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Was Hitler vegetarian? important questions about it

Was Hitler vegetarian

Was Hitler vegetarian? It is one of the many questions revolving around the controversial personality of Adolf Hitler, which had a great impact on writing history not only in Germany but in the whole world.

In fact, there are many questions related to what Hitler was dealing with, because this reflected in one way or another his way of thinking and opinions, and it also largely reflected aspects of his personal life.

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Was Hitler vegetarian?

Was Hitler vegetarian from the start?

Are there reasons that prompted Hitler to switch to the vegan diet?

What are his habits while eating?

What was Hitler’s favorite food?

All of these questions and more will be answered in our article, so keep reading to unveil some aspects of the personality of Hitler, the controversial German leader.

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Who was Hitler? Was Hitler vegetarian?

Hitler was born in April 1889 in Bruno, Austria, and had interests in art and architecture, and he dreamed of working in this field, but the future was planning for something greater.

Adolf Hitler’s maturity coincided with many political strikes sweeping the world and heralding a global war. Domestically, Hitler was rejecting the notion of Hungarian tutelage and showed an interest in German nationalism.

In 1913, Hitler moved to Munich, which was due to the outbreak of the First World War. Hitler volunteered to join the ranks of the German army and was accepted despite being an Austrian citizen.

In September 1919 he joined the German Workers ‘Party, and in an attempt by the party to attract citizens, he changed his name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and its abbreviation was “Nazi”, and was famous for his violent speeches against anything other than German, and in 1921 Hitler assumed the leadership of the party.

Hitler led a coup attempt, but it failed, and he was imprisoned for 9 months, and during his imprisonment, he wrote his most famous book, “My Struggle.”

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Was Hitler vegetarian from the start?

The clear answer to us is that Hitler’s diet was normal from the start, but later on, he switched to the vegetarian diet.

The fact of the matter is that there are 3 main factors behind Hitler’s shift to the vegetarian system, the first of which is related to his animal-loving personality, which was supported by the media apparatus of the Nazi state, as Hitler showed love for animals and compassion, and even enacted a law criminalizing killing or torturing animals, and encouraging the German people to raise animals.

And in 1945, he said he intends to switch German people to a vegetarian diet, as it is healthier and guarantees longevity.

The second factor that answered the question “Was Hitler vegetarian” was his mother’s cancer and doctors advised her to eat vegetarian foods. Because of Hitler’s close association with his mother, Hitler shared his mother’s diet until her death in 1907, and Hitler became completely vegan.

The third and final factor that strengthened Hitler’s adherence to the vegetarian diet was the increase in psychological and nervous pressure on him, especially after he became the German chancellor to the Third Reich, and the beginning of the outbreak of World War II.

The growing responsibilities of Hitler, and more stress and psychological pressure made him suffer from chronic flatulence in the stomach, which made him persist in eating fresh vegetables and fruits.

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Was Hitler vegetarian? What was Hitler’s favorite food?

In a rare interview conducted by the German newspaper Der Spiegel with Margot Woelk, who was among 14 girls living in Hitler’s headquarters at the beginning of World War II, and working as a food taster.


Margot Woelk unveiled many of the Nazi leader’s eating habits by staying in her job, which lasted more than two and a half years since she was 24 years old, to tell her story at the age of 95.

According to Margot, she said that Hitler was a vegetarian, and he preferred some vegetarian food besides fruit, and he liked to eat soybeans in various ways in cooking, he even called it the name of Nazi beans, and he preferred eating boiled vegetables, mashed potatoes, and he was a lover To pastries, especially apple pie, raspberry pie, and chocolate cake.

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Some of Hitler’s eating habits

The job of a “gourmet” might seem a little strange, but its justification is that Hitler was afraid of poisoned death, and therefore there was a crew of 14 women who tasted the food an hour before it reached it and to know if the food was poisoned.

Margo said, that Hitler was one of the very tense characters in front of the food, and he was sitting at the table all the time was scratching his mustache, and also biting his nails, Margo added that Hitler did not take long to eat.

During Hitler’s life before World War I, Hitler ate meat and liked to eat stuffed pigeons, sausages, and pork.

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Was Hitler vegetarian? Yes, and there are a lot of celebrities too

Was Hitler vegetarian? Yes, and there are a lot of celebrities too

Hitler was not alone in the famous who adopted the vegetarian diet, among the leaders we find Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Mussolini, who became vegetarians because of the pressures and responsibilities of the authority.

Mussolini’s favorite meal was the salad with garlic, fresh lemon, and olive oil, while Stalin liked to eat Georgian food, which was mostly vegetarian, and he preferred that his meals contain a lot of garlic, and he used to eat walnuts, peaches, and pomegranates in large quantities.

As for contemporary celebrities from Hollywood stars, most of them have adopted the vegetarian system to care for their health and appearance, and many of them may adopt the strict vegetarian system that many of them follow, so we find that they are not only those who avoid meat and its products, but it goes beyond that to any products that come directly from animals, including milk. Cheese, eggs, honey, and any product that may use animal skin or fur.

Jennifer Lopez tried strict vegetarian food and succeeded in taking the 22-day challenge of following it, and since then she has not eaten animal products except for fish, and says that since she followed the vegan diet she has been feeling better and better.

Attractive actor and musician Jared Leto may appear in his twenties, but he is in fact 43 years old, and he admits that the secret of the constant preservation of his youth is that he has followed a strict vegetarian diet for a period of more than 20 years. What is worth noting here is that Leto won the title of Most Attractive Vegetarian Celebrity for the year 2014.

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