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How to trick your mind to lose weight

trick your mind to loss weight

Weight loss is more like a mental fight than a physical one. It’s all in your head and it all depends on how your cravings are treated or your food fantasies are managed. As human beings, we mostly crave items that are normally forbidden to us, like a person who …

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IU Diet is your way to lose 4.5 Kgm in a week

IU Diet

  IU Diet is a simple and effective diet that aims to lose 4.5 kg of weight in just 7 days. To know the full details of this system, just read on. What is the story behind IU Diet? It is a diet that takes its name from a South …

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Fruitarian Diet: Your guide to be a fruitarian

Fruitarian Diet

    Fruitarian diet is a vegan diet, but it is more stringent, as it excludes all animal products, including dairy. fruitarians include raw fruit in their diet, and can eat dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, but with limits. List of allowed foods on the fruit diet avoids …

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Keto Diet what to eat and how it affects you

Keto diet

The Keto diet is a diet based on low carbohydrates, moderate protein, and high levels of fats. This diet helps the body to burn fat more effectively, and it is useful in getting rid of excess body weight and improving general health.Due to the way the Keto diet works, it …

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Pescatarian diet: The ease of vegetarian diet

Pescatarian diet

  The Pescatarian diet is derived from the vegetarian diet, based on vegetables and seafood. A vegetarian diet is based on eating only vegetables and excluding meat and poultry. Many people wish to switch to a vegetarian diet, but this switch from a diet in which everything is eaten is …

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8 fat burning foods to help lose weight without exercising


  When you start to follow a weight-loss diet, your main goal is to get rid of those extra pounds that keep you stressed out as you get dressed and look at yourself in the mirror. However, you must be well aware that losing excess weight does not mean that …

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The best exercise to reduce weight | by comfort way

The best exercise to reduce weight

The best exercise to reduce weight   It’s important to exercise regularly for improving your physical fitness and to not getting fat as well. You can do special exercises to lose weight fast. In actual fact, working out 30 minutes a day is enough for burning calories. we will provide …

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Balanced meal | what the meaning of Balanced meal ?

Balanced meal

  Balanced meal Balanced meals and exercise are important for good health, eating a balanced meal help you staying healthy and not getting fat, It’s very important to keep us away from diseases, In fact, we are what we eat. Also, a balanced meal provides us with all the essential …

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Proper diet

proper diet

There are dozens of proper diets available, from diets that seem perfectly logical to systems that are almost impossible to follow because of their difficulty. However, why are there so many diets? The answer to this question is clear, due to the diversity of the ways of life themselves, so …

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