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Sesame Street healthy food invitation to a wide audience

Sesame Street healthy food

Sesame Street healthy food is a song that was presented in the series Sesame Street, which met with dazzling success around the world, starting in 1969, when it was its first show.

The song represented a powerful message to children, inviting them to preserve their health by eating healthy food.

The healthy food song, Sesame Street, represented a powerful source of inspiration for both parents and children alike due to the overwhelming popularity that the series enjoyed in all countries of the world.

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The role of children’s programs in enhancing behavior and maximizing values

Television expands the child’s experiences as a source of knowledge that provides him with cognitive and behavioral values and transmits culture and knowledge to him through the functions that this device performs, namely guidance, education, education, and entertainment.

It also provides the child with the experiences and skills that motivate him to follow healthy habits in all aspects of his daily behavior, the most prominent of which is the enhancement of his social capabilities in his communication with his colleagues, peers, and neighbors, the ethics of dealing with the family, and a lot of positive behaviors such as the correct way to eat, and choose healthy food.

The history of Sesame Street

Many of us were associated in their childhood with famous cartoon movies and series, which are no longer limited to young children, but gathered around them followers of all ages, and Sesame Street is one of the programs that have stuck in our minds for decades.

“Bill de Blasio”, Mayor of New York City, decided to honor the famous cartoon program in a distinctive way, as the name of the cartoon was called on a city street, to commemorate this cartoon that followed children in more than 150 countries in several languages, according to “Euro News”.

The name of the children’s series “Sesame” is immortalized on a New York street

The Sesame World program, which the Egyptians have watched for 10 years, is originally an American program entitled
“Sesame Street”. It is a television series that aims to teach children the basics of education from numbers,
letters, head and coloring in a fun and useful way, through characters from animated dolls. November 10, 1969.

“Sesame Street” is the longest-running children’s program to be shown on US television,
and is produced by Sesame Workshop, the non-profit “Sesame World Workshop”
founded by the duo Joan Ganz Cooney and Ralph Rogers.

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What Sesame Street aims for

The main goal of the Sesame Street series is primarily educational, through which children
are taught a lot of good behaviors and good qualities.

This is done by using all the means that are likable to children, including dolls, and characters that are lovely for children,
and also by hosting many stars, who engage in educational and educational work at the highest level.

Also, the beautiful melodies and the simple lyrics of the songs had a magic effect on the children’s ears,
and their response to them was extremely sensitive.

Honesty, friendship, caring for neighbors, salvation, honesty, and other behaviors that parents
wish to teach their children were done simply through Sesame Street.

Sesame Street healthy food

Healthy food Sesame Street is a children’s song, broadcast in an episode of the Sesame Street series entitled Healthy Food,
and the episode aims to teach children the importance of healthy food and its many benefits.

The makers of the series took advantage of the fame that it had enjoyed since its first episodes,
released the song Sesame Street Healthy Food and it was shown, in an episode of the same name
, then re-recorded and released, within an album called Sesame Street, the first release.
And the doll, Cookie Monster, who became famous for her craving for cookies, performed the song.

The choice of this doll to perform the song Sesame Street healthy food was convincing and
intelligent to the utmost degree as it left a deep impression on young and old alike,
and was able to achieve its desired goal to the fullest.

Part of the lyrics for the song Sesame Street healthy food

Well, me known for eating cookie,

When me don’t, they shout,

“Look, he trying to throw loyal fans a curve!

What he doing eating fish,

Or vegetable dish?

Man, he sure got a lot of nerve!”Well, me answer you straight,

When me filling up plate,

Taking only cookies is all wrong!

‘Cause you also got to eat

Fruit or veggies and meat

If you want to be healthy and strong!

Healthy food!

Boy, it taste so good.

Me one healthy dude

‘Cause me eat healthy food.

Me love it boiled or stewed,

Me love it whole or chewed.

You’d feel just great if you’d

Eat some healthy food! Me promise that when you eat varied menu,

You get more out of every meal.

You need balanced diet,

Come on and try it!

Not believe how great you’ll feel!

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