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Applebees vegetarian restaurants in the middel east

Applebees vegetarian

Applebees vegetarian restaurants are a chain of varied branches and are known for their grilled and vegetarian dishes, so,
they are a destination for anyone looking for healthy food, or vegetarian meals that are compatible with their diet.

In the following lines, we will talk about these restaurants and the foods that they are famous for,
when these restaurants were established, where they are located, and the extent of the masses’ demand for them,
in addition to that we will talk about what distinguishes these restaurants from others.

What are Applebees vegetarian restaurants?

Applebees vegetarian restaurants is an American chain of restaurants, spread in more than 50 US states,
and it has more than 2000 branches distributed in 15 countries around the world, and it is one of the largest restaurant
chains in the world, Applebees vegetarian restaurants were established in 1980, by the two brothers Bill OTJ.
Palmer, the idea of ​​the establishment of these restaurants was to combine restaurants and bars with providing distinctive and high-quality service at lower prices than the market.

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It was the first restaurant opened in Decatur, Georgia, USA, and it was called TJ Applebee’s RX Foods and Liquor.
After it became famous and popular among the population, a second branch was established a few years later,
in 1983 the company of W. R. Grace bought Palmer, but they kept Palmer as director of Applebee’s restaurants.
In the twentieth century, the Applebees vegetarian restaurant chain became one of the most famous and largest
restaurants in the United States of America until it began trading its shares on the stock exchange in 1991.

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The locations of vegetarian restaurants in Middle East

Applebees vegetarian chain of restaurants is spread throughout the United States,
where many restaurants were opened in Nashville, Decatur, and others. In 1999, Applebee’s restaurant was established in
Kuwait and then spread to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, and Egypt.

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Applebees vegetarian famous dishes

Applebees vegetarian restaurants are famous for the variety of dishes, for making sauces, especially ranch sauce,
and Applebees vegetarian restaurants are distinguished from other restaurants by New Year’s celebrations,
as they make the giant Meltdown chocolate cake that is famous for while playing Christmas songs in an
atmosphere full of lighting and celebrations.

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Here are the names of the most famous dishes:

  • Applebees vegetarian restaurants are famous for their grilled dishes, and vegetarian dishes such as artichoke
    dip and spinach, which are well-received by everyone, which consist of spinach, artichoke, and cream sauce
    added to it with melted parmesan cheese, with the introduction of tortilla chips and chipotle sauce,
     Applebees vegetarian restaurants also feature crunchy pretzels dipped in cheddar cheese and honey Dijon mustard.
     In Applebees vegetarian restaurants, you can enjoy a meal of baked potatoes covered with pieces of butter,
    and you can also eat crunchy red potatoes that are well roasted.
      Other meals vary between grilled and fried vegetables, in addition to the famous cabbage salad and
    a plate of fried green beans with garlic and mustard sauce.
     If we talk about broccoli, we are moving to another world of dishes that Applebees vegetarian restaurants are famous for.
    You will find steamed broccoli with cheese and wonderful spices added to it and broccoli with special sauce,
    while broccoli with vegetables with a mixture of oriental spices and Mexican spices has a taste. Imaginary.
     The salads in Applebees vegetarian restaurants have a distinctive taste. You should taste the vegan Applebee salad,
    with boiled eggs, cheddar cheese and mustard sauce added to honey.
    While the mixed vegetable salad has its fans, this is the salad that features mixed vegetables dipped in corn sauce,
    black beans, cheddar cheese, fresh coriander sauce, and tortilla slices.
     Applebees vegetarian restaurants were also famous for their oriental chicken salad,which is one of the foods
    that the audience of Applebees vegetarian restaurants accept, where they order this wonderful dish but without chicken, and the result is to get a plate of Asian vegetables and rice noodles with the addition of some nuts from almonds
    And oriental vinegar sauce with garlic and special spices
    A plate of crunchy onion rings with honey bbq sauce
    Onion soup with french cheese
    Tomato and basil soup is one of the main dishes in the restaurant
    The vegetarian pasta dish is one of the distinctive dishes, and it features various mixed vegetables,
    topped with grated cheese, steamed broccoli pieces, tomato pieces, and mixed pepper pieces.
    The vegetarian chicken meal with added four different types of cheese and covered with a sauce of cheese
    and honey This meal is a mixture between salty and sweet.

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Applebees vegetarian meals for children

Applebee’s restaurants are characterized by providing special dishes for children,
meals contain many vegetable ingredients, in addition to the presence of some sweet dishes and many fruits added to it,
as the meals include milkshakes, cheese and vegetables, and the children’s meals menu includes many other options such as
meals that They include grilled cheese or liquid cheese. Examples of meals provided by Applebees vegetarian restaurant
for children include: –

  • Pasta meal with vegetables and cheese
    This meal is one of the useful meals that children love, and it includes pasta with white sauce and the addition
    of mixed vegetables, cut into small pieces and a variety of grated cheese.
    Fresh apple slices meal with creamy yogurt
    There are also other steamed meals such as apple sauce, french fries, and broccoli
    Meal of steamed broccoli and add cream, lemon, and olive oil.

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Applebees vegetarian dishes of desserts

Applebee’s desserts are one of the distinctive dishes in the restaurant, the Blue Ribbon brownie dish is one of
the most delicious dishes served in the restaurant, and it consists of a bowl of vanilla ice cream and added to it a variety of nuts, pieces of dark chocolate and hot fudge

While the vegetarian cookies meals with pieces of chocolate, nuts, and the wonderful sauce are from the restaurant’s distinctive desserts dishes

In addition to the famous dessert dish, Triple Chocolate Meltdown, this meal rich with dark and white chocolate bars, fruit pieces, and hot fudge.

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Vegetarian drinks at Applebee’s

The restaurant is famous for providing vegetarian drinks, to which milkshake is added to taste, and Long Islands drink is one of the restaurant’s distinctive drinks and contains apple drink added to it, ice pieces, and some other additions that made it one of the consumers’ favorite drinks.

Iced lemon drink, is also a favorite among the people of Applebee’s restaurants, this wonderful drink that contains ice cubes and lemon slices, and milk can be added to this drink according to the customer’s desire.

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