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The best exercise to reduce weight

The best exercise to reduce weight


The best exercise to reduce weight

It’s important to exercise regularly for improving your physical fitness and to not getting fat as well. You can do special exercises to lose weight fast. In actual fact, working out 30 minutes a day is enough for burning calories. we will provide you with a routine and workouts exercises, that help you losing weight healthily
Best exercises to lose weight fast

Walking is an easy way to exercise for beginners, it doesn’t need special equipment,
it doesn’t cost, you can do it daily without any fees around your house.
Walking is a lower impact training, as it does not stress your joints.
Walking for 60 minutes 3-4 times per week will reduce your waist by about 1.1 inches.
Try to increase the duration of walking gradually.

Running and jogging are excellent exercises to burn calories fast, Also it helps you to burn belly fat. try to run about 30 minutes 3-4 times per week, try to run on grass-land because it’s soft and comfortable for your joints.
The difference between running and jogging that is the jogging pace is around 6.4 to 9.7 km per hour but the running pace is faster than 9.7 km per hour.

cycling is excellent for overall fitness, it fit beginners and athletes as well. It helps you to burn calories fast. Everyone can cycle out the door by a traditional bike. Also, we can do it at home by a stationary bike and at the gym as well.

In fact, cycling is full-body work out so it protects you from heart disease and sudden death as well. It’s low impact exercise and non-weight bearing exercise as well. It’s cheap and easy for done anywhere.

Jump rope
Jump rope is a great way to lose weight and to burn calories. It’s funny and it’s cardio workouts that increase your heart way. Jumping is a full-body workout. Try to jump with one foot. Also, try to twist your hips during the jump.
Begin with 30 minutes of jumping 3-4 times per week. Try to jump on grass-land to lower the risk of injury.

Dancing is useful and interesting as well. Every moment you are dancing, all body parts are moving. dancing builds a muscle because of the dance movies. It burns more calories to lose weight fast. Try the Latin dance and hip hop dance.

There is much popular training to achieve fit like yoga, pilates, kicking box, and aerobics.

How much weight can you lose from doing exercises at home?

There are many factors that determine how much weight you can lose as gender, age, diet, sleep, medical condition, and genetic.
Normally, you can lose 1% of your weight per week by exercising regularly 3-4 times per week for 40-60 minutes every time.

Swimming to lose weight fast
Swimming is a great way to cool off, interest, and weight loss. It’s very useful for strengthening your heart and it put you in shape. Try swimming to lose belly fat and to build muscle as well. In fact, the swim is a full-body workout.

For more results, try to swim in the morning, as a piece of advice from the swimming trainers. You should swim harder and you should swim faster too.
Try to swim 3-4 days per week. Start with 15 minutes every time they increase the duration of swimming gradually.

But take care, swimming needs a lot of energy, you shall eat healthy snacks during the swimming exercise.
As a matter of fact, butterfly stroke burns more calories than other strokes of swimming.

Strength training to lose weight
Strength training is a very important exercise that fits both beginners and athletes. It’s the most exercise that will help you build muscle, it increases muscle mass.

Resistance training is preventing you from osteoporosis. To be in shape, you should do it.

What are HIIT exercises?
HIIT means (high-intensity interval training), it’s one of the most effective training that can you do to burn more and more calories and to lose weight fast as well.

Also, it hikes up your metabolism and it’s good for losing belly fat, we don’t need equipment to do HIIT.
A HIIT workout should last for 15-30 minutes. One study refers that HIIT burns 30% calories per minute more than any other training.

The negative effects of hard exercising
There are many negative effects of a hard diet and exercising as well. Training hardly more than your energy, may cause muscle loss, also it can cause hair loss, headaches, and irregular periods for women. So, don’t try to lose more and more weight for a short time.

Weight loss tips:
There are many reasons for not losing weight fast. So we will provide you with some advice to lose weight fast:
– adjust your diet during the weight loss program.
– eating enough protein to prevent metabolic slowdown.
– don’t eat more calories than you need per day.
– take care that you should eat whole foods.
– sleep well.
– you should practice strength exercise.

Cardio will help you to burn fat fast

-Eating sugar prevents you from losing weight fast.
–  drink enough amount of water.
–  eat slowly.
– try to drink coffee.
– you should eat fibers and whole-grain foods.

Beginners workout plains for weight loss at the gym
Here’s the weekly schedule for the beginners at the gym (level 1):

Stretching for 10 min.
Jumping jack 20.
Pushups 10.

Situps 10.
Lunges 20
Burpees 10

Jumping jacks 20
Pushups 10
Squats 20

Jumping jacks 20
Pushups 10
Squats 30

Jumping jacks 25
Pushups 15
Squats 40

Lunges 13
Sit-ups 17

Rest and stretches
Then begin to do more practice at level 2.

Finally, to be in shape and in a good health, try to eat healthy food, take supplements according to your doctor’s advice, and do any practice you are interested in.


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