you are not allowed to take treats. You are not even allowed to recreate treats with Whole30 approved ingredients. Nevertheless, sometimes, you can take healthy, sweet snacks made with Whole30 approved ingredients such as cocoa powder, cashews, and dates. You can make energy balls with these approved ingredients, and they make the perfect treat.

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3. Turmeric Deviled Egg

Turmeric Deviled Egg

Deviled eggs are very easy to make. To make deviled eggs, you have to take out the yolks of a hardboiled egg and mash the yolk with mustard, pepper, vinegar, mayo, and salt. After mixing it, put it back into the egg white. Make sure you use only Whole30-compliant mustard and mayo. Deviled eggs alone can serve as tasty, nutritious snacks, as they contain a lot of protein.

You can spice things up and increase the nutritional value by adding turmeric. Turmeric is super-rich in nutrients, and it provides a wide range of health benefits. It also helps to reduce inflammation.

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4. Olives

On our list of the best Whole30 snacks to buy, we also have olives. Olives are great Whole30 snacks because they are very rich in healthy fats and antioxidants. Just make sure you opt for sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free olives such as green castelvetrano and picholine olives.

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5. Potato Chips and Salsa

Our list of the best Whole30 snacks will not be complete without listing Whole30 potato chips. Potatoes are accepted in the Whole30 program. You can do whatever you want to do with it, including frying, cooking, roasting, and more. You can make sweet chips with potatoes to serve as a snack. They are not only tasty but crunchy as well. If you want to spice things up, you can add Guacamole to the mix; this would leave your taste buds super-excited.

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6. Mixed Nuts and Salami

This is another great combination that you should try when looking for the best Whole30 snacks. This snack is great for the afternoon, and it contains a lot of protein to power you through the day. However, you should only use a Whole30 compliant salami.

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7. Cucumber Slices and Hard-Boiled Eggs

This is not a revolutionary snack, but it always comes in handy. You can place some cucumber slices and hard-boiled eggs. This combination is crunchy, tasty, and highly nutritional. You can add paprika, dill, and some sea salt to the mix for taste.

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8. Monkey Salad

Monkey Salad

Monkey Salad is another great Whole30 approved snack to consider. This salad is a mixture of almond butter, nuts, blueberries, and bananas. You can finish with coconut and cinnamon. This combination tastes amazing, and it provides a wide variety of health benefits. Make sure the coconut and almond butter does not have added sugar. The other ingredients should also be Whole30-compliant.

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9. Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one of the most common Whole30 snacks, and they are very popular for the great value of nutrition they offer. In addition to being highly nutritious, pumpkin seeds can keep you satisfied between meals. They contain a lot of protein, magnesium, healthy fats, and zinc. You can also combine them with other Whole 30 ingredients such as coconut flakes and dried fruit. The sprouting process of pumpkin seeds can also boost the availability of nutrients such as protein and zinc.

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10. Plantain Chips + Cauliflower Hummus

If you are looking for the best Whole30 approved chips, this is one of your best options. Plantains are starchy fruits and they have a neutral flavor. You can convert your plantain into plantain chips Whole30 and eat it with a savory dip such as hummus. Since you cannot consume store-bought chips during this program, making your own chips from scratch is the best option you have.

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11. Collard Green and Chicken Spring Rolls

Collard greens have very thick leaves that are loaded with minerals and vitamins, making them a great substitute for traditional rice-based spring roll wraps. This snack consists of chicken breast, non-starchy vegetables, and a compliant almond-butter sauce. It is very tasty and easy to make. It can also keep you full between meals.

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12. Pecan-Butter and Banana Rounds

The Whole30 program allows for a wide range of fruits, but you are recommended to consume them in moderation. Most of the whole30 approved snacks are fruit- and veggies-based, which means fruits and vegetables would be your best buddies during the program.

You can create a heartier snack by paring bananas with pecan butter, which is very rich in protein.  Pecan butter contains a lot of plant-based protein and manganese, which help to boost immune function and metabolism. It also helps to protect the body against cellular damage that molecules such as free radicals cause.

To make this snack, slice your banana into bite-size pieces and use pecan butter as a topping. To give it a crunchy feel, you drizzle some cacao nibs on it.

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13. Arugula Salad, Fried Egg, and Sundried Tomatoes

In addition to being very nutritious, salads are highly versatile, which is why they serve as a great snack. This leafy green comes with many antioxidants such as glucosinolates, vitamin C, and carotenoids. You can use raw arugula as topping for sundried tomatoes and fried eggs. This is a very quick but highly nutritious snack.

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14. Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

As we mentioned earlier, the Whole30 program allows for a wide range of fruits and all types of veggies. You can use different types of dried fruits as snacks during this program. Dried fruits taste good, and they provide essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help to boost immune and digestive health.

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15. Seasoned Almonds

You can also take a handful of almonds as snacks. Almonds are a great source of protein, and they contain other great minerals and vitamins. You can try roasted almonds and season with chili powder, sea salt, or cinnamon.

