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Chinese food and the influence of general culture on them

Chinese food

Even Chinese food is widespread in various countries of the world, as Chinese food surpasses its counterpart in Europe and

America. As well as Chinese cooking methods that excel over cooking methods in Africa, Europe, and America.

If we look at the progress of Chinese civilization in the modern era, we realize that all aspects tend to advance and develop.
Widespread food is a measure of intellectual, cultural, and civilizational progress alike.
The development of gastronomy as an important component of the food culture and the great progress that food culture witnessed, was indicative of the economic and cultural development achieved by the Chinese nation. And this is a clear result of the progress of Chinese society.

principles that made Chinese food spread around the world

Chinese food

  • The Chinese eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. As they eat nearly twice the amount of fruits and vegetables that the West eats.
  • Also, a lot of exotic vegetables are used. Often you may not have heard before about many Chinese vegetables and fruits such as pomelo, Bitter melon, huge potatoes, tree fungi, and many other plants.
  • The Chinese do not eat with traditional cutlery, as they eat food with sticks. Since it is difficult to cut food using chopsticks, all foods served should be soft or cut into small pieces before cooking. This was according to Confucius’ teachings calling for peace and love, and therefore it was forbidden for them to use a fork and knife while eating.

Some of the popular dishes are multi-ingredient

And if the beholder can gaze at the advancement of a people by looking at their actions. As soon as you see the dishes of popular China you believe that their actions were the result of the advancement of their ideas.

And here are some examples of their traditional dishes full of various ingredients:

  • Ma Po Tofu

Chinese food

Mapo tofu is a popular Chinese dish from Sichuan Province. Where spicy food is the predominant and the distinctive spice of the region – Sichuan pepper – gives the dishes a unique effect.

It’s almost like having Sichuan pepper not only to add aroma and flavor but also to numb your tongue so that it absorbs more heat.

It is clear that their use of this large amount of hot pepper did not appear until after they knew about the benefits of this variety.

And perhaps the most important benefit is that it prevents blood clots.

Which helps expand blood vessels so that blood flows properly in the body. And reduces the risk of blood clots and many more Of the heart problems

Tofu, a vegan cheese made from rich soy milk, with ground red-brown meat and chopped green onions, gives the dish an unparalleled flavor.

  • Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is a Chinese classic with spicy chicken, peanuts, and vegetables in our delicious kung pao sauce.

This easy, homemade recipe is healthy, low in calories, and so much better than eating out.

The dish has also made its way outside of China. And is still a common sight on Chinese fast food menus in countries around the world.

There are good reasons why everyone loves kung pao chicken. It has many flavors: refreshing, sweet, and salty with a hint of heat.

Art puts the right amount from each ingredient to come up with the winning flavor combination.

  • Peking Roasted Duck 

Chinese food

Peking duck is a dish from Peking that has been prepared since the imperial period. The meat is characterized by its thin crust and crunchy.

With original versions of the dish mostly served with the skin and a touch of meat, and it’s sliced ahead of diners.

Ducks specially bred for the plate are slaughtered after 65 days and roasted before roasting during a closed or suspended oven.

Chinese are usually eat the meat with green onions, cucumber, and sweet bean sauce with pancakes wrapped around the fillings.

Sometimes pickled radish is additionally inside, and other sauces (such as hoisin sauce) are often used.

Chinese food therapy

Chinese food

A diet that is rooted in Chinese concepts and how to effect food has on human organs. It focuses on concepts such as eating in moderation

And as we see Chinese food is known for its including vegetables and protein. As it has two main components: vegetables and meat or fish, in addition to rice or noodles.

Chinese cuisine is mainly based on the use of vegetables in all types of food. Vegetables are not cooked until fully ripened, but left completely immature to preserve its nutritional importance. And its unique fresh taste.

In fact, it is not the taste that is the reason for the variety of ingredients.

But rather the benefits of tastes that necessitate the diversity of ingredients and tastes to increase the benefits.

The Chinese divide the taste into five different types: sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, and salty. But for the Chinese, they are more than just flavors. In traditional Chinese medicine, every chew of food is sent to the relevant devices:

  • Sour food enters the liver to help stop sweating and relieve coughing.
  • Salt enters the kidneys, so it can dry, cleanse and soften tissues
  • As for the bitter food, it enters the heart and small intestine and helps reduce heat and dry out any moisture.
  • As for spicy food, it enters the lungs and large intestine and helps stimulate the appetite.
  • In return, sweet-tasting food enters the stomach and spleen and helps lubricate the body. This is why it is so important that any diet includes all kinds of flavors or tastes.

Does this mean that in order to be healthy you should eat food that is neutral and includes all kinds of flavors or just flavors?

The answer is No. Food choices are affected in a way that is proportional to the structure of your body, as well as by the season and the location in which you are.

As well as by age and gender (male or female). In other words, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners adapt their recommendations to a variety of circumstances.

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