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Is smoked food healthy? Useful facts and 4 steps to avoid its drawbacks

Is smoked food healthy

Is smoked food healthy? It’s a popular question, but the answer to yes or no may not be that simple. It is always assumed that grilled or smoked food is healthier than other methods of cooking food, and smoked food is considered healthier than grilled food, because smoked food is …

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Bathua | what’s the meaning and benefits of Bathua ?


Bathua Bathua leaves are seasonal vegetables, they look like spinach but with a different flavor, they are loaded with a lot of benefits. You can found them as fresh crops or as seeds in dry form, this plant grows in India. you can cook a delicious meal, snacks, and hot …

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Golden Kiwi, great benefits, and great uses

golden kiwi

The Golden Kiwi is native to northern China, and its scientific name is Actinidia chinensis, also known as the fruit of the Chinese grape. The best ones are those that grow in the sun, and their rapid growth rate makes them a great choice for strong trellises. They can be …

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