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what’s persona nutrition ? and why it’s so important ?

persona nutrition

persona nutrition

Persona nutrition

Persona is a personalized vitamin pack which provides you with vitamin and supplements that your body need for 28 days, Also it gives you the energy that you need during a day and immunity.
It maintains your healthy weight and hormone balance as well.
and It can lessen your stress and achieve better sleep for you. but It has a few side effects, it’s very suitable for vegan. It belongs to Nestle Health Science Co.,

Why persona nutrition?

Persona is a vitamin pack which provides you daily with vitamins that your body needs, persona nutritionist select the best product for you according to the data entered by you ( age, gender, height, weight ), and they will follow you through the persona app to support you any time.

It’s suitable for you at diet to provide you with all supplements and vitamins that you need.

How much is persona nutrition?

The price of the supplements for 28 days is 86 $ without the cost of the shipping, the company offers international shipping service to more than 140 countries over the world.

You don’t waste your money when you buy persona nutrition, as it raises your life span and protects your heart health.

the amount you need from persona depend on the particular needs of your body, persona’s nutritionists will help you to adapt your program as your body needs.

You can easily cancel your order if you change your mind from the web page of the persona.

What vitamins should you take daily?

Daily you should take enough grams from vitamin D, vitamin A, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Folate, and vitamin B-12.


What is vitamin D good for?

Vitamin D is very important for our bones, teeth, and muscles.

It helps our bodies to absorb calcium and phosphate from the food, the lake of vitamin D lead to osteomalacia and bone pain, for children the lake of vitamin D causes rickets for them.

You can find it in milk, salmon, apple, almonds, carrots,s, and broccoli.

What is vitamin A good for?

Vitamin A is very important for our vision, bone metabolism, skin care, immune function, and our teeth. It’s very important for children for growth and development.

Vitamin A has 3 forms, these forms are retinol form (OH), retinal form (COH), and retinoic acid form (CCOH).

you can find vitamin A in cod liver oil, liver turkey, ghee, sweet potato, butter, kale, pumpkin, apricot, and egg.

The lake of vitamin A is causing a lot of diseases which may cause early death, for children the lake of vitamin A may cause blindness for them.

The optimal time to take vitamin A is with the evening meal, as Vitamin A is considered a fat-soluble vitamin. Fats dissolve the vitamin A in your body then they carry the vitamin into your bloodstream to perform its function.

The persona APP

You can download the persona nutrition app from google store app easily, the company supports you with all information you may need. this app is very easy to use, you can make an order using the app and you can cancel it as well.

The app provides you with all information about each supplement and how it benefits you.

You can follow the details of shipping.

It schedules your intake of the supplements.

You can speak with the nutritionist directly to solve your problem and to take more information that you want to know.

Persona nutrition reviews

Here are customer reviews about persona nutrition:

From Phyllis: ” I love the vitamins. It’s makes taking my vitamins easy. I don’t have to think twice or open a whole bunch of bottles. Definitely makes life easier and I feel great”.


From J.P: ” I’ve completed my first month with Persona and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of these supplements. Within the first week, I was already feeling much better i”


From the customer: ” Love how personalized this service is! Makes it easy for me to know I’m getting the nutrition MY body needs with such convenience! I”


From Pepe: ” I appreciated the convenience of the concept. I’m someone who is usually on the go– so the mini packets of daily supplements were pretty handy to toss into my purse”.


From the customer: ” Love the quality of the vitamins and the convenience of the all in one packet.”


From Laura: ” I love the personalized vitamins. I totally feel better as a result.”


From Jasmine: ” I finally get a good night’s sleep!! I’ve taken plenty of melatonin from the stores and it never works…I’m convinced the Herbal Rest does the “.

From Dijana: ” This has been a game-changer for me

This has been a game-changer for me. I love the personalization and ease of ordering”.

From Customer: ” I have not had enough to evaluate now,
Shipping and follow-up, great.”

From Merika:” Impressed with how easy it is to order and how convenient the packaging is since I’m always on the go with work.”

From Kiva: ” The personalization of Persona Vitamin Care works for me! The recommendations are fulfilling the exact area of health support”.

From Traci: ” I thoroughly enjoy the simplicity of taking my vitamins. I’m very capable of finding my own nutritional needs but Persona saves me time by doing it for me”.

From single mom: ” I have been using this plan for a month and let me tell you, I can definitely tell a difference already! I am much more alert, focused”.

From Ma Ga: ” I’ve discovered Persona while researching for a complex order of vitamins instead of buying ten different bottles form differently”.


Finally, there are many powerful reasons for you to take dietary supplements, even how healthy your lifestyle be. Supplements are filling the nutrition gaps and they are helping you to avoid harmful pollution and chemicals that may be found in our food. Persona nutrition is one of the best supplements you can depend on it.


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