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Benefits of Green vegetarian cuisine

Green vegetarian cuisine
Jews mallow soup
Jews mallow soup

Green vegetarian cuisine is one of the world-famous food systems because it preserves health and beauty.

In this article, we will show you all the information related to this cuisine, what are its benefits,
why doctors advised it and do green vegetarian cuisine have side effects, as well as we will show you
some of the foods that green vegetarian cuisine is famous for, and the nutritional value of those meals.

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What is green vegetarian cuisine?

A green vegetarian cuisine includes all dark green vegetables, such as leafy greens, asparagus, and broccoli.

A scientific study has proven that the green vegetarian diet helps in the fat-burning process,
and thus it works to lose weight at a faster rate than other diets, and green vegetarian cuisine
is the best for diabetics and hypertension.

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Benefits of green vegetarian cuisine

To the heart

The green diet has a strong and effective role in reducing the risk of death due to heart disease,
as studies have shown that heart health and the integrity of its arteries are among the advantages
of following a green diet and that deaths associated with heart disease and narrowing of the arteries
are reduced in patients who follow a healthy vegetarian diet by 32 percent. %, And it was mentioned
in the study that developed countries have a large death rate for heart patients, and the reason for
this is mostly due to the intake of animal protein that increases and raises the level of cholesterol
and blood pressure, and these two factors have a great impact on heart health.

The study, which was applied to many heart patients, also confirmed that the cholesterol level is lower for patients whose food depends on green vegetarian cuisine, and the same is true for patients with hypertension.

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Diabetes is a disease of the age and the main reason for this disease is to follow incorrect eating habits,
in addition to the presence of genetic factors with the presence of stress associated with daily life,
all of these factors are among the causes of diabetes, and therefore he must follow correct dietary methods,
to be able to live with it, Studies have confirmed that following a green vegetarian kitchen reduces the risk of diabetes. A study conducted, showed that following a healthy diet, especially a green vegetarian diet,
reduces the risk of diabetes by 34%, and a green vegetarian kitchen helps control the level of sugar.
Blood and make the body respond to insulin.


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For the skin

  • Green vegetarian cuisine is the ideal solution to skin problems, because it is rich in antioxidants,
    and eating vegetables and fruits reduces the appearance of puffiness under the eyes, and makes the skin more bright and fresh.
    An American study showed that eating vegetables reduces the appearance of acne
    that many people suffer from.
    Eating vegetables also reduces oily skin problems because they contain natural substances
    and oils that help reduce clogged pores.
    Eating foods associated with green vegetarian cuisine helps delay the appearance of signs of aging,
    as the antagonists in plant foods work to rejuvenate and wash the roots that cause signs of aging.
     This is rich in hyaluronic acid, this acid that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

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For nails

Green vegetarian cuisine is rich in vitamin B and rich in biotin, which is found in cauliflower and broccoli,
which works to strengthen and strengthen the nails and help to lengthen them,
and an American study has shown that taking 2.5 mg of biotin daily helps to strengthen and grow nails.

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  • Green vegetarian cuisine is a diet rich in vitamins that help in hair growth and make it healthy and strong hair,
    as following the correct methods of food works to supply the body with proteins, vitamins,
    and minerals that help in obtaining a healthy, healthy structure.
    This rich in vitamin A, which is found in spinach, where vitamin A works to protect hair from toxins,
    and it also stimulates hair growth and makes it healthy and strong.
    Vitamin A helps the hair to be produced by the scalp, thus moisturizing it
    The green vegetarian cuisine is rich in vitamin C, this vitamin that works to protect hair from toxins,
    and it also helps stimulate collagen production, which aids in the hair growth process.
    Vegetarian cuisine is rich in biotin, which helps to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

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Are there side effects of green vegetarian cuisine?

There are no side effects of green vegetarian cuisine because it contains nutritional supplements that
work to supply the body with all its needs of vitamins, proteins, and minerals, all of which are available in the green vegetarian kitchen, and this is confirmed by studies, especially after rumors and allegations spread that the vegetarian system is unhealthy and has harmed, and the lack of animal protein makes the body unhealthy.

But studies have confirmed that green vegetarian cuisine is rich in nutritional supplements that benefit the body, and it also protects the body from diseases, reduces the body’s infection with contemporary diseases, most notably diabetics and blood pressure, and reduces deaths associated with heart disease and arterial constriction.

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Egyptian dishes proved that Egyptian cuisine is vegetarian 

The popular dishes that Egyptian cuisine is famous for, which has proven to be completely vegetarian, and depends on plants only, such as Bissara, molokhia (Jews mallow soup), and stuffed


Bissara is one of the popular foods in Egyptian cuisine, Bissara is characterized by the fact that most of its ingredients are green leafy plants, as the ingredients contain beans, green onions, and vegetables such as parsley, green coriander, and others, all of which are plant ingredients

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Jews mallow soup

Jews mallow soup
Jews mallow soup

Egyptian cuisine is famous for the mallow meal, which is also made from plants, as the mallow meal contains molokhia, conical mallow, broth, and minced garlic.

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A meal that includes multiple vegetables of coriander, mint, parsley, dill, and onions are all added to a little rice with the addition of vegetable oil and tomato pieces, and all of this results in a mixture that is famous for the Egyptian woman and is stuffed in many vegetable zucchini, grape leaves, and cabbage leaves.

These and other foods are famous for the Egyptian cuisine in addition to other foods such as spinach, green taro, hibiscus, and others, all of which depend on the green plants for which the green vegetarian cuisine is famous, and all of them proved that the Egyptian cuisine is one of the vegetarian cuisines.

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At the end of the article, we explained the importance of green vegetarian cuisine, and how it maintains the health of the body, protects the body from diseases, and reduces the incidence of deaths associated with incorrect eating habits, and we also explained the benefits of vegetarian cuisine and learn everything related to it, and the rumor claims that were made about harm Vegetarian cuisine, and we explained some foods that include green plants.

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