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How to trick your mind to lose weight

trick your mind to loss weight


Weight loss is more like a mental fight than a physical one. It’s all in your head and it all depends on how your cravings are treated or your food fantasies are managed. As human beings, we mostly crave items that are normally forbidden to us, like a person who is not permitted to consume candy, who craves the most for it!
Therefore, consuming food that does not psychologically satisfy you lead to frustrations and inevitably leads to cravings, especially for certain food products that you probably avoid for a week or so. The first rational step in losing weight is developing solid willpower. And you should tame your brain
Both active weight loss plans result in a caloric imbalance, burning more calories than absorbed. The healthiest methods blend nutritional diets with full-body exercise workouts. Gradual weight loss is a consequence of continuity.
As you already know, this is much better said than done. Our bodies are resisting these lifestyle changes, particularly at the beginning. With cravings and thirst as strong rivals, sticking to your balanced food plan is a battle of will. However, these ingenious mind tricks for losing weight help you to overcome your mind, remain consistent, and achieve the slimmer body you need!

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Here are some tricks that you can use to trick your brain:

 1. Harness the Power of Blue

As far as this one sounds, surrounding yourself with the color blue could substantially reduce your appetite. One analysis showed that dining in a blue room decreased food intake by up to 33%! The color blue stimulates the brain by making the food look less enticing.
Try to eat with blue plates or a blue tablecloth to see if you notice an effect on your appetite. Stop the colors purple, red, and orange, they going to raise the appeal!

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2. Think before you eat

In the beginning, You should eat healthily and be smart while you are trying to regulate your diet ways. Check or, if possible, count your calorie consumption. Prepare your food only in advance, so that you cannot eat outside or order online. Remember the implications of consuming garbage and how it can be a huge barrier to your target. Try to add a variety of colors to your diet. It helps to trick your brain and to get the right nutrition with a lot of health benefits. If you’re someone who binge eats much in the evening, be sure you sleep early. In this manner, a healthier lifestyle can be sustained, a decent sleep eliminates half of the health problems and helps the next morning feel energetic.

3. Yourself place in front of a mirror

Sitting in front of a mirror is another apparently bizarre weight loss trick. However, one study showed that food intake can be decreased by up to one third! It is assumed that you judge yourself critically by being able to see yourself. This would allow you to have tighter control over your calories.
The taste of junk food can decrease by higher levels of guilt. If you have something bad to eat, so be sure you look in front of a mirror!

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4. Eat-in a small plate:

Don’t eat too much at one point, don’t eat too much. You can potentially help reduce weight by monitoring the food portions. To trick your brain always serve in a small plate or bowl, it tricks your brain and makes you feel like you eat more. You will still eat less if you serve in a small bottle, so you will eat less than usual. If you drink sugar or beer, try drinking larger or slimmer glasses than smaller and broader glasses. The same applies to cocktails. People prefer to drink less than a short, large, tiny bottle. You are going to enjoy your cocktail and regulate your part simultaneously.

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5. Turn the lights on and turn off the music

Often restaurants create atmospheres purposely that inspire clients to consume more. From faint lighting that decreases feeding inhibitions to background music that accelerates food chewing.
You’ll be thinking about how much less you’ll consume if you want to create the opposite climate. Keep the lights sparkling and the music off at dinner!

6. Don’t eat while watching TV or telephone:

People generally tend to overeat while watching a TV show or a cricket match or even scrolling down Instagram. It’s mostly because the imagination insists on anything but the satisfaction of calories. Eat focused and focus as much as possible on your dinner. Stop multitasking when you feed and you can only eat the amount you like. You can still be happy for a long period.

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7. Snack on Neutral Sweet Foods

Note how you suddenly felt hungry by the hinterland, sweet scent of chocolate? Well, by reducing hunger, neutral sweet smells have been seen as having an opposite effect.
you can trick your mind by taking a neutral fruit like banana and apple when the snack urge gets too strong. They’re nutritious, balanced, and nearly unbeatable!

