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Spanish paella

Spanish paella

Spanish paella rice dish and is considered one of the most famous dishes of Andalusian origin, and its origin is Valencia. The paella may be prepared with vegetables, meat, or fish. In the Arab region, the dish prepared with fish is called “sayadia” or “fish rice”.

Spanish paella
Spanish paella

It is also distinguished by its many types that differ in its shape, color, taste, and method of preparation from one region to another, which made this humble dish one of the most famous Spanish and international dishes that attract numbers of tourists seeking to enjoy the latest new creativity in the Spanish culinary art, and the most skilled professionals compete to develop their personal touch on it.

The origin of the name Spanish paella

This meal has two stories: The first story: It is from the days of the kings of Andalusia and after the kings and princes of Andalusia ate everything that the souls coveted of fish, meat, chicken, rice, and all that remains. Of the food, it was put for the poor to eat after mixing rice with fish, chicken, and meat and becoming Spanish paella or the rest, from which the term (la Spanish paella) was later derived.

The rest goes back to the days of the Umayyad Caliphate in Andalusia, like the princes of Andalusia,
as well as the wealthy of Andalusia when they finished their banquet, they took what was left of the food
and gave it to the poor. Andalusia, rice was mixed with meat, chicken, and various vegetables.
People get used to it unless the matter is reached so that the rest becomes a popular dish that
the Spanish master in his work, the rest is with rice, the rest with wheat, and the rest with pasta,
but the best and most delicious types are what is left of Valencia, which the people of Valencia master.

It is said that one of the rulers of Andalusia entered the kitchen and found the servants eating their food,
so he tasted it and found it delicious, and asked them about the name of the food, so they told him
that it was just leftovers, meaning that the leftovers were mixed in one dish, and since that time the Andalusian
ruler has been asking the cooks to prepare the same dish for him So it became stand-alone, based on rice.

* The second story:

Some say that La Spanish paella dates back to the Islamic era, which lasted nearly
eight centuries in Spain and ruled most of the Iberian Peninsula, and its name is derived from the Arabic language,
specifically from the word “Al-Baqia”… It is also said that it is customary to use rice in abundance in
the Spanish region of Valencia, and it is said that the Arabs were the ones who introduced rice
to Spain in the eighth century, especially in the eastern Andalusian region, that is, then we add Valencia to the rest of the food.
But others think this is a mistake due to not knowing the local language spoken by the people of Valencia.
The phrase (La Paella) in the local Balinese language (pan) in Arabic, in relation to the pan,
the skillet used in preparing this dish, which is a skillet that is very similar to a traditional frying pan,
but has two handles on the sides and not one, and this phrase is taken from the Latin word
(Patella) which means the same thing, and it is noted that the two French expressions (Poêlle) and (Padilla)
mean the same thing as well, and they go back to the previously mentioned Latin pronunciation.

And (La Paella) was associated in the past with the region or season, and if the region was mountainous,
it was characterized by poultry or rabbit meat or what was provided by domestic animals, but if it was coastal,
it was characterized by fish of all kinds. With the different regions and seasons, countless varieties of
La Spanish paella appear so much that the inhabitants of Valencia assure that this dish does not have a specific recipe,
but you can unleash your imagination and creativity, provided that the rice, saffron, and the pan are not absent,
which must be used in preparing this dish.

How to make Spanish paella

Made with rice, saffron, and rabbit meat or chicken, Bay Valencia is cut into a small size suitable for mouth opening.
And vegetables, red pepper, yellow pepper, turkey, and zucchini. Green beans, white beans, peas, tomato powder,
and artichoke can be added. Finally, mussels and shrimp are added.

Spanish paella
Spanish paella

Saute garlic and baby onions with minced meat in a little olive oil for 20 minutes. Then add the chopped vegetables,
soaked white beans, plenty of water, salt, black pepper, and an amount of rice.

Dry enough to absorb the liquid (ratio of rice to 2 water), add tomato powder and saffron,
and leave to boil uncovered for 25 minutes as the liquid rice soaks. 5 minutes before the end of the cooking process,
mix together gongbri and mussels (snails) and stir the mixture one last time overheat.

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