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What is the best food for those over fifty?

What is the best food for those over fifty?

What is the best food for those over fifty?


What is the best food for those over fifty?

A new food pyramid for those over the age of seventy

best food for those over fifty
best food for those over fifty

The new food pyramid for the elderly:

The concept of the food pyramid has changed to turn into a healthy “healthy course” dish that contains foods from various types of recognized food groups in order to ensure the provision of proper and balanced nutrition for the elderly in addition to a practicing movement that is indispensable throughout a person’s life, regardless of his advanced age.

Among the most important concepts that a healthy plate reflects in the food pyramid, “my healthy diet” is:

best food for those over fifty
best food for those over fifty

Diversification of foods in addition to choosing the appropriate amount for each age group.

Choose foods that contain fewer calories, saturated fats, sugars, and minerals.

Download the slogan healthy food for all.

* Dietary changes for each age group:

There are two food hierarchies, one for those over fifty and another for those under this age, and we find that a person’s requirements for the food pyramid change as they age with it, and we find them as follows:

At thirty years of age:

It is necessary to avoid at this age the unhealthy snacks that an individual could have eaten in his twenties, such as pastries and potato chips, which are accepted by adults and children.


At the age of forty:

At the age of forty, a person is at the height of his professional preoccupation, just as he is busy raising children if he is married, and here he does not have time to slow down eating in healthy food, and the time available for cooking and preparing food seems very limited .. but he needs effort on his part for the sake of his general health Because at this age the metabolism begins to slow.


At fifty years old:

At this age, metabolism changes, and here a person must change his nutritional habits, so instead of eating three large meals per day, there are more meals and in smaller quantities throughout the day in order to keep pace with the slow metabolism.

best food for those over fifty
best food for those over fifty

While maintaining the practice of movement as much as possible .. And the change is also in the practice of sports activities, for example running will not suit the joints at this age. Therefore, it is necessary to think about safe sports options to ensure that they are adhered to in the coming age periods for the person to remain in a state of constant movement.

At the age of 60:

If the elderly person takes any medications, he must consult a doctor about the possibility of a reaction with some of the foods he consumes, while maintaining drinking plenty of water and fluids, as the liquids include: soups, tea, and various types of drinks, in addition to the fluids obtained from eating vegetables And fruit.


At the age of seventy:

The appetite decreases greatly at this age, so it is necessary to pay close attention to the healthy nutrition of the elderly while maintaining vitality and constant movement.


* Important nutritional advice for the elderly:

If the body changes with age, eating a healthy, balanced diet helps the elderly stay in a good state of health, which requires changing his dietary patterns in proportion to his physical needs:


Iron-Rich Foods:

Iron is important for general health and energy, and iron-rich foods are lean red meat. It is recommended for men over the age of fifty to eat two and a half portions of meat (one amount equals 65 grams of cooked meat). Females over fifty are recommended to eat two amounts of protein a day.

Iron can also be consumed in legumes such as peas and lentils, and fish such as sardines, eggs, bread, vegetables, and breakfast cereals.

The liver is one of the nutrients very rich in iron, and it is rich in vitamin A. Eating an excessive amount of vitamin A may be harmful, so it is necessary to take care of the amount of harm entering the human body.


Calcium-rich foods:

Calcium is important for bone health in the elderly, and the requirements of the elderly with calcium increase because the efficiency of the body’s absorption of calcium from foods decreases, so the elderly need additional portions of low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese to avoid osteoporosis.


More about yogurt.

Calcium is also found in canned fish such as sardines, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, soy, and tofu.


Eat less salt:

Excessive salt raises the blood pressure of the elderly person, which exposes him to heart and stroke risks, so be careful not to add too much salt to foods because most foods contain a percentage of salts, especially canned foods, bread, and prepared foods.


Get plenty of vitamin “D”:

Vitamin “D” such as calcium is important for the bone health of the elderly and works to prevent osteoporosis. One of the best sources for obtaining this vitamin is sunlight. Exposure to the sun is sufficient for short periods of the day because food does not provide the elderly or the person with the amount of vitamin “D” he needs. As for the food sources that eggs contain, oily fish.


Take caution with vitamin A:

Getting high levels of vitamin A per day from foods and supplements (more than 1.5 mg) increases the risk of bone fractures in an elderly person.

The liver is a food source high in vitamin “A”, so be careful to eat it in small quantities and once throughout the week. Also, nutritional supplements containing this vitamin are not taken when consuming liver or fish oil…


Fluids equal no dehydration for an elderly person:

The elderly must make sure to drink water at least six times throughout the day, provided that this amount increases in hot weather or if he is engaged in a physical or sports activity. And liquids include water, tea, coffee, low-fat milk, and juices … But water is the best of them ever, and drinks that contain caffeine increase the need for the elderly to urinate frequently.

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