8. Cut the food into small portions:

Cutting down your food or splitting your material is a simple way to deceive your mind. Through having little bits of food, you’ll probably eat less and feel happy for a long time. It also means that the calories are split and that you don’t end up eating all at once.

9. Eat slower.

The effects of chewing slowly have been studied many times. Longer chewing habits contribute to a greater release of natural appetite-regulating hormones. As a consequence, the calories expended are decreased by increasing their fullness.
Chewing and swallowing rapidly is a common practice. Try slowing down and you’ll find you’re eating less normally!

10. Drink water before you eat:

To stay hydrated is the secret to a healthier lifestyle. It helps to lose weight by giving you a sense of fullness. Try drinking water half an hour before your dinner, you’ll find that you’re eating less food than when you’re already beginning your meal right away.

11. Recording Your Diet

Holding a nutritional log is the most successful way to increase awareness about your health. You might be shocked at the amount of food you eat or the number of risky choices you make! Many nutritionists have found that this simple act hacks the subconscious and encourages the loss of weight habits.
Start by setting your food down and checking it at the end of the week. Taking it to the next level by measuring calories using one of the various applications for food journals.

12. Don’t miss breakfast:

We deem breakfast to be the first and most powerful meal of the day. As it breaks the pace that your body undergoes during your sleep period, it also gives you an energy boost that lets you spend your whole day actively. So please eat a heavy and nutritious breakfast to make you feel satisfied for a long time. It means that you don’t hunger until lunchtime. If you try to snack before your dinner, you’ll probably end up eating a lot more than you often eat.

13. Seeking opportunities to remember yourself

When you’re out for a meal with your mates, it’s easy to get carried away and blow a lot of our weight loss attempts. Yet setting yourself a little personal note can be an effective way to stop overindulgence.
The old trick used by women in France was to tie a string around their stomach before they left. This allowed them to remain mindful of their tummies, particularly if they started to get tighter!

14. Keep high-calorie food out of reach

Will you give in to the chocolate cravings the moment you see the unopened box of Oreos in your cabinet? The quicker it is to enjoy yourself, the more likely you are to dive deep. If you have a bad habit of snacking items unintentionally as soon as you see them, keep them out of control. Rearrange the cabinets so that the nutritious stuff lies in front of you while the Oreos are concealed in the back. They’re even there, you might forget.

15. Swap soda with water

Luckily, losing weight doesn’t have to say farewell to fizzy drinks forever. Research has shown that drinking much less soda a week will help you lose your pounds. You can effectively achieve this by replacing soda with water for at least one meal a week to start, if not more. We sometimes equate soda with less nutritious foods, and water with better foods—a technique that might succeed.

16. Say yourself you can eat whatever you want.

Your daily “I can’t eat this” mantra doesn’t do any good to you. Although it’s true that packaged foods are bad for you, reminding yourself that you can’t just make yourself like them more. You don’t add weight because you’re eating the wrong food—you’re doing it because you’re eating so much of it. If nothing is out of bounds, you might find it easier to exercise self-control.

17. Take some pictures of your diet

We appear to underestimate how calorie-dense our meals and snacks are. That’s why some diet and exercise tracker applications encourage you to take photos of what you’re going to eat to help you measure your nutritional value. Snapping your lunch images could help increase your understanding of what you’re eating, helping you to think more objectively about the food choices you’re making every day.

18. Eat before you shop

There’s nothing worse than walking through the aisles of your favorite grocery store and finding something you desperately need to buy. It’s almost never safe, and it wasn’t on your chart, either. you buy better so you don’t have an empty stomach. You’re much less likely to splurge on fast food if you just consume (hopefully healthier) food.


The concept of the human mind refers to a set of abilities related to discrimination, perception, and the ability to make decisions, and this is done by subjecting data to a set of mental processes in the human brain, so if you can harness your mind for a specific goal, you can certainly achieve it. You can set weight loss as a goal for your mind and thus automatically program your mind to achieve this goal in the end, you are the master of everything in your body and you are the master of your mind you can fool your mind with ease to lose weight they are easy, simple tricks that you can accomplish if you implement these mental tricks above, you can be sure that you will achieve your goal of losing weight

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