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TOP 20 Low Calories Meals that help losing weight

low calories meals

  low calories meals. The types of diets that seek to reduce weight or preserve general health differ and healthy food systems that are closer to changing the lifestyle than the “deprivation” systems that we frequently see on the internet and social media sites and consuming small doses are among …

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Bathua | what’s the meaning and benefits of Bathua ?


Bathua Bathua leaves are seasonal vegetables, they look like spinach but with a different flavor, they are loaded with a lot of benefits. You can found them as fresh crops or as seeds in dry form, this plant grows in India. you can cook a delicious meal, snacks, and hot …

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5 Healthier Herbal Teas You’ll Love to Taste

healthier tea

Add these healthier herbal teas to your tea collection to keep diseases and infections at bay and get healthy skin and a clear mind.   Want to create a healthy diet routine? You may already have considered adding a nutrient-rich diet to creating a lasting healthy habit. But, what about …

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8 fat burning foods to help lose weight without exercising


  When you start to follow a weight-loss diet, your main goal is to get rid of those extra pounds that keep you stressed out as you get dressed and look at yourself in the mirror. However, you must be well aware that losing excess weight does not mean that …

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The Most protein-rich vegetarian food

Most protein-rich vegetarian food

The Most protein-rich vegetarian food   Everyone needs a certain amount of protein to help them build muscle and get healthy and healthy nutrition, so it is necessary to know which foods and foods contain protein to prepare healthy and useful dishes for adults and children. Many people follow a …

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Healthy vegetarian snacks And its contribution to the diet

healthy vegetarian snacks

Healthy vegetarian snacks   More and more people are becoming vegetarian, they don’t eat meats or fish. some people go on a diet, so vegetarian snacks are very useful for them, to feel full throughout the day. Also, vegetarian snacks can be considered as the main dishes cooked throughout the …

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Balanced meal | what the meaning of Balanced meal ?

Balanced meal

  Balanced meal Balanced meals and exercise are important for good health, eating a balanced meal help you staying healthy and not getting fat, It’s very important to keep us away from diseases, In fact, we are what we eat. Also, a balanced meal provides us with all the essential …

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mango gi index

mango gi index

The gi index is an indicator that measures the speed of absorption of food containing carbohydrates into the body and the speed at which it raises blood sugar. The food component is given a number from 0 to 100, meaning the higher the number, the higher the increase in insulin …

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good food guide | what is the good food guide ?

good food guide

  what is a good food guide? Guide to Good Food: Nutrition and Food Preparation employs current nutrition information to inform students as they learn the roles nutrients play in their health throughout the life cycle. Comprehensive content on food selection, storage, preparation, and service gives students the tools needed …

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Proper diet

proper diet

There are dozens of proper diets available, from diets that seem perfectly logical to systems that are almost impossible to follow because of their difficulty. However, why are there so many diets? The answer to this question is clear, due to the diversity of the ways of life themselves, so …

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