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3 types of healthy breakfast fast food

Healthy breakfast fast food

Healthy breakfast fast food is what we all need to start our day with power, energy, and full activity.

You may not feel hungry when you wake up in the morning, or you may have limited time to go to work without delay, or that you are trying to lose weight.

Whatever your situation from the aforementioned, we brought you in this article healthy and delicious recipes with carefully calculated calories, to become a person who loves breakfast.

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Why breakfast meal is important?

Scientific research indicates that people who eat breakfast are thinner because they tend to eat less food during the day, especially high-calorie snacks.

If the morning time available for breakfast for a person is limited, he should think of ways to buy time, either by waking up 10 minutes before the specified time or by completing other routines that may take time in advance.

In the next lines, we will review a suggested range of healthy breakfast fast food.

From energy-boosting meals like “apple pie,” which are spicy and soft grains made with oats, and high in protein like scrambled eggs, to breakfast made with a mixture of grains, dried fruits, and nuts that are nutrient-dense and sugar-free.

Energy-boosting and healthy breakfast fast food 

Quick “apple pie”

Healthy breakfast fast food

The ingredients

  • 50g porridge  (a smooth grain made from oats)
    200ml apple juice (without adding sugar)
    100 ml semi-skimmed milk
    A medium sweet apple, cut into small cubes
    Pinch of cinnamon

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Method of preparation

Fluffy oats are seasoned with the classic flavors of homemade apple pie. Then all ingredients are placed in a frying pan. And heat together and stir to a boil, then reduce the heat and leave the mixture on low heat for 5 minutes, with stirring from time to time. Scoop the mixture and place it in a serving bowl and add a pinch of cinnamon.

Other Energy-boosting and healthy breakfast fast food

  • Muesli (a Swiss breakfast made with cereals mixed with nuts and dried fruits), fresh fruits, and low-fat yogurt – the fruit added to a person’s muesli is counted as eating five times a day. Milk should be low in fat, rich in calcium and protein, and low in fat, and the sugar content in low-fat milk should be watched. You should also try to get muesli without added sugar.
    porridge  (soft grains made from oats) with mashed bananas and dried grapes. Put oats and a handful of dried grapes in a bowl and add semi-skimmed milk. Heat in the microwave for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. While cooking it, add mashed bananas, which are a healthy alternative to sugar or honey, and for best results, a very ripe banana should be used.
    Legumes cooked on whole-wheat toast, not only are these low in fat, but cooked legumes are also rich in fiber and protein, making them a natural vegetable source of protein.
    Breakfast cereals can be high in sugar, and some may contain up to 37% of it. You can try replacing these with cereals that are low in sugar or completely devoid of added sugar, such as cereal crackers made with simple whole wheat and whole wheat chips.

Protein-rich healthy breakfast fast food

Scrambled eggs with toast

The ingredients

  • 2 eggs
    4 tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk
    2 slices of whole-wheat toast
    2 tablespoons can be sprinkled with low fat
    A pinch of black pepper

Method of preparation

The secret to the perfection of scrambled eggs as a healthy breakfast fast food is to gently fold in the skillet into curd, rather than becoming dried, shaken with a mess. Gently mix eggs and milk in a bowl. Mix the low-fat sprinkle items in a side bowl and add the egg mixture with milk to it. Cook all ingredients over medium to high heat, stirring slowly and gently until large and fine curds form. Serve the eggs on slices of toasted bread, and sprinkle some pepper on top.

Other recipes rich in protein

  • Cold meat and cheese plate, and this is an option for those who want healthy breakfast fast food with fewer calories, such as turkey meat and light cheese containing 30% fat or “light” medium-hard cheese, and this meal is usually accompanied by fresh grapes and crackers.
    Low-fat Greek yogurt mixed with fresh fruits such as strawberries and nuts, this meal contains about 10 grams of protein per 100 grams, and Greek yogurt contains nearly twice the protein in regular yogurt.
    Smoked salmon and low-fat cream cheesecakes, here the cakes are cut in half and toasted afterward. Then, low-fat cream cheese is spread on one side of the cake to place the salmon on top. Add a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of black pepper to the salmon afterward.

Lighter meals

Green juice

The juice is great preparation for healthy breakfast fast food for those who have no “early morning” appetite for breakfast, and they are an easy-to-carry option if you’re in a hurry.

Compared to some frequent green juice recipes, our green juice recipe is a lighter version and has a very sweet and fruity taste, while maintaining its rich nutritional value of vegetables.

The ingredients

  • 40g tinned mango slices (discard liquid).
    40g tinned peach slices (discard liquid).
    40 g frozen spinach.
    One medium banana.
    200ml water (or as required).

How to prepare

Mix all ingredients together until smooth. More water is added to achieve the desired consistency.

Other recipes for nutritious natural juices

Banana smoothie and oats. Mix one banana, two tablespoons of oats and 100 milliliters of semi-skimmed milk until the mixture becomes homogeneous. It can also be prepared using soy syrup.

The “rich berries” juice, here take one banana, 140 grams of frozen summer berries or forest fruits, 40 grams of low-fat natural yogurt, and about 100 ml of apple juice. Mix the banana with the berries until we get a homogeneous mixture. Then apple juice is added to the mixture to achieve the desired consistency.

If you are tired of traditional toast, you can make it less boring, by using one of the following toppings: mashed avocados and boiled eggs, grilled mature cheese with 30% less fat, or banana slices and peanut butter.

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