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Weight loss for men in just 4 steps 2020

Weight loss for men in just 4 steps 2020

Weight loss for men in just 4 steps in 2020

Many of us try to get a perfect body, by losing some kilograms, but men are more fortunate than women to lose

weight, as they can get better results, in less time and faster than women.

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Hands-on experience on both sexes

This is what a group of researchers at the Copenhagen University found, after following a diet that was determined

for several men and women and noticing the effect of diet on both parties, and their weight loss, not only that, it

was also observed that the effect of weight loss in men positively on their health more than its effect On women.

Through the experiment, the researchers gave more than 2,200 obese people of both sexes a similar low-calorie diet,

to follow a diet over 8 weeks, and then follow the difference between the sexes in losing weight, and it was

observed that men were more responsive. And weight loss from women, as they were able to lose weight better, in

addition to improving other health levels they have better than females.

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Weight loss for men in just 4 steps in 2020

The reason men lose weight

The reason men lose weight

The reason behind this difference between men and women in losing weight is due to the different composition of their bodies, where the proportion of muscle increases, according to Dr. Elizabeth Lloyden, a dietitian, adding that the speed of burning calories increases significantly in men.

And the food specialist explains that; That the areas of fat accumulation differ between men and women, as women collect fat in the pelvic region, and it has difficulty burning, while men have a lot of fat surrounding the internal organs in their bodies, and when they start to lose weight; They consume these fats in the form of calories.

It is important to lose weight properly, especially for men, to maintain a healthy body weight, and to avoid many health problems, men can achieve a quick and effective loss by changing their lifestyle, and this is what we will learn in this article. We will know how to lose weight in men by following a diet Healthy diet and exercise.

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Do men lose weight faster than women?

Do men lose weight faster than women?

Many people believe that men have an advantage in that they lose weight faster than women because men have

thinner muscle tissue, which burns more calories from body fat, even during rest, when men and women reduce the

the same number of calories, they lose Men weigh more.

Weight loss programs often highlight the difference, and when both men and women begin exercise programs, men

tend to lose body fat quickly, while this does not happen in many women. In one study in England, men and women

were placed in weight loss programs. The results are as follows, after two months, men lost twice the weight of

women, and three times the body fat, but by six months, the rate of weight loss was equal between the two sexes, so

the study proved that men lose weight faster than women at the beginning only and then the rate is equal between

men and women.

How to lose weight for men with a healthy diet?

How to lose weight for men with a healthy diet?

Knowing the proper nutrition steps will help you make the right choices about the type of food you eat, as a balanced

diet contains:

Certain proteins such as lean meat, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, soy foods, and legumes. Some carbohydrates like

pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes. Some fats, such as oil, nuts, and seeds. Some fruits and vegetables.

If you have a healthy balanced diet, you should not take any additional vitamins or minerals in tablet form, and here

are these tips:

Never eat unless you are hungry, eating only because of boredom will not help you lose weight. Reward yourself when you reach your weight goals, take a walk, or buy yourself some good stuff. Go to a dietitian to help you lose weight.

How to lose weight for men with sports

You can lose weight through some exercises such as:

Resistance exercises

Resistance exercises

This form of exercise speeds up weight loss because muscle mass helps in the fat-burning process. Do weight training exercises three times each week, and focus on training your entire body during exercise. Use exercises in which you exercise more than one muscle group at a time.

High-intensity interval training

This form of exercise speeds up the calorie-burning process using different levels of strength, do this exercise on

a stationary bike or a treadmill, start by heating up at a moderate pace and then start as fast as you can for 30

seconds, then go back to the slow pace for 60 seconds, try to do these steps five times during the first session of the

exercise, and do at least three sessions each week.

Weight loss for men with aerobic exercises

Weight loss for men with aerobic exercises

Begin moderate aerobic exercise. Adult men should perform at least 150 minutes each week of these exercises.

In the end, dear reader, after we learned how to lose weight in men with a healthy diet and exercise, we recommend

that you follow the correct steps in losing weight to get a healthy weight.



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