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Bathua | what’s the meaning and benefits of Bathua ?


Bathua Bathua leaves are seasonal vegetables, they look like spinach but with a different flavor, they are loaded with a lot of benefits. You can found them as fresh crops or as seeds in dry form, this plant grows in India. you can cook a delicious meal, snacks, and hot …

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The Most protein-rich vegetarian food

Most protein-rich vegetarian food

The Most protein-rich vegetarian food   Everyone needs a certain amount of protein to help them build muscle and get healthy and healthy nutrition, so it is necessary to know which foods and foods contain protein to prepare healthy and useful dishes for adults and children. Many people follow a …

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Healthy vegetarian snacks And its contribution to the diet

healthy vegetarian snacks

Healthy vegetarian snacks   More and more people are becoming vegetarian, they don’t eat meats or fish. some people go on a diet, so vegetarian snacks are very useful for them, to feel full throughout the day. Also, vegetarian snacks can be considered as the main dishes cooked throughout the …

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Broccoli, Health benefits and how to prepare?


Broccoli belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetables, like kale, cabbage, kale, and watercress. It is called excellent food thanks to its high nutritional value and low-calorie content. Significant benefits for the body are added, prompting specialists to incorporate it during a healthy diet. Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) may be a …

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Is vegetarian food healthier than eating meat?

vegetarian food

Is a vegetarian diet healthier than eating meat? What should a vegetarian woman eat during pregnancy?     What is a vegetarian diet? The answer to the present simple question is that you simply eat plants and exclude animal products like dairy and eggs completely from your diet. there’s a …

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benefits of the vegetarian diet and the truth about its risks

vegetarian diet

 benefits of the vegetarian diet and the truth about its risks   Article Content Benefits of a vegetarian diet The health benefits of a vegetarian diet include: Dangers of a vegan diet While iron deficiency leads to the following symptoms: Is vegetarian food more healthy than eating meat? How is …

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A vegan diet for losing weight in the fastest time

A vegan diet for weight loss

A vegan diet for weight loss Article Content A vegan diet for weight loss Types of vegetarian diets to lose weight vegetarians need to eat a variety of foods, which include: Learn about the types of vegetarian “diet” on its global day of observers  learns about the types of vegetarian …

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Green Peas: Benefits and Warnings ??.

green peas

Green Peas: Benefits and Warnings ??.   Article Content Green Peas: Benefits and Warnings? The nutritional value of Green Peas The benefits of green peas Pea damage: is it real?   The world of pulses is a vast world rich in protein, fiber, and many values ​​that benefit your body. …

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