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Miscellaneous Best natural alternatives to sleeping pills

Miscellaneous Best natural alternatives to sleeping pills

Miscellaneous Best natural alternatives to sleeping pills

Many people find it difficult to sleep due to many different factors, including the stress they are exposed to during the day, which causes sleep disturbances, and for this, they resort to using sleeping pills that help them sleep peacefully, but it may cause health damage later, and here are the best alternative methods for sleeping pills.

sleeping pills
sleeping pills


The reason for not getting a good night’s sleep may be due to psychological reasons, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, and tension resulting from work pressures, as well as medical causes resulting from one of the diseases that humans afflict, including back pain, chronic headaches, and special diseases. Heart diseases and diseases and many other diseases must be treated in order to treat the problem of difficulty sleeping.

Healthy alternatives to sleeping pills:

It is important to eat healthy foods and to stay away from drinks that are high in caffeine, which greatly affects health, and natural vegetables and fruits, in general, are the best alternatives to sleeping pills.

sleeping pills

  1. Banana

Eating bananas helps you sleep, as it contains the most important minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, in addition to important vitamins that help relax muscles, and help gets rid of insomnia and gets good sleep, by eating bananas. before sleep.

  1. Honey bees

Honey is considered a solution to many health problems, including sleep disorders because it helps to get rid of insomnia, and it also gives you a calm sleep, as honey helps increase the level of insulin in the blood, which stimulates the arrival of tryptophan to the brain, which in turn helps sleep. Quickly.

  1. Warm milk

Eating a glass of warm milk before bed helps relax the muscles, stimulates the serotonin hormone responsible for calming the nerves, and contains the best nutrients from vitamins and minerals, the most important of which is calcium.

  1. Almonds

One of the types of nuts that contains the distinctive properties of stimulating the brain, which helps to relax, in addition to that almonds are greatly beneficial to health, as it helps to reduce the proportion of cholesterol in the body, and it contains magnesium, which is an important element that helps sleep.

Top 5 Various Ways to Help Babies Sleep

Getting a child to sleep can be very difficult, and several studies have recently shown that an increasing number of young people have trouble sleeping, as a result of surfing the Internet before bed. Sleeping at night we review it for you as follows:

  1. Say no to electronic devices

The number of young adults under the age of 16 diagnosed with a sleep disorder has risen dramatically over the past few years, and one way adults can help solve it is to make sure children aren’t using electronic devices right before bed.

The blue light emitted by the screens of these devices negatively affects a child’s sleep, as it affects levels of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

Lighting in a child’s bedroom can also affect the quality of their sleep. It is best to buy a scientifically designed night lamp to help babies fall asleep.

  1. Set a time to sleep

Babies may suffer from sleep if they sleep at different times every night, and for this reason, it is important to determine a time to follow them carefully, by determining the time of sleep of your child each night and making him aware of the time spent in it. He needs sleep, will eventually become a habit.

Experts recommend 9 to 16 hours of sleep per day for young children, 8 to 14 hours of sleep for preschoolers, 7 to 13 hours sleep for people ages 5 to 11 years, and 6 to 12 hours of sleep for teenagers. . .

  1. Create a peaceful environment

One way you can create a peaceful environment for your child is to encourage them to use their imaginations before bed, which in turn may help them plunge into a peaceful sleep. Ask your child about his favorite vacation or favorite place as soon as he settles down and relaxes in bed with the lights off when you are about to leave the room, this will bring back happy memories and positive feelings.

Another way you can do this is to get your baby to do soothing activities before bed, such as bathing comfortably.

  1. Be careful about what they eat

It is not recommended that children eat sugary snacks before bed, as this can lead to a sudden spike in their energy levels.

However, sugary foods are not the only types that are best avoided before bed, and there is some truth in the famous saying that eating cheese before bed can lead to unpleasant dreams, and it is preferable to eat snacks such as whole toast, or apples or biscuits before 45 A minute’s sleep. Sleep, so that they do not sleep hungry or overactive.

  1. A comfortable bed is a secret

If your child has frequent problems sleeping during the night, the reason for this may be the mattress, and the type of mattress a child needs to get a comfortable sleep may differ from the type that an adult needs and many adults prefer a soft bed. Or an average mattress. But babies should sleep on a more durable bed, as their developing body needs more support. Pay attention to the thickness of the pillow so it is not too thick.

Sleeping position directly affects human health

A new study confirmed that the position of sleep directly affects the health of a person and his vital systems, as there are positions that harm the health of the body, while there are others that are useful and guarantee you a good sleep.

According to the “Bustle” magazine specialized in women, the best position for sleeping is on the left and right sides, and the percentage of those who adopt this position reaches 40%, and the majority of them are women. Specialists say that sleeping on the left side helps improve the digestion of food.

American scientists conducted a study to determine the worst sleeping position, as they discovered that it is sleeping on the stomach, as it increases back pain and may unintentionally harm his spine.

The sleeping position also affects the abdomen in the neck and joints area, causing an unpleasant feeling of paresthesia and tingling, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women as it causes difficulty breathing, which is reflected in the fetus, lack of oxygen, and many health problems.

Doctors and specialists advise that getting rid of this bad habit is by sleeping on soft mattresses and inflated pillows and practicing yoga exercises.

The strange thing is that US scientists recently acknowledged that the obsession with the issue of sleeping in a healthy way indicates mental illness, but a Russian physiotherapist disagreed with them, saying that this study was “unrealistic” and questioned it.

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