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Top 10 the best alternatives to sugar in 2020

Top 10 the best alternatives to sugar in 2020


Top 10 the best alternatives to sugar in 2020

Top 10 natural alternatives that keep you from sugar

Top 10 the best alternatives to sugar in 2020


Sugar substitutes are a confusing topic, due to the interpretation of terms in different ways.

Sugar substitutes can be defined as sweeteners that are used instead of regular table sugar or sucrose,

and they can be classified into two types:

  • Nutritional sweeteners, which add calories to foods that contain them
  • And non-nutritional sweeteners, which contain little or no calories.

Despite the benefit of sugar as an important source of energy that the body needs, there are a lot of damages that result from excessive consumption of sugar, as sugar may cause some diseases and health problems such as tooth decay, diabetes, obesity, etc.

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In this context, the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that there are 10 natural alternatives to sugar that protect you from its harms and problems, and these alternatives are:

1 – Honey bees:

1 - Honey bees

It is one of the most popular and best natural alternatives to sugar, and it is rich in iron, zinc, potassium, calcium and

vitamin B6. And niacin.

2 – Maple syrup:

2 - Maple syrup:

Maple syrup contains more than 54 antioxidants and high levels of minerals such as calcium.

3 – date sugar:

They produce this type of sugar by grinding dates well. Date sugar is one of the most natural alternatives to sugar that is rich in nutritional benefits, as it contains all the fibres to combat fats and nutrients such as vitamin B6, iron and magnesium.

4 – Stevia:

This plant is available in liquid or dried form and is considered 30 times sweeter than industrial sugar. Some

scientific studies have shown that “stevia” works to alleviate some health problems such as high blood pressure and


5 – coconut sugar:

coconut sugar

It is a great alternative to artificial sugar, as it dissolves well in cold and hot liquids and also in bread, and has a low

impact on blood sugar, and may also help maintain relatively energy levels and prevent the body from storing fat.

6 – molasses:

Molasses or molasses, produced from the final crystallization process to manufacture sugar, contains many vitamins

and minerals and may help treat obesity, diabetes, and even acne.

7 – “Monk Fruit”:

Also known as “the fruit of long life”, it is characterized by a very sweet taste. It is very valuable and has been used for

thousands of years in medical treatments thanks to its various health benefits, as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins,

minerals and other organic compounds that make it of utmost benefit to human health.

8 – Agave Nectar:

It is extracted from the aloe vera plant and is considered a safe alternative to sugar that does not cause negative

consequences for human health.

9 – Fructose (fructose):

Fructose has long been known to be a natural sugar that is good for health, unlike refined white sugar.

10 – brown rice syrup:

brown rice

It is a drink that is derived from brown rice and contains a large proportion of magnesium and zinc.


The benefits of sugar substitutes

  • Here are some of the benefits that artificial sweeteners provide to the human body
  • Helping to lose weight: sugar substitutes are characterized by having little or no calories, compared to high-energy sugar or corn syrup, which helps to eat the same foods with fewer calories, in addition to losing weight at the same time.
  • Dental care: The microflora bacteria present in dental plaque do not affect the fermentation of sugar substitutes, unlike regular sugar, so doctors advise prescribing sugar-free drugs as much as possible.
  • Diabetes control: Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners helps diabetics to enjoy a varied diet, by limiting sugar intake, and although some sugar substitutes contain energy, their metabolism is slow, which helps control sugar levels in the blood.

Conclusion the best alternatives to sugar in 2020

All sugar substitutes are classified as food additives, and they are regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The last trend was to label some sugars as being plant-based or natural, but that does not mean that they are safe to use or are better for maintaining blood sugar levels or losing weight. If used frequently, it may produce negative symptoms such as bloating and diarrhoea.

Researchers were alarmed by the high-density sweeteners, saccharin, aspartame, and cancer.

But so far, the National Cancer Institute has concluded that there is no clear evidence that the use of these sweeteners is linked to an increased risk of cancer.

According to an honest specialist in advanced diabetes, there are three basic ways to control blood sugar: taking medication, increasing activity, and following a diet.

If the diet is not followed and the activity does not change, it is difficult to help patients reduce their blood sugar level as they will be required to take more medication, and this comes with the risk of possible side effects.

So if I could persuade patients to make changes in their diet, such as substituting a drink for a sugar substitute, that

would make a big difference in helping them control blood sugar and drug dosage.


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