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10 most expensive foods in the world … Unbelievable prices

10 most expensive foods in the world … Unbelievable prices


10 most expensive foods in the world ... you will not believe their prices

Strange things abound around the world in various kinds of things, even in food, so we show you the 10 most expensive foods:


1- Edible gold:

There is an edible version of gold that does not have any flavor or taste, and it has no satisfactory effect on the human body.

This edible gold is used as a foil to decorate some expensive dishes, and it is also added to drinks.


2 – Bird’s nest or eastern caviar:

This dish is one of the rarest foods, and it is of Chinese origin. A bird’s nest consists of the saliva nests that the Swiftlets build in their native southeastern China. Its colors vary between white, yellow, and red, the most popular.

These nests are dissolved in water to produce a jelly liquid, “bird’s nest soup”, which is distinguished by its distinctive taste and texture. It is most likely that the bird’s nest has health benefits, and the price of a gram from the red nest may reach $ 10, and the price of other species ranges between $ 910 and $ 4,535 per pound.


3- White truffles:

they are native to Italy, France, and Croatia, and are rarely found in other places, as it is very difficult to cultivate them, and they usually grow in wild places naturally. White truffles range from $ 1,360 to $ 4,200 per pound, but one that weighed 3.3 pounds was sold at auction for $ 330,000. And it is searched by pigs, due to the rare smell that they can smell, and they also grow underground.


4- Diamond caviar:

Diamond caviar is the most expensive type of caviar, and the rarest because it is the eggs of the Beluga Sturgeon fish, which takes about 20 years to mature its eggs. These fish live mainly in the Caspian Sea, and this caviar is prepared in Iran, and it has one outlet in London “The Caviar House and Punier”. People will be on the waiting list for 4 years to buy this caviar in a small golden box. The price of one pound of caviar ranges between $ 8,400 and $ 15,500, depending on the quality.


5- Kobe beef:

This type of meat comes from Wagyu cows in Japan and is considered one of the most expensive foods, because these cows are fed on the best types of herbs, and those cows are subjected to daily massages to enjoy relaxation and to ensure the tenderness of the meat. These meats are characterized by the presence of lighter fats that give them a legendary flavor. And the price of one kilogram of that meat is more than $ 770.


6- Nebeschildt Chocolate:

This chocolate is made of black truffles in the center, surrounded by dark chocolate. It began to be produced in the United States of America in 1996. You can obtain it on condition that it is pre-ordered, and no preservatives are placed in it. And the price of one of them to about 2,600 dollars.


7- Matsutaki mushroom:

This fungus grows in Japan, Korea, and China under pine trees, and it may also be found in some other countries, and if removed from its place it does not grow in it again. This mushroom is distinguished by its spicy and tart flavor, which is also very similar to meat. And a pound sells for about $ 90, and sometimes up to $ 905, while the price of mushrooms produced in Japan reaches $ 2,000.



8- Yobari watermelon:

yobari watermelon is similar to the fruit of cantaloupe on the outside, but its taste is completely different, and the more volcanic ash in its soil, the sweeter it tastes. This species grows on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. The price of one fruit ranges between $ 60 and $ 150, and in 2008 one of them was sold for $ 200.


9- Dansuke watermelon:

It is also called the black melon, and it is tougher than American melon. It grows on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, and its fruits are often used as gifts. Only 65 of them will grow per season, so the price per piece is $ 6,100.


10- Saffron:

It is the most expensive type of spice in the world. It is of Indian origin, but it grows in different parts of the world. It is extracted from saffron flowers that require great care to be collected. To produce one pound of saffron, it would take anywhere from 50,000 to 75,000 saffron flowers to be harvested. The price of one pound ranges between $ 500 and $ 5,000.

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