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IU diet plan: All its important points

IU diet plan

IU diet plan is one of the most well-known names in the Korean entertainment industry; whether it’s singing or acting, IU has succeeded. Aside from all of this, Diet Plan for IU is also recognized for another thing: her diet, which evolved into a challenge, with YouTubers from all over the world trying the IU diet.

IU diet plan

It wasn’t something IU wanted others to try, but you never know what happens in the world. As a result, they spotted an opening and took advantage of it, with some YouTubers even going so far as to test it for 2-4 weeks.

IU diet plan has gone through numerous stages in her life, including a healthy and poor diet. However, IU admits in this article that she has struggled with binge eating and eating disorders that have led to anxiety. Your body physique is your source of success in K-pop.

Whether you confess it or not, we see it a lot in K-pop, and we’ve heard many idols admit to going on diets that led to them being hospitalized.

IU escaped hospitalization, but she puked the entire time she was eating, puking the already spoiled food.

In 2013, she followed the IU diet to reduce weight, which consisted of three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. IU would eat breakfast.

IU Diet Plan

She started the day with an apple, then moved on to two sweet potatoes for lunch, and ended with a protein drink for dinner. She didn’t eat any rice, pork, or anything else.

After losing a lot of weight, IU discontinued the diet, but later in 2014, she came up about her eating disorder and how she was dealing with her anxieties. Later, IU got professional counseling and was able to sort things out to the point where, in 2018, she began practicing yoga.

IU diet plan found yoga to be highly beneficial to her overall health and fitness, and she was also able to receive assistance from Lee Hyoid.

Diet Plan for IU began exercising out, but she also started eating healthier and sought the advice of a nutritionist. As for her current diet, it’s still rather rigorous, but it’s a lot better than her apple and sweet potato diet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much information regarding her new diet, but I would recommend consuming at least 1200-1600 calories per day if you need to lose weight.

Is This a Vegan?

IU diet plan
IU diet plan


Eating good meals and only 1200-1600 calories per day can allow you to lose weight steadily but safely. Breakfast should be around 440 calories and include bread, poached eggs, and fruits.


Finally, about IU diet . Snack on fruits like an apple or an orange if you want to be healthy. You can also eat nuts, seeds, almonds, and similar foods.

Lunch: Serve chicken breast with a small bowl of rice for lunch.

Dinner For dinner, I recommend either more chicken breast or sautéed vegetables with salad or sweet potato for carbs.

This concludes the IU diet.

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