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7 secrets to losing weight with a postpartum diet

7 secrets to losing weight with a postpartum diet

7 secrets to losing weight with a postpartum diet , After birth, the mother will gain some extra kilograms, which she may gain from the briefing, the feeding program.

You can get weight loss after giving birth and at the same time, grow on breastfeeding.

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7 secrets to losing weight with a postpartum diet

7 secrets to losing weight with a postpartum diet

The need to walk after childbirth:

20:30 minutes while walking comfortably, helps in postpartum weight gain.

The need to walk after childbirth:

Make some effort:

For example, prams, gifs, gifs of children from that, lose your weight, just have your body straight back and the

stroller 6: 10 inside.

At first, it causes it to rise during walking, making it rise during the day.

Eating in eating at a meal in 2004, getting to eat, or eat, or make any decision, it makes you want to eat or eat it in

the low-way.

Get a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients.

Stay away from stress: the new fixtures can make you nervous.

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Delicious snack ideas

Delicious snack ideas

If you are hungry and want to eat a healthy, nonfat snack, here are some ideas to choose from:

  • A piece of turkey with brown bread, slices of onions and tomatoes with an orange, and a cup of skim milk.
  • Grilled hamburger with a piece of low-calorie rada bread with lettuce and parmesan cheese.
  • A salad complete with nutrients, such as a delicious bean salad with delicious peaches.
  • Lentils and vegetable salad with pieces of grilled chicken breast.
  • Oats and berries with the addition of low-fat milk.
  • Chopped carrots with chickpeas.
  • 2 tablespoons of almonds and raisins with half a cup of cold skim milk.
  • A piece of brown toast with low-fat cheese.
  • Light toast with a boiled egg.Low-fat biscuit with a cup of milk.
  • A cup of yogurt with fruit.

postpartum diet

If you have a natural birth, you will need to follow a diet rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and reduce

carbohydrates and fats, here is this healthy diet that is suitable for breastfeeding after natural childbirth without

affecting your health and the health of your newborn.

Post-cesarean diet If you had a cesarean delivery, you will need to follow a healthy diet rich in iron to replace the

blood lost during cesarean delivery and avoid developing anemia after delivery.

Here is a healthy diet that is suitable for breastfeeding after cesarean delivery, to supply your body with the

necessary elements during this critical period. In any case, you should consult with your doctor to ensure that any

diet is appropriate for your body or that you follow it for long periods.

It is natural for a woman to try to regain her fitness after childbirth, but the main problem is how to adhere to an

appropriate diet that gives her proper nutrition as compensation for childbirth and blood loss during surgery, as well

as what gives her health during the breastfeeding period.

The best types of diets are those that are high in protein, vitamins, and fiber, and are medium starchy and low in fat.

It is a common factor between this and normal birth, but the woman who will give birth by cesarean section has a

strong commitment to eating a percentage of iron to face the surgery.

Breakfast in postpartum diet : (between seven and nine)

Breakfast in postpartum diet : (between seven and nine)

The first, third, fifth and seventh days: a cup of warm milk sweetened with a spoonful of molasses – a brown loaf with

two eggs and two spoons of beans – a large fruit or two medium fruits (make sure that an apple, banana or dry apricot is one of them)

The second, fourth and sixth days: Seven dates with a cup of yogurt or yogurt

Meal 1: (2 hours after breakfast)

Day 1, 3, and 5: A handful of nuts (unsalted and unpeeled almonds, cashews, or unsalted peanuts are preferred)

The second, fourth and sixth days: 3 fruits

The seventh day:

a large cup of fresh juice a day or more a week Eat a small

sandwich of grilled liver or a roasted artichoke

Lunch in postpartum diet: (between one and three)

A large plate of various green salad – a large cup of soup (regular soup or onion or tomato soup and stay away from

cream soup and a quarter of a chicken or two pieces of meat or a large grilled fish

(do not forget the liver because of the high percentage of iron in it and let it be grilled)

and a plate of cooked vegetables (my type is between broccoli carrots, potatoes,

beans, peas, artichokes, etc.) with 5 tablespoons of rice or a small brown loaf or 5 spoons of pasta

or a piece of pasta with bechamel

Penne Meal 2: (Between four and six)

Day 1, 3, and 5: A carrot with half of Kapucci lettuce and a cup of yogurt

The second, fourth and sixth days: a salad plate with a large piece of Quraish cheese

The seventh day: Cut 3 dried apricots with a cup of yogurt without adding sugar a day or more a week Eat two

bananas with a spoonful of molasses with a large cup of curd

Dinner in postpartum diet: (between seven and nine)

Day 1, 3, and 6: An omelet with a very small piece of butter, a salad plate, half a loaf, and a cup of yogurt

The second, fourth, and sixth days: Two pieces of cheese with a salad plate and half a loaf

The seventh day: 3 fruits (apples, bananas, berries or dried apricots) and two cups of yogurt, and a small cup of pigs

General Tips for postpartum diet :

  • Frequent drinking of water for more than two and a half liters, especially when breastfeeding.
  • Eating too much milk and soft drinks such as herbs, Valbuena, cocoa, and other natural drinks such as ginger in yogurt and cinnamon in milk, and winter drinks such as orphanage are important, but you have to reduce sugar and use skimmed milk.
  • (You should also reduce the amount of cinnamon immediately after childbirth,
    especially if you suffer from heavy bleeding and leave it after three weeks of childbirth),
    and increase your intake of dairy to compensate for the loss of calcium. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables between meals and when you feel hungry, and a lot of apples and artichokes, and all that is high in iron to compensate for blood loss.
  • Sleep for an adequate period of time and use every opportunity your baby sleeps to sleep next to him.
  • Exercise for ten minutes in the first two weeks after childbirth, increase in the third and fourth weeks,
    to become 20 minutes a day in the second month. Exercise for half an hour every day in the third month.
    Do it for 40 minutes and continue doing that always (you can divide it) if you do not have a health problem, Breastfeed your baby, it helps to lose belly fat, and do not listen to advice on eating maggots and halva to generate milk.
  • The best diuretics are water, and you can drink fenugreek or any herbal drink.
  • You are allowed one meal per week in which you can eat out, such as pizza and other high-fat foods,
    and if you have to eat out again, be grilled, and be early lunch or dinner.
  • Do not take it right before bed.
  • You can eat a piece of brioche, chocolate, the sweetness of jam once a week, and be at breakfast because it is easy to burn.
  • You can have tea and coffee as you like, with the advice to reduce them because they appear in the milk and transfer to the little one.

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