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High Calorie Foods | facts to be surprised about it

high calorie foods

do you listen about healthy High-Calorie Foods ?!

yes, there is a healthy high-calorie food. all of us think that high calories are the heading mean of high weight or less health because our society used to count the number of calories after any meal we have regardless of the type of calories.
but healthy nutrition doesn’t mean eating just food with low calorie, cause there is a number of calories type.
A few of the harmful and most of them are useful to our bodies.
but to determine which the harmful and useful. we need to know some information about it.
high calorie foods
high calorie foods

first: we need to know what is calories?

calories Consider a unite of energy or heat which  could come from deferent sources like gas,
but on the nutrition side, it’s mean  that the amount of heat which needed to raise the temperature of our bodies to generate energy to can live and do he activates and function
it comes from various sources like protein, fat, and carbs but the type of calorie which contain are Differs

second:  we need to know what the types of calories?

1- protein calories
2- fats calories
3- carbohydrates calories
every meal we eat should have all of these types to get the best performance but not the same Quantity
for example :
any People from 18 to 35 need to 1200 daily calorie
45% to 65 % should be carbohydrates calorie, 20% to 25%  of them should be fats calories, and 10% to 30% protein calories.

third: where can we gain these types of calories?

you can gain the

 protein calories  from the meals which contain:  skimmed milk, fish, shrimp,  meats, eggs, and chicken
fats calories from butter, cheese, oil, full-fat milk, and nuts
 and you can find carbohydrates calories at rice, sugar, beats, outs and some vegetables
but some of these types consider as low calories food and the other  consider as high calories food
which high and which low in the nutrients? let’s know

high calories food has 2 sections:

  1. healthy calories presented at avocados, quinoa, nuts, olive oil, whole grains, and dark chocolate.
  2. unhealthy  presented at Oils, butter, margarine and other fats like fried foods, sugary sweets and any types of junk food

low calories food represented at Fruits, vegetables, and any types of Grilled meats

buts it does not mean that you should choose a list of low calories to eat every day. you just need to focus on the type of foods you had and know how to calculate calories in the correct way

now we will tell you 1 example of a good diet program may help at having healthy calories

your breakfast should contain:


high calorie food
1 egg with toast chips with an apple or banana and a glass of skimmed milk

or replace it with  Yogurt without fats and blueberry

to get higher calories you can  add a slice of whole-grain toast, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
or a piece of  fruit to reach 400 calories at the breakfast

3 hours after breakfast you should have soft snacks to boost your burning by eating an orange, apple, avocado, or any type of fruits

then lunch meal :
its recommended to fill your stomach with vegetables rich in fiber such as lettuce, cucumber, radish, pepper, grated carrots, and spinach
as a salad, it’s the way to gain its benefits and you will fell enough
then you must support it by eating about 250 gm of protein, such as grilled chicken or canned tuna, 2 pieces of meat, and about five types of biscuits stuffed with wheat.

there is salad alternatives include a small piece of whole-wheat bread, one spoon of feta cheese, two tablespoons of chickpeas, a cup of raw spinach, a handful of cherry tomatoes with a teaspoon of olive oil, or a cup of brown rice topped with 2 An ounce of grilled lean beef.

at dinner
try to avoid restaurants or any fats, oils, and cheese and Be satisfied with a green salad with baked or grilled protein

here there were listed of High-Calorie Foods you can use as a dinner :

  1. 2 piece of salmon with sweet potato and a cup of steamed broccoli
  2. 1 piece of beef with a large salad made of 2 cups of vegetables, with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  3. whole wheat bread with 2 pieces of roast beef with  low-fat cheese, and 1 cup of chopped pears
  4. 12 cup of raspberries or blueberries can be a dessert if you feel sweet needing
at the end of the day, you will reach  1200 useful intake caloric  Spread out of  your day

and you can lose half of them according to the next day easily

now I will tell some advice might help at having a healthy lifestyle 

  • avoid any diet program which makes you unsatisfied live vegan or vegetarian and plant-based
  • don’t try any Weight loss – rise medicine  because it can affect your Hormone system
  • eat three meals during the day at least and don’t forget the snack
  •  always drink at least 8 liters of water daily
  • choose food which has sodium to boost your burning
  • have smoothie drinks to fill your stomach
and take care   Some of these healthy high-calorie food factors also work as nutritious “treat meals”  to People who try to follow a more restrictive diet program.
merge, some of this food into the low-calorie diet plan every two weeks or so can prevent weight loss as these foods provide nutrients that the body needs.
A healthy “treat meal” higher in calories and carbohydrates can actually help in your metabolism-boosting and control your body hormones.
finally try to do regular dynamic exercise during your day like brisk walking, Up the stairs, or do shopping
and gradually increase that to one daily hour at the gym or health club then start at Weight lifting to gain more Muscles
which will help with Disease prevention, Increase body strength, Diabetes  resistance, and Fight anxiety and depression so it does not only help at dieting or weight loss and increases but also it helps to improve your mental health
and make the body better in general
Even if you don’t need any change in your body shape or weigh do it to keep them and gain a more healthy body

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