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6 Simple Easy to Follow Tips on Weight Loss for Kids

Simple Easy to Follow Tips on Weight Loss for Kids


Simple Easy to Follow Tips on Weight Loss for Kids, is your child gaining weight and trying to find a way to get him to diet? There appears to be a successful way to help lose weight. Here are all the tips for making a food change for the whole family!

Childhood obesity, and difficulty losing weight, is a problem of increasing it. There are a variety of reasons for this phenomenon, whether due to the increase in the number of foods rich in fat and sugars or because of the large number of sitting due to the increase in the number of television channels and the preoccupation with the Internet and social networks.

If we remembered as parents of our childhood, the number of foods was more limited and our free time spent playing active games with friends where we spent a lot of energy.

The problem of obesity among children in the world is increasing, which increases the risk of serious diseases in later life, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. It has also been found that obese children are more likely to become obese when they get older.

All this leads us to search for the necessary and immediate solution – to prevent, or alternatively, to treat obesity in our children. The ways to do this are varied and it is important to maintain them for an extended period of time to get the desired change:

6 Simple Easy to Follow Tips on Weight Loss for Kids

Tips on Weight Loss for Kids

1. Procurement

Buy healthy and varied foods, especially foods low in fat and sugar, such as vegetables of various colors, fruits, whole grains, whole grain bread, low-fat dairy products (up to 5%), and legumes.
Buy products that contain vitamins and minerals that are important for your child’s development and weight loss:

Calcium – For example, it can be found in dairy products, raw tahini made with whole sesame, and green vegetables.

Iron – Found in meats, poultry, and legumes of all kinds.

Vitamin B12 – It comes from animal-sourced foods such as dairy products, eggs, and fish.

How about sweets? Those that fall into the “harmful” category should be purchased in limited quantities. It is preferable to buy relatively “healthy” sweets such as baked pastries, popcorn, and energy snacks, or alternatively small candy bars such as small personal wrappers and small pieces of chocolate. Set limits for the child and allow him to eat one piece of candy a day.

2. Set an example for your child

Dear parents, remember that your children imitate you. The way you eat, drink and behave is viewed by children as the right way to behave, and ultimately your children will also act like you.

Therefore, it is important that you set a good example for your child: you too eat healthy foods and choose to drink water over sweetened beverages. Do not expect your child to do what you do not do.

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3. Family changes

Tips on Weight Loss for Kids

Don’t let your child feel like he’s eating differently from the rest of the family. Adopt the correct eating patterns at home and make sure that all family members are partners in this change.

4. Register with your child the list of favorite and healthy foods

Tips on Weight Loss for Kids, Although we have no control over what puts a child in his mouth, you can definitely take care that most of the food he will eat during the day is known and predetermined. When the choice of food is in your hands, the child will eat healthier and adopt the correct eating patterns over time. The best way to do this is to make sure he brings him to school a good, healthy breakfast as well as healthy snacks throughout the day such as fruits and vegetables.

In addition, check with your child which healthy foods he likes. You can simply put together a list of healthy foods and make sure that they are always present at home so that if he wants to bite into something between meals, he always has a good alternative instead of eating a snack or dessert.

5. Not mentioning a healthy diet at all

Weight loss is not an easy process, and the child should not be busy with it. The responsibility to nourish it rests with us, as parents.

Make sure you choose the habits that you build for him as part of the home education. Also talking about the baby’s weight in front of him can pose a problem later and in extreme cases, it can lead to eating disorders. If you want to know if the baby is losing weight, here’s a little tip – instead of measuring his weight on the scale, check if the size of the pants has changed.

Another reason not to measure weight with a scale is for the simple reason that children

also, increase their height, so we do not always see a change in weight.

6. All kids jump, is this true?

Tips on Weight Loss for Kids

The many hour’s children spend in front of a TV or computer screen have risen significantly in

recent years. Limit these hours so that your children will be more active: enroll them in stimulating

sessions, go out for walks, play with them with a ball, or anything else that requires them to expend

energy. Dear Parents- Remember, change is in your hands!


Some of the problems of childhood obesity:

• Type 2 diabetes, where obesity increases the body’s resistance to insulin.
• Metabolic syndrome, although it is not a disease, having it makes the child more susceptible to heart disease. Metabolic syndrome includes high blood pressure, high blood diabetes, and high blood lipids.
• Asthma, as children who are overweight, are more likely to develop asthma.

 Weight loss for kids in the long term


Health experts at the Child Health Organization recommend that when you want to follow

a children’s diet or a weight loss program that is appropriate for children, this is by following

a long-term health regime, that is, not setting up a program that is cruel to the child, with specific

items and specific dates, but by applying a number One of the tips that will help children lose weight

in a safe and healthy way, and does not affect their health or psychological state.

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