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fast weight loss | how to lose 3.5 kg per week in 10 steps ?

we can consider that foods are the best relish in our life especially junk and high fats food. Every day we imagine that we are eating a burger sandwich with some fries and Coka or slice pizza with ranch or Barbecue Sauce. We feel we are going to the moon.

but when we remember the number of calories or how fat we will be or the shape of our body we feel we need to make cutting so, unfortunately, all of us need to diet program to keep our weight perfect and get a healthy body then it will be a lifestyle by the time.

fast weight loss

But how can we reach the perfect diet?

that is will be known by the end of  this article

first, we need to know how to weight loss with friendly foods

yes there is a friendly and enemy food to our bodies

for example, the enemy Represented at

  • fats

and friendly food represented at

  • carb
  • protein
  • vegetables

but it’s a very hard mission to eat just friendly foods and all diet plans leave us feeling hungry or unsatisfied. so we need to know how to eat all types of food without losing our health and shape

we will tell you 10 steps can help you to lose weight by qualified your body to :

  • significantly reduce your appetite
    fast weight loss
    get perfect metabolic health at the same time

fast weight loss

first step: reduce the carbs

but take care to reduce it, don’t block it because when you reduce it your hunger level will be lowest and it helps to eat fewer calories and when you block it you will not have any energy to do your daily activities.


on another hand its help at getting lower insulin levels in the blood and its cause that our kidneys Produce more water ant sodium and it will reduce the bloating and unnecessary water weight

according to some nutrition specialists, it’s normal to lose 3 kg in the first week in this plan, and it faster than any diet program

second step: eat fats, protein, fruits, and vegetables

every meal you have must contain much protein and low carbs vegetables with high fiber and tiny fats  because protein helps at burning calories by 80% or 90% daily and reduce our appetite especially at night

so we have to eat them from the best recourse

the best source of protein :

beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, trout, shrimp, eggs, beans, legumes, and soy

the best source of low fat with soluble fiber vegetable :

broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes, and lettuce

the best source of healthy fats :

olive oil. coconut oil and butter

the third step: do sports and workouts at least 3 times per week

sports helps you to gain more muscles, burn more calories and forbid your metabolism from slowing
which is one of the side effects of losing weight and by the time it can make burning calories sleep

so try to go to the gym or health club or practice any activity like walking or running

but if you are new at sports please take it Gradually and Be satisfied by a few hours during the first week

fourth step: take care to drink more and more water

it’s the most effective factor for fasting burning calories and support it by some juices which don’t include much sugar

fifth step: set one day every week to eat more carbs

after 2 week diet, your burning rate will be less so you need to stimulate it  according to some meals contain more simple carbs like oats, white, rice, quinoa, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and fruit for one day and try to avoid bread at all diets time

On the next day, you will notice a rise in your weight but its Imaginary rise your body will intake it and transfer it to power

sixth step: drink 1 cup of coffee or tea everyday

coffee helps at burning, boosts your heartbeats, and makes you feel Satiety for a long time,
and don’t listen to any people who said that coffee will hurt your heart. it’s very useful if its rate 1 to 3 cups intermittent

Seventh step: study your body and eat all food

our bodies are very different but all of them needs wholes type of foods but not the same quantity
because of our burning, our shape, our Fat storage places, and our body temperature isn’t the same

so this makes our diets and training Response so diverse you can do inbody test to explore all information about your body to can choose the best diet for your body and your lifestyle


Eighth step: eat slowly and don’t forget to do exercise

Eating quickly can lead to weight gain by time, and eating slowly can make you feel more Satiety and boosts weight-reducing hormones


Ninth step: Weigh yourself one time every week

Studies show that people who weigh themselves every week are able to lose weight more than who weigh themself every day
and they can keep it for a long time

the tenth step: have a good quality sleep

your body needs 7 or 8 sleeping hours daily at least to be able to do any activates easily and the best burning our body can do is at a sleeping time


if you follow these steps your body will lose at least 3.5 kg in the first week especially if you are new to the diet


in the first few days, it’s probably to feel a bit strange and indolence because your body is used to burn carbs and by the time it will be used to burning fat instead of carbs.

After that, you will feel you have more energy and your body swift than before.
regardless of weight loses it can improve your

health in many ways by

improve your blood pressure
your triglycerides can tend to go down
LDL( Bad Cholesterol ) rate will be down
HDL ( Good Cholesterol ) rate will go up

so your health and weight will be perfect and it will make you more happy, powerful and get fast weight loss


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