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IU diet results: Is it feasible or not?

IU diet results

IU diet results: IU’s weight-loss diet plan is a closely guarded secret. South Korea’s little sister, IU, is a well-known songwriter, singer, and actor. Her appearance and beauty, in addition to her entertaining abilities, are attracting public attention. Many people have assumed she has had plastic surgery to improve her appearance, but her food plan is one of the keys to her attractiveness.

IU diet results

The IU diet results are very popular with females who wish to reduce weight. Like IU, many females aspire to be minor, cute and appealing by following their diet plan. What is her diet plan’s secret?

Comparison of IU before and after a diet

IU diet results
IU diet results

We should discover the cause of IU diet results before learning about her diet plan. She told her story about her first stage on SBS’ Strong Heart. Because of her first stage appearance, Lee Ji-Eun, later known as IU, was dubbed a “pig” shortly after her debut. Someone started shouting at her for her appearance, and others joined in. It happened because most successful K-Pop idols appear to be slimmer than she is. But, after a few stage appearances, she grew more potent due to the overwhelming support she received from her followers, despite her appearance.

In MBC TV’s Quiz, IU admitted that she did not go on a diet during her post-debut period.

Because of her busy schedule and other everyday activities, she told Change the World on April 2nd that she had shed 10 kg. She seems to have put in a lot of effort to improve her appearance from her debut performance.

IU’s current weight and height are listed below.

She was dubbed obese before she debuted as a singer and went on a diet because her appearance was above the K-Pop industry’s female idol standard weight. She was much smaller after her hard work dieting than before her debut. After her debut on SBS’ Strong Heart, IU diet results disclosed her body weight and height. IU’s current weight is 47 kg, and she stands 162 cm tall. Until now, her weight and size have been constant.

IU’s weight-loss fitness advice – IU’s eating plan

Whether or not IU is on a diet, she constantly maintains her weight by doing various aerobic routines and exercises. Push-ups, jogging, sprinting or walking upstairs, and rope jumping are some of the workouts she practices daily. She claimed that she practices an hour of aerobics and follows a diet food plan in an episode of KBS’ Happy Together Season 3.

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Is IU on The Myproana Diet? Is IU on The Myproana Diet?

The Myproana diet is well-known for being a strict one. The Myproana diet is one of the diet solution programs for those who want to reduce weight till they achieve their ideal weight in their existing body.

People say that IU’s eating plan is based on the Myproana diet. She eats an apple in the morning, one or two sweet potatoes for lunch, and a protein drink for dinner as part of her diet. She eats it every day while going about her routine. She only consumes about 300 calories per day. She can shed up to 4 kg in just four days if she sticks to this severe diet plan. IU diet results showed that she could eat regularly once she had reached her target weight.

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