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Healthy habits to lose weight in just a few weeks

Healthy habits to lose weight

nhealthy habits. all people can achieve their dream of weight loss by doing small changes in their existing lifestyle throughout the day, Best of all, you should make a meal plan to be ready for eating healthy foods at any time especially, when your hunger is high to control your body fat. Moreover, your healthy lifestyle should include going to the gym regularly to strengthen your muscles, bones, and heart too.

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Healthy habits to lose weight

small life style tips to lose weights quickly

  • Exercising every morning as it’s important to exercise regularly to keep your blood sugar levels normal and to be active and healthier as well.
    try walking every day for 30 minutes at least. On the other hand, to lose weight fast try to play belly stress 3 times a week.
    according to a study published in the journal weighing our self every day associated with improved your weight loss. In fact, people who weighed themselves in the morning lose weight fast compared to those people who don’t weigh themselves.
    using public transportation can lead to help increase weight loss and prevent weight gain. try to add it to your routine.
    Exposure your skin to sunlight ever day morning for a few minutes to meet your needs for vitamin d for losing weight healthily.
    The doctor suggests that you should do mindfulness exercises to boost weight loss.
    take enough hours of sleep daily in your bed for more relaxation to achieve a good quality of sleeping and to reduce feeling worried.

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healthy habits for losing weight

you should eat plenty of protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner because researchers found that people who eat a high amount of protein, can cut cravings and aid in weight loss. moreover, eating protein increases your metabolism and prevents you from overeating.

drinking enough amount of water throughout the day helps your body to burn more calories daily. Moreover, minerals and nutrients dissolve in water so, drinking water is necessary to reach them to every part in your body .

you should eat home-prepared meals, you can eat what you eat by cooking it in healthy methods as restaurants meal are high in calories and saturated fats.

In summer, try to drink fresh juice and iced tea instead of soda drinks and alcoholic drinks.

for sweeteners people, try to eat healthy snacks like nuts, popcorn, green beans, dark chocolate, and kale chips during the day to not feel hungry instead of eating sweets and biscuits.

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how to prepare a healthy plate during diet ?

forming a healthy plate is very easy, it’s healthy and tastes good. In addition, it’s including people with diabetes indeed, it will be a snap as well .you need to healthy meals to control out serving sizes.

it’s easy to make a healthy plate by filling the plate with 50 % vegetables ( you can put starchy vegetables like potatoes or non-strachy vegetables like cucumber, carrot, and salad ), 25 % whole grains ( like brown rice or whole-wheat pasta ), and 25 % lean protein ( grilled fish or chicken ).

to complete your delicious meal add a drink like unsweetened orange juice .

remember to drink 8 glasses of cold water daily to achieve your goals to be fit and to prevent overweight as well.

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why you should put the pizza in your meal plans for diets?

  • In fact, out of all the foods, Pizza is a favorite Italian food for adults and children as well. you may prefer to eat pizza at night or for the breakfast.
    In my opinion, pizza is a very good meal at work. It can be considered as a snack as well.
    Out of all, the number of nutrients in pizza depending on the topping in the pizza. you can put cheese, onion, olives, mushrooms, and pepperoni for extra flavor and to be the healthiest breakfast meal in the morning, as it’s a good source of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and vegetables. pizza rich in unsaturated fats as well, which give us energy and improve our health.
    try to eat a slice of avocado beside pizza slices .as it’s very delicious and rich in vitamins for keeping disease away.

How to make pizza easy ?

Ingredients :

  • 800 gm pizza flour
    200 gm semolina
    1tbsp dry yeast
    650 ml luke-warm-water
    4tbsp butter
    1 tbsp sugar
    .5 teaspoon salt

Instruction :

Use a sieve to sieve the flour on to the bench.
Make a well in the middle to pour the liquid into.
in a jug mix the sugar, the yeast, the butter, and the water.
pour the mixture into the well.
combine the mixture and still knead till the dough is smooth and springy.
put the dough inside a large flour-dusted bowl.
cover it and leave it in a warm place for 30-45 minutes.
dust the bench with semolina.
take out the dough and roll it out with a rolling pin.
Make it flat to make a pizza base, then put it into a tray.
put tomato paste on the top of the pizza base.
and put your favorite pizza toppings.
put our pizza into the oven.
Now it’s time to serve it.

Finally, for better health, you need to change your habits by eating healthy foods and doing physical activity daily, Make sure that healthy habits don’t cost you much money, as you can do exercises around your home, and you can buy cheap types of fruits and vegetables in your country.

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