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16. Larabar Lemon Bar

If you are looking for an already-made Whole30-approved snack, then you should consider Larabar lemon bar. Not all larabars are Whole30-compliant, which means you have to read the label carefully to make sure it is made of only Whole30 approved ingredients. You should avoid the ones with chocolate. Whole30 larabars come in different flavors, with lemon being the favorite flavor of many. This simple snack is made with only six ingredients, but it still provides many great health benefits.


RXBAR has many flavors, and they are all Whole30-compliant except the peanut butter flavor. This snack can also serve as a Whole30 emergency food because it is considered a replacement for candy bars. All the ingredients used to make the snack are Whole30 compliant, but you have to moderate your consumption. You should only rely on this snack when you do not have access to other Whole30 compliant foods. You should not also take it as a substitute for your Whole30 breakfast.

18. Salsa

Salsa is like the younger cousin of salad. Both of them consist mainly of veggies, but salsa is trendier. Purchase a jar of salsa and eat it with some carrots. You can also decide to make your own salsa if you have the time and energy.

19. Coconut Date Rolls

Coconut Date Rolls

If you are looking for the best Whole30 approved snacks to satisfy your sugar cravings, you should consider coconut date rolls. You can make this great snack with just three ingredients – tree nuts, dates, and coconut. It is very sweet and easy to make.

20. Canned Salmon

Packaged or canned salmon can also serve as a snack. This snack is a concentrated source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and protein. This snack will help you stay on this course, as it consists of only Whole30 compliant ingredients. The packaging of this snack is convenient, which means you can take it anywhere and enjoy it on the go.

21. Baked Carrot Fries

Regular and sweet potato fries are the most common type of fries. However, you can use carrots as an alternative to making very tasty and crunchy fries. They contain less carbohydrate and calories than potatoes, making them great for those on low-carb diets. You can add Whole30-approved almond flour to make the carrot fries crispy. This snack can also serve as a side.

22. Mashed Avocado and Sweet Potato Toast

Mashed Avocado and Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet potato toast is one of the healthiest Whole30 alternatives to bread. This root veggie contains a lot of nutrients including vitamin C, fiber, and carotenoids. Use the mashed avocado to top the toasted, thin-sliced sweet potato. You can sprinkle some sea salt, crushed red pepper, and lemon juice to enhance the flavor.

23. Berries with Coconut Milk

The Whole30 program does not allow cereal and milk. However, you can create a similar experience with berries and coconut milk. You can drench a bowl of fresh berries in coconut milk. This is a great substitute for cereal and milk, and it has a better nutritional value.

24. Shrimps

Seafood lovers can also enjoy shrimps as snacks or sides. Shrimps are Whole30-approved, and they contain a lot of protein and other valuable nutrients. You can enjoy shrimps with any dipping sauce of your choice. However, you should stay away from dipping sauces with added sugar. You can also make your own sugar-free cocktail sauce.

25. Beef Jerky

You can also have Whole30 beef jerky as snacks. Beef jerkies are not only tasty but also contain a lot of protein. They are also very easy to make. Nevertheless, you should stick to only Whole30 spices and ingredients when making it. If you are opting for store-bought, you want to make sure it does not contain any non-compliant ingredients.

26. Cucumber, Carrots, and Guacamole

Cucumber Carrots and Guacamole

Guacamole tastes different when you use it as a sauce for some veggies. Dipping cucumbers and carrots in guacamole taste good.

27. Hardboiled Eggs

Hardboiled eggs alone can also serve as snacks. You can also serve it with different types of Whole30-friendly toppings such as guacamole, salmon, and tuna. Eggs contain a lot of protein, and they are a great pair with other veggies and fruits.

28. Lettuce Wrap

For a great evening snack, you can wrap some lettuce with beef, turkey, or prosciutto. This combination can also serve as a Whole 30 compliant lunch.

29. Chopped Sausage, avocado, and Kraut

Chop some kraut, sausage, and avocado in a bowl and drizzle a pinch of salt to taste.

30. Epic Bars

Epic Bars

Epic Bars are Whole30-compliant and they contain many Whole30-approved protein sources. Each bar contains about 140 calories and 8g of protein and fat.

Can you snack while on Whole30?

Yes, you can snack while on Whole30. However, you need to stick with only Whole30-approved snacks; yes there are many Whole30-approved snacks. You can also make your own snacks with Whole30-approved ingredients and fruits. However, you should avoid the temptation of replacing your normal meals with snacks, as snacks are only meant to serve as sides.

Is popcorn allowed on Whole30?

You are not allowed to eat popcorn while following the Whole 30 program. Everything containing gluten is off-limits for the duration of the program. This means you have to stay away from popcorn, pasta, corn, oats, rice, and pseudo-grains such as buckwheat and quinoa for the duration of the program.

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There are many great-tasting snacks out there, but not all snacks are for Whole 30. The whole30 snacks listed above are not only tasty but also nutritional and very easy to make. We also recommend pork rinds Whole30 and Whole30 crackers.